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End of Summer Diversions 

As I write this I am coming home from a great — but, sadly, too rare these days — evening of live music and I am bushed. Why so rare and why so bushed? Because I am trying to finish up a carpentry project this week so I can enjoy a small pocket of my summer before it disappears entirely. And, although I find it kind of distasteful to wax happy about some little sunny adventure I hope to have in front of the terrifying backdrop of this new permanent wildfire-season we have carved out for ourselves through our species' horrible and greedy nihilistic march toward extinction, I still get excited for little gems on the road to Hell-world. One of those gems for me is imagining piling a small wardrobe and some library-borrowed audiobooks into my old jalopy for a private enactment of my favorite summer flick: M. Hulot's Holiday. If you haven't seen the film, you really should. If you have, you can readily imagine my delight at beaming down into a new place and causing a mild disturbance while the seaside — the object of the journey itself — counts down my departure and the inevitable erosion of all of us with its constantly beating waves.

What I am really trying to say is that the students are back, summer is almost gone and our world continues to get more chaotic. So give yourself a chance to take a nice break from time to time.

May I suggest some diversions?


Blondies hosts a free all-ages rock and/or roll show tonight to welcome back the nearby student body. Two Long Beach traveling all-stars, Meow Twins and Freemans Dead, are the featured acts so come on by at 8:30 p.m. to see what's going on at the bottom of the hill.


It's a busy Friday night so get ready. Local family act March and the Months presents a psychedelic set entitled Green Dream Kite at The Sanctuary at 7:30 p.m. ($5-$20 sliding scale).

Meanwhile, up at the Van Duzer Theatre at 8 p.m., East L.A.'s Chicano fusion band Las Cafeteras will be overseeing a beautiful and likely sweaty show, as the venue will be set up for a dance-friendly event with a rare unassigned seat general admission deal valued at $33.

An hour later down at The Jam is a soiree entitled the Last Daze of Summer curated by a crew of beat-friendly buds including Hiway, Nada Crew, Lyricool, AsonRed and others (price TBA).

And finally, tonight local funky heroes Diggin Dirt cross the Rubicon — or perhaps more likely the Eel River — to present a Humboldt Triumph of a show at Humbrews at 9:30 p.m. ($15). I am told by the band's cohorts that this will be a big one. Yak Attack will also be present for your scrutiny.


RampArt Skatepark reaches its punk rock perihelion tonight at 8 p.m. as absolute grindcore heavyweights — for three decades and counting — and all-around fantastic band Napalm Death visits our foggy bottoms from the Albion Land of greater Birmingham, U.K. Joining the group will be local support from Sadistic Hallucinations, FamousxPerson, The Cissies, and Waste Site. This is one of those shows that if you know about it already, I don't have to tell you not to miss it ($15).


There's more metal afoot tonight at The Siren's Song as Portland's own Dead Hunt teams up with local rising static wranglers D//FEX for some fun, fun, fun on the cheap. How cheap? Just $3. What time? Oh, around 8 p.m.


Kiwi vaporwave artist Eyeliner will be at the Miniplex tonight with fellow New Zealand act Jesus HTML Christ (great name but much like the druggy, time-dilated vaporwave genre of music, I feel like it unfortunately comes with a looming expiration date, much to my own private despair). Also representing will be Los Angeles' similarly aligned electro-ride Limousine at 8 p.m. ($10).


U.K. reggae toastmaster Pato Banton slides into The Jam tonight at 9 p.m. for what should be a hot night for all of you vibe aficionados out there who love island sounds from England to Jamaica and all archipelagos in between. Along for the fun will be Ishi Dube and C-Baker with Dynasty One and Sarge Onewise ($20/$15 advance).


There will be cool and creepy night sounds on tap at the Miniplex this evening as the cross-continental scenes of Los Angeles and New York merge for a collage of dark tunes. From the closer town comes Thief — featuring members of San Francisco's avant-metal act Botanist — while the far coast is represented by the bleak electronic Hz shards of Piggy Black Cross. If I don't indulge in a late summer escape and jettison from the 707 orbit, I will definitely be here tonight at 8:30 p.m. (price TBA).

Full show listings in the Journal's Music and More grid, the Calendar and online. Bands and promoters, send your gig info, preferably with a high-res photo or two, to

Collin Yeo can't hope to pay her gift back, so he can only humbly and with the utmost love thank Aretha Franklin for lending her voice to the untarnished reflection of the immaculate parts of the human soul for 76 years. He lives in Arcata. She lives with God.

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