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Re: “Squireses' Properties? Going, Going, Gone?

Its pretty interesting, whats going on with the Squires properties. It seems like the City of Eureka hired Santa Monica based attorney Mark Adams to steal the properties, not bring them up to code. To defend a trespassing suit and being a receiver for four weeks he charged $158,000? How many thousands a week does Jeff Smith or the average receiver get? I want to be a receiver too. The way Mark Adams and his company, California Receivership Group creatively charges they'll end up with all the Squires places and The City of Eureka owing them money to boot. He must have gone to Trump University. They're going to get a management company and everything. That will take care of all the problems.
If the Squires owe $1,500,000 in back property taxes, why didn't the County ever put their properties up for sale? They do it with numerous other properties for a lot less. If the City and County want some of their money, why don't they sell the 26 properties one at a time? The return will be much higher and first time homebuyers could get a chance to buy an affordable fixer upper.
Ha ha ha, this is Humboldt County, the only business model they have ever known here is the Robber Baron business model. I am not exaggerating either.

Posted by Elliott Smith on 11/19/2017 at 11:54 PM

Re: “Judge Cuts to the Chase in Public Defender Lawsuit

The main reason that David Marcus was picked to head the Public Defenders Office is part of the bigger picture and that is to comply with Rule Number One of The Prison Industry. Rule Number One is No Vacancies!
The long mandatory sentences, higher fines, the three strikes youre out laws, judges always asking for cash bail instead of releasing local people arrested for petty crimes on their own recognizance as they used to, the extreme parole and probation rules that are designed to get people thrown back in jail, are just some of the policies used to keep the jails and prisons full. Of course arresting poor people including the mentally ill, for the crime of having no place to go also helps keep the jail full too, not that there is any place else to take them to.
With a new $20,000,000.00 addition to the Humboldt County Debtors Prison (County Jail) coming up, the last thing The Industry wants is a hard-hitting Public Defender. What they want is a Public Defender who will just rubber stamp whatever the District Attorney and the Judges come up with. Got to follow Rule Number One, you know.

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Posted by Elliott Smith on 11/19/2017 at 11:50 PM

Re: “Not Even From Around Here

No one is "from around here" except the Natives who were wiped out in the 1800's.

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Posted by Elliott Smith on 08/27/2016 at 3:51 PM

Re: “Three Skilled Nursing Facilities May Close

Maybe if Rockport Healthcare Services would pay their workers a decent wage and hired enough people so the existing staff isn't overworked they wouldn't have "a severe staffing crisis". But I guess you can't do that and maximize executive salaries and bonuses at the same time. Dog kennels are more humane than most of the care homes anyway, even the expensive ones. Hire a live in caregiver directly, not from a company, and a lvn to visit as needed for mom and give her a break and save money too.
Healthcare is too important to leave in the hands of Corporate America. Or I don't know, the local government is so corrupt and incompetent they can't even buy adequate car insurance, hire a functioning mental health department, or even maintain roads and parks. Maybe the answer is more slaves.

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Posted by Elliott Smith on 08/26/2016 at 1:14 PM

Re: “Homing the Houseless

The reason for homelessness is clear to see, but no one wants to look. Housing here is too ridiculously expensive for a place that has no economy. Unless you have skills or connections there are no jobs that pay enough to keep a roof over your head and you have to be a millionaire to get welfare in the USA now. If you're mentally ill, good luck. Or is it because watching the poor suffer makes people feel better about themselves that things go on this way?

Humboldt County is in a state of emergency, not because of the weather, but because the USA is now a third world country. Especially in the winter, the Muni or the Adorni Center, the Veteran's Building, or some of the many vacant commercial buildings should be opened for homeless people. Let alone churches and temples. If the weather or an earthquake made people homeless, they'd be open for people.

Campsites, Jail, and Tiny Houses (substandard housing) are cruel solutions. The progressive, Christian state of Utah since 2009 has ended homelessness and is saving money at the same time by providing housing similar to section 8 without a five year waiting line.

I've been here since the Seventies and wages have doubled since then, but housing has gone up tenfold! If you are not good at math, that's a lot more. There was plenty of poverty, but housing was cheap. The fish are gone and the big money trees are gone and the operations that remain are more mechanized and need fewer people.

Since the Eighties The War on Poverty has turned into The War on Poor People. Maybe the poor just need grant writers? How about Rent Control? Ha Ha. Just keep adding on to our debtor’s prison (County Jail), I guess.

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Posted by Elliott Smith on 03/01/2016 at 7:27 PM

Re: “Albuquerque or Auburn? Eureka City Council Considers Different Models to Address Panhandling

The powers that be have been doing everything they can since The Eighties to turn the USA into a Third World Country and have done a pretty good job of it. You have to be a millionaire to get welfare now. If you don't have skills or connections, with the high rents and few jobs in Humboldt County it is hard to survive. Give a beggar a buck, you know the government won't. Does watching poor people suffer make you feel more powerful?

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Posted by Elliott Smith on 12/30/2015 at 9:34 PM

Re: “A Running Start

We all know that the Prison Industry (prisons, jails, courts, police, and probation departments) is totally out of control in this state, but hopefully it isn’t too late to stop the expansion of the Humboldt County Debtor’s Prison (Jail). We don’t need it. Currently there are 411 beds and the average occupancy is 314 male and 44 female inmates. Two thirds of them are un-sentenced jail inmates meaning that they are there waiting to go to court and have no money for bail and the courts are overloaded, but still won’t release enough people on their own recognizance, even locals for petty crimes. Of the remaining inmates, the vast majority are there for petty crimes and not dangerous people. The main crime people in Humboldt County get arrested for is the crime of having nowhere to go.

We will also pay $1.5 million for the construction and $1.7 million a year for 15-20 more jailers and probably at least another $1 million a year for maintenance, updates, and all the nonexistent re-entry programs the County has promised, but gives no specifics on. Where’s the money going to come from, gouging inmates for phone calls and candy bars?

Of the County’s $115.3 million General Fund, now 50.40% goes to Law & Justice and 5.34% to Health & Human Services. A little lopsided perhaps?

I called the probation department and they offer no help for schooling, housing, job training, money or anything else that I could think of to ask. There are only General Relief, Betty Chin, and a few recovery houses; nothing new and not enough.

Rule number one in the Prison Industry is No Vacancies! You know that the courts, the police, and the probation department will do their part and do everything they can to keep the place full.

Posted by Elliott Smith on 12/29/2015 at 3:14 PM

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