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Re: “Welcome to Pot City! many seem so..naive..about the ramifications. The "Groovies"..with the "lets All Get together,man and like,just come up with ideas.." Then the "Developers" who miss the point entirely, thinking that somehow "Tourism" is going to provide enough "Humans" to replace the loss of the current dollar value! Then the "Napa" people that some amazing "logic" that the Triangle will be able to "Compete" with Phillp Morris! BTW--Phillip Morris has been buying land for the last 2 months all over California! BIG tracts of land! WAKE UP! So, WHO will provide the "Financing" for the Commercials? The Marketing? Oh,thats right the Wealthiest 1% getting "In On The Action". Let me ask those of you who actually believe that this is a "Wine Industry" scenario: How many "Grape Growers" do you KNOW competing with FETZER with Grapes grown in their Back yards? Or Basements? Really? That many? Wow! Also since WHEN were hordes of city vermin a "GOOD THING"? The idea it seems to me is UGLY! For its pretty plain that this is "BOOMER FAME SICKNESS"! They WANT the "Notariety"! They WANT IT! They WANT to be "BIG SHOTS" and play the whole "I'm From Humboldt County" name Dropping Trip! I've seen em do it COUNTLESS times! Nope! Folks! This is a NO-WIN situation for the SMALL GROWER-Aka 85% of them! This is GREED and Personal Issues! Not "Legalization"! Finally,to those that Argue the "Legalization" and "Fear of The Man" umm, "Point"! Well, IT IS LEGAL! Anyone that "Fears" growing a plant, or even a dozen plants in their backyard is full of.... The only people that need "Fear" the Police ARE the Mega-Greedsters. Gangs in Oakland have begun to grow "Purple"! The Price is DROPPING! the Impact is ALREADY being felt. This "Bill" will, WILL be the END of our CULTURE, or ECONOMY and for many, their very EXISTANCE as they can no longer AFFORD to live in "UNCOMMUTABLE" areas! Allow me to ask ALL of you living in "Remote Areas": Are you just CHOMPING at the BIT to have to get a "JOB IN TOWN"? What about your annual "Property Taxes"? OR the fact that now you'll HAVE "STATE TAX STAMP" Bureaucrats coming TO your little piece of NON-CODE HEAVEN to make sure your "PAYING". Then of course there's the FACT that this ENTIRE SCHEME is "TOWN BASED"! Notice its all "Napa Style" and "Folksy Goods" and "Shopping" and "Tasting Rooms" etc. Yeah RIGHT! Thats REAL good for the Rural Farmer! The "Groovies", the "Developers" the "Tourism-istas" and the "Name Droppers" are PRESSING HARD to see a WAY of LIFE GENTRIFIED into non-existance! With Smiles On Their Faces! Does that smell like "Unity"? Does that say "Community" to YOU? Nope! It say's "WEALTH", it say's "CONTROL", it say's "BUREAUCRACY" and its says' "END OF A WAY OF LIFE"! And all of that EQUATES to a DIVIDED COMMUNITY full "TOURISTS"! Garsh! Thats so, AWESOME! I just can't WAIT! Vomit!

Posted by ectoendomezo on 03/31/2010 at 11:04 AM

Re: “Welcome to Pot City!

My first summer job in 1980 at age 12,was diggin 3'x3' holes under Manzanita on(mostly) southwest facing slopes above the Eel River,"over the hill" from potter valley. This isn't "Legalization"! Its Corporate Gentrification of an Entire Culture! To all those living in the Emerald Triangle:You'd better start thinking: Fishing Industry!Logging Industry!Cottage Industry/Autonomy!Transfer Of Wealth!Corporate Control!Tax Snoops!Property Tax Payments! And,Just,Getting,By! First of all,there's Nothing,not one "Word",or "Provision" in the "Legalization" nonsense,Indicating "Competitive Protection" from Corporations! Also "Missing" in all the salivating for Money going on,is the Moral Certainty,that this "Bill" will basically...make "MEXICO",the "Producer" for American Cannabis Consumption! Do they "Care" if something is "Trademarked"? Is Labor cheaper? Is Equipment Cheaper? Is Land Cheaper? Will they "Pay Taxes"? We're about to witness..the "Perfect Storm",this will devestate the economy of all of Northern California! Just "Do The Math"!For every dollar lost,you must replace that,in accordance with the..utterly naive "Tourism" argument with a "Body"!Because for every "Drop In Price" we'll require MORE "Tourists" to make up for the Smaller number that currently are the "Foundation" of the "market" Folks,this is a Massive "Transfer Of Wealth!" From Northern California--where we've toiled,Been harrassed,jailed,fined,had our Property taken--to Los Angeles and Mexico,the Hands Of The Few and worst of all,Corporate America! If you in ANY WAY make ANY money off of the "industry",then you'd better vote against this!Or say "Good Bye" to "Just Getting By" This is so,outrageous,so "For All The Wrong Reasons" that its frankly astounding that its even gathered the "Signatures" required..or has ANY support at all! I'm going to be crying and laughing as Land begins to be Liquidated..because the only way people USED to be able to make their property tax payments was:"November" To the trimmers,the Grow Store vendors,to every,single Business in Northern California:You'd better vote this down,or its not gonna be pretty. Another amazing bit of "False Logic",is the "Tax" argument! First of all: WHAT taxes? Oh,so every single thing we buy,from a gallon of gas to a pair of shoelaces,umm,"Isn't Taxed"? So,all that State Sales Tax? what? "Doesn't Count"? Okay,whatever! Also--When was the last time that a Tax Increase on a Cottage Industry,was a "Good Thing"? THIS IS A 'COTTAGE INDUSTRY' ABOUT TO BE 'SOLD OFF TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER! Period! How,do so many of you Not "Get That"? "Branding"? has anyone LOOKED? How do you KNOW that the Copyrights aren't ALREADY GONE? "Legalization"! What? Its NOT LEGAL NOW? Prop 215 WORKS! The Only "Problem" with that the Government,Wealthy Individuals and Corporate America..cannot Control it! Otherwise,it keeps Everyone,who wants to be,"Employed"!

Posted by ectoendomezo on 03/31/2010 at 10:29 AM

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