Going Kamado

Going Kamado

Tri-tip on a ceramic grill

(April 27, 2017) Two years with my kamado grill and I'm still in love. For those not familiar with the kamado style grill, it's usually ceramic and shaped like a big egg standing...

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A Hearty Belgian Mash

From community garden to table

(April 20, 2017) I learned as much about growing cabbage, corn and zucchini as I did about my neighbors while volunteering at the Happy Forever Community Garden in Berkeley 10 years ago. Calling...

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Dinner with an Old Friend

Fried rice with Chinese sausage

(April 13, 2017) Short of a meal with an old friend, cooking a recipe from an old friend is the next best thing. A couple of weeks ago, I called Hoa, whom...

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Hum Plate Roundup

Praise cheeses, hallelujah

(April 6, 2017) Date (and Bacon) Night We initially missed the bar tucked away in the back of the Diver Bar and Grill (2830 F St., Eureka) and despite the name and the...

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Scone Away from Home

A cure for food culture shock

(March 30, 2017) As a 20-year-old, I took a year off from the sunny, politically charged campus of Berkeley to study abroad. Considering myself a quasi-intellectual, I chose a country known for it's...

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Humboldt on Tap

Yes we can

(March 23, 2017) Adam Satrom reaches a gloved hand toward the ranks of empty beer cans waiting beside him. Checking for tiny defects that could spoil a good seal, he sets four,...

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Winter Simmer

Turkish, Iranian and Russian-Jewish soups

(March 16, 2017) Are you tired of talking about the weather? If so, dear reader, I apologise because I really can't avoid it if I am going to write about soup. As I...

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Poulet Yassa

A savory taste of West Africa

(March 9, 2017) I was not an unusual child in my dreams of traveling to distant places. Geography was one of my favorite subjects in school and the globe a companion to my...

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Hum Plate Roundup

Eat your fear

(March 2, 2017) Intercontinental Breakfast There's a daredevil glee in chowing down in a greasy spoon, casting hygiene-related fears aside, scratching the mystery spot off your glass and regard your plate — its...

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Hunter's Tortilla Soup

With wild rabbit

(February 23, 2017) Late winter is the perfect time of year for enjoying a hot bowl of spicy soup. There is nothing like the warmth of the stove as a hot pot simmers...

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A love-hate relationship

(February 16, 2017) Lumpia has always brought a sort of nostalgic discomfort to me — more specifically, to my stomach. Lumpia is simply a fried egg roll filled with ground pork and...

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Back to the Shack

(April 22, 2017) Surfside Burger Shack (445 Fifth St., Eureka) looks more or less the same — like a colorful, well-used surfboard with a few dings in it. Walking in off the street,...

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(April 7, 2017) Humboldt's mac and cheese tour would also have to stop at Bless My Soul Café (29 W. Fifth St., Eureka), where the dish tauntingly appears on the appetizer menu ($7.95)....

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