Young Pumpkin, Little Jewel of Fall

Starring in juicy, fried meat dumplings

(September 29, 2022) Fall, my favorite season of all — the abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits, the joy of celebrating the Harvest Moon, and the brilliant sunsets in the still warm evenings....

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What's Good: Familiar Sandwiches, New Burritos

(September 22, 2022) Sandwiches Past and Present at Grotto You've likely had your last dollop of blue-green Chicago relish in Humboldt for a while, as Chicago Dog House has left the building —...

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El Fogón Costeño's Bright Ideas, Big Flavors

(September 16, 2022) Slow down on Myrtle Avenue, both in the name of safety and so you don't miss the little red El Fogón Costeño truck — decorated with a pastoral image of...

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End-of-Summer Joy and Goat Cheese

(September 15, 2022) When I turn the wall calendar to the September page, I go into denial about the approaching end of summer. At the farmers market, I continue purchasing summer produce...

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What's Good at Friday Night Market

(September 8, 2022) It's a genuine pleasure holding a paper tray of street stall food aloft as you weave through Old Town's blocked off streets during the Friday Night Market, the singer...

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Sandwiches Past and Present at Grotto

(September 2, 2022) You’ve likely had your last dollop of blue-green Chicago relish in Humboldt for a while, as Chicago Dog House has left the building — specifically the one formerly occupied by...

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Batch No. 5

A true amateur trophies at the Homestyle Chili Cook-off

(September 1, 2022) Under the Humboldt County Fair horseracing grandstands, behind an unmarked door flanked by uniformed police, is an ersatz bar with plywood walls. There, under bare fluorescent lights, Guy Fieri puts...

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What's Good at the County Fair

(August 25, 2022) The dizzying labyrinth of a funnel cake will forever draw me in. A pastel tuft of cotton candy will always retain its magic. That these are only in reach for...

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New Faces at Frankie's NY Bagels

(August 18, 2022) On Sunday morning, Steve Band stood by the register at Frankie's NY Bagels, a crowd of paper bags marked with customers' names at his elbow. Beside him, Frankie Baker, owner...

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Elemental Eating at Gyro Shop

(August 11, 2022) The menu above the counter at Gyro Shop (1731 G St., Arcata) is as pared down as the place itself, with its metal chairs and narrow wooden counters. There's the...

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Farmers Markets, Summer Produce and Joy

(July 28, 2022) And like that, it's summer: The hallmark vegetables of the season are rolling in and each week brings new delights to this avid consumer. Zucchini have been available for some...

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Ale in the Castle

Arcata's brew scene has a new addition

(July 21, 2022) Built on Arcata's H Street in 1885 as the former clubhouse for the Knights of Pythian, Pythian Castle has lived many lives and is currently inhabited by multiple clothing...

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Making a Home at Lily's Thai Kitchen

(July 14, 2022) Kim Pravong describes herself as a risk taker. One is inclined to believe her after hearing she took over Lily's Thai Kitchen with only a little experience working for a...

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Strawberry Romanoff Cream Pie

(July 7, 2022) For a simple summer dessert, strawberries Romanoff has elbow-glove style. The name hints at Russian aristocracy to which it has no actual ties, though the sketchy Old Hollywood restaurateur...

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Oyster Fest's Rocky Return

(June 30, 2022) An hour into the Arcata Bay Oyster Festival, the lines for oysters at the Obento stall stretched across the battered grass and under the red and blue striped tent...

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Stuffed Wild Morels

Local bounty for a Chinese-style delicacy

(June 23, 2022) Spring is here and seasonal mushrooms are popping up everywhere, including morels, some of my favorites. I first tried these tasty mushrooms not too long ago. Once I found out...

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Chef Rochelle Burgess Says Hello

A Brooklyn transplant shows what she brings to the table

(June 16, 2022) Rochelle Burgess has worked in some big-name chefs' kitchens in New York City and Brooklyn, including those of Daniel Boulud, Francois Payard, Tom Collichio and Dale Talde. But asking about...

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Back Together for Lao New Year

(June 9, 2022) There's a bit of a traffic jam at the wide doorway to the Humboldt Grange kitchen as men with traditional Lao checked sashes stop to talk — some on their...

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Arcada Gets Back in the Game

(May 26, 2022) The orange and black pixelated sign for Arcada (660 K St., Arcata), reminiscent of Space Invaders, hung as a question for the past two years. The retro arcade bar...

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Rice is Life

Country braised rice with a little of everything

(May 12, 2022) For many Asian people, rice is a staple in their diet. We often say, "Rice is life." Many older Chinese still greet each other with, "Have you eaten rice yet?"...

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Flash Fiction Returneth!

(October 4, 2022) Crack your neck, crack your knuckles, and crack open that laptop or notebook. The Journal’s annual 99-word Flash Fiction Contest is on. Share your original stories of 99 words or...

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Opening Acts for the Sara Bareilles Concert Announced

(October 4, 2022) With the countdown on to Grammy award winner Sara Bareilles’ hometown concert in Halvorsen Park on Oct. 16, the city of Eureka announced today that she has selected two...

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Notorious Eureka Landlord Floyd Squires Dies

(October 3, 2022) Floyd Squires, who gained a Teflon reputation for his ability to evade decades of legal attempts by the city of Eureka, his tenants and neighbors to hold him responsible...

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