Sweet Offerings

El Pueblo's pan de muerto

(October 28, 2021) In the little workroom in the back of El Pueblo Market Panaderia (312 Washington St., Eureka), a young man in a flour-dusted apron leans over the worktable to knead a...

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Cooking While Traveling

Fall cabbage and squash

(October 21, 2021) I love summer in Humboldt County for a number of reasons, including the amazing produce our farmers bring to the markets and the fog that keeps us cool ("Get...

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Cooking for the Feast

And keeping Portuguese tradition in Ferndale

(October 14, 2021) The farther back you walk into the Portuguese Hall Association, past the rows of people young and old sitting at long tables covered in red gingham cloths, the stronger the...

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Candy Corn Doesn't Care if You Hate It

(October 7, 2021) Candy corn is trash. Say it all you want; post it on every platform. Candy corn doesn't give a giant gummy rat's ass. For one thing, it's been around...

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What's Good Roundup

Western Mexican and a café with a difference

(September 30, 2021) Las Michoacanas' Regional Redo Muscle memory still brings the odd patron to Las Michoacanas (1111 Fifth St., Eureka) thinking it's still Rita's. Don't feel bad for them. New co-owners Socorro...

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Las Michoacanas' Regional Redo

(September 29, 2021) Muscle memory still brings the odd patron to Las Michoacanas (1111 Fifth St., Eureka) thinking it’s still Rita’s. Don’t feel bad for them. New co-owners Socorro Sanchez and Perla Sanchez...

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Back to the Grind

(September 28, 2021) A moment of appreciation for grab-and-go coffee shops. There, early risers are accommodated and those of us who struggle with morning are soothed without fuss. There, the good people at the...

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The Soup Doctor

A mother's healing fall soup

(September 23, 2021) Fall is quietly approaching and chilly days are not too far away. It's the season to nourish our bodies, as my mom used to say. She would make special seasonal...

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Blackberries for the Wily

And an end of summer pie

(September 16, 2021) I want to write about my soft-focus childhood memories of blackberry picking, a basket on my arm as Disney butterflies danced around me. But as happy as my recollections...

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Simple Summer Salad

(September 9, 2021) In my most recent article, featuring a side dish made with zucchini, tomatoes and carrots ("Summer on the Plate," Aug. 5), I wrote that ripe tomatoes mark the official...

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History of a Nacatamal

Alba Lopez's Nicaraguan food stand

(September 2, 2021) Order a nacatamal from the Nicaraguan Food stall at the Henderson Center Farmers Market on a Thursday and owner Alba Lopez will present you with a fat rectangle wrapped in...

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What's Good Roundup

Coffee at the Vance and lunch at the zoo

(August 26, 2021) All in the Familia When Bandit Savory & Sweet left the oak counters of the ground floor of the Vance building in Old Town Eureka, along with the sadness that...

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The Jefferson Community Center is Turning Up the Heat

(August 19, 2021) It's a sunny Friday afternoon at the Jefferson Community Center in Eureka when the kids begin their afternoon harvesting. The garden beds bear a bountiful display of summer produce: kale,...

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Should We Be Dining Out?

If unvaccinated, the answer is no

(August 12, 2021) Was it a good idea to click on the profile of the person in my Facebook feed indignant over vaccine requirements? Probably not. But there, along with the anti-vaccine messaging,...

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Look Down: Ecos Cafe at the Zoo

(August 7, 2021) With all the excitement over the newly opened Redwood Sky Walk at the Sequoia Park Zoo (3414 W St., Eureka) and its elevated view of the big trees, it's easy...

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Summer on the Plate

Zucchini, tomatoes and carrots on the side

(August 5, 2021) I did it again: In the spring, blinded by dreams of zucchini and their golden blossoms, I planted two seedlings in my raised bed (the land of experiments, I...

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Logger Bar Reopening Cut Short by COVID Numbers

(August 3, 2021) Well, crap. After a brief and much anticipated reopening, the Logger Bar, Blue Lake's iconic watering hole, has shut its doors once again. Owner Kate Martin, who'd closed the bar...

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Tomato and Egg Stir-fry

And the miracle of the ordinary

(July 29, 2021) When my editor suggested I write about the tomato and egg stir-fry dish I'd posted on social media, I thought, "There aren't any unique stories (or secrets) behind this iconic...

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Relocation and Reinvention

Gallagher's finds a new spot and Mazzotti's starts over on the plaza

(July 22, 2021) Gallagher's makes a move Kelly Erben is about to start a seating, serving and dishwashing shift at Gallagher's Irish Pub and Restaurant, as she has for 16 years, "the last...

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The Logger Bar Comes Back to Life

A Blue Lake institution readies to turn the lights back on

(July 15, 2021) Kate Martin, owner of Blue Lake's Logger Bar, didn't hibernate during the pandemic. She'd shut down the bar in accordance with shelter in place in March of 2020 and put...

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(October 16, 2021) This week we're looking at why the board of supervisors declined to require vaccines for county employees, going for weekly testing for the unvaccinated instead. We're also going into what's...

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NCJ Daily: Law Enforcement Staffing, the Symphony's Return and Candy Corn Hate

(October 9, 2021) This week, we're talking about the trouble local law enforcement agencies are having filling their ranks and keeping cops on board. We'll sort through the myriad reasons and theories for...

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