Gathering Chestnuts in Late Fall 

And a recipe for braised chicken and chestnuts

(December 5, 2019) Although it was late autumn, the afternoon sun was still hot in Willow Creek. I brought my friends along to McIntosh Farm for our first chestnut gathering. Since we had...

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A Multitude of Squash

And everybody is happy at the table

(November 28, 2019) I am not a fan of winter, mostly because of the short days. The only time the word winter brings a smile to my face is in winter squash, one...

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Nuna's Frozen Cheesecake

(November 21, 2019) My maternal grandmother 'Nuna,' otherwise known as Elinor Walker Flinn, was born in the Tennessee mountains but lived her adult life in Columbia, South Carolina. An upright, dignified woman, she...

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What's Good: Irish Pizza and Seaside Mexican

(November 14, 2019) On a Grecian pizza The pizza restaurant that once was Eureka's Big Louie's, then Marcelli's, has been repainted an eye-popping green and reopened as Shenanigans (1604 Fourth St.). Given...

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Greek Pizza from the Irish Place

(November 13, 2019) The pizza restaurant that once was Eureka’s Big Louie’s, then Marcelli’s, has been repainted an eye-popping green and reopened as Shenanigans (1604 Fourth St.). Given its name and pedigree (owner...

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Coastal Comforts at Los Sinaloenses

(November 8, 2019) Maybe you've sat in the maroon vinyl booth seats at 1134 Fifth St. in Eureka before — when it was a Mexican restaurant, then a barbecue joint, then another Mexican...

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When Restaurants Go Dark

Planned blackouts cost local eateries and their workers

(November 7, 2019) It hasn't been an easy year for restaurants in Humboldt County. Ask managers and owners how it's going and you'll likely hear that profits are down in the already risky...

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A Pirate's Treasure of Chardonnays

From buttery to bright and even a little cave-y

(October 31, 2019) Growing up, "wine" and "chardonnay" were synonymous in my house. The women in my family drank Wente chardonnay like they owned stock in the winery. It was the first wine...

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Chinese Lamb Stew

With Humboldt wild mushrooms

(October 24, 2019) As the remaining sunlight shone through my kitchen widow, I was busy cleaning the wild chanterelle and porcini mushrooms I had just received. I love fall — the crisp air,...

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Humboldt's Food Business Meltdown

Racing against food spoilage during the PG&E shutdown

(October 17, 2019) Shortly after 2 a.m. on Oct. 10, employees at both branches of the North Coast Co-op were doing what nobody wants to do: throwing out food. Some worked 12-hour shifts...

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The Cookies

A forgotten treasure from the recipe pile

(October 11, 2019) My answer for any emotional extreme — sadness, joy, stress — is food. Recently my partner, who works in the production department at the Journal, was under a tight deadline....

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We are Never Only Talking About Food

A critical eye on food media

(October 3, 2019) I am always talking about food. Ask anybody. Better yet, try to have a conversation about anything else with me and keep an eye on your stopwatch to see how...

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Goat Cheese Galore in Bayside

Karin Eide's Spring Hill Farm

(September 26, 2019) Somehow, lavender is not the first scent you expect on a goat farm. But Karin Eide, owner and operator of Spring Hill Farmstead Goat Cheese in Bayside, is probably not...

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The Watergate 'Tricky Dick' Cake

A vintage family recipe for scandalous times

(September 19, 2019) If you grew up in the Midwest in the 1970s, you didn't attend a family holiday, barbecue, reunion or get-together without someone bringing a version of ambrosia salad: Some concoction...

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More Than Imitation

Mocktails that shine on their own

(September 12, 2019) Much inspires us to drink. We lift a glass in celebration or raise one in sympathy. We drink to ease social interactions, to find some liquid courage. We debrief...

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Spicy Chicken Sandwich Envy

Where to get the hot stuff in Humboldt

(September 5, 2019) At Popeyes drive-throughs and glass doors across the country this week, steering wheels were slapped and shoulders sagged as patrons read signs posted by beleaguered employees informing them the Spicy...

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A Boozy Flavortown Meat Party

(August 30, 2019) For the second year in a row, I ventured beneath the grandstands at the Ferndale Fairgrounds to check in at the “Judges Only” bar. Eighteen of us — mostly strangers...

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Add Melon

The summer fruit that plays well with others

(August 29, 2019) Great news: Melon season is in full swing. The list of melon varieties I encountered during recent visits to the Arcata farmers market and the North Coast Co-op is 16...

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What's Good: County Fair Edition

Treats that may or may not be worth your dignity

(August 22, 2019) First, a shoutout to the folks who amble to the fairgrounds toting bottles of water, sandwiches and baggies of carrot sticks. Bless your forethought and discipline. Say kind things about...

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Sun, Moon and Fig

A midsummer fig and goat cheese tart

(August 15, 2019) It's the still midsummer air that reminds me to check on the figs. With their deep green leaves shading them, figs are having the coolest, quietest summer of anyone. I...

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