Arcada Gets Back in the Game

(May 26, 2022) The orange and black pixelated sign for Arcada (660 K St., Arcata), reminiscent of Space Invaders, hung as a question for the past two years. The retro arcade bar...

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Rice is Life

Country braised rice with a little of everything

(May 12, 2022) For many Asian people, rice is a staple in their diet. We often say, "Rice is life." Many older Chinese still greet each other with, "Have you eaten rice yet?"...

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Watch These Spaces

New chefs in former Gonsea, Angelo's and Manzanilla kitchens

(April 28, 2022) Curry Leaf to sprout at the former Gonsea Years of sitting empty have left the exterior of Gonsea run down and graffiti covered, a grim greeting upon entering Eureka from...

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Annie's Cambodian Cuisine Finds a New Home

(April 23, 2022) Since the owner of the building housing Annie's Cambodian Cuisine in Eureka  submitted plans to demolish it and build a Starbuck's and another chain restaurant in its place, the search...

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The Pupusa Hustle

Pupuseria San Miguel opens in Arcata

(April 21, 2022) In the hallway of Arcata's Foodworks Culinary Center, a soft pat, pat, pat comes from the open doorway of Pupuseria San Miguel (100 Ericson Court, Unit 110). Inside the small...

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Eat Your (Radish) Greens

Instead of letting them go to waste

(April 14, 2022) Food waste — uneaten food (raw or cooked) and food preparation scraps from households, restaurants and grocery stores — is a problem. As food production requires energy and water...

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Parents Nutrition Center's Shame-free WIC Shopping

(April 7, 2022) It began with some old-fashioned check-out line rudeness. Jessica Rebholtz says she was using her WIC card to buy groceries, including infant formula she needed due to some lactation issues,...

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Jewell Distillery's Gin Journey

And its newest American Dry Gin

(March 31, 2022) Here is a hill I'm willing to die on: Gin is underrated. I'm not sure what it is about this gorgeous, finessed, stand-alone booze that has folks convinced it only...

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Bacon in the Wind

Curing Chinese lap yuk at home

(March 24, 2022) With the chilly wind and soft sunlight spreading over the first week of March, l thought to myself, "What a good time to cure some lap yuk!" While lap yuk,...

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Rise of the Cannabis Mocktail

(March 17, 2022) Two long years ago, the pandemic ushered in an era of uncertainty. In the beginning, housebound folks in isolation and essential workers alike flocked to the only certain pleasures we...

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Eureka's Appetite for Fast-food Chains

A developer's plan for Annie's Cambodian highlights drive-thrus' downsides

(March 10, 2022) The peeling exterior of Annie's Cambodian belies its bustling interior, decorated with paintings and carved wooden statues, and warm with the smell of dishes cooked with lemon grass, anise...

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Il Forno Bakery Takes the Cannoli

(March 5, 2022) Chris Valk, born and raised in Garberville, already owned the Chimney Tree Grill on the Avenue of the Giants when she began eyeing the spot by the movie theater on...

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What's Good: Eureka's Pile High Deli and Il Forno in Garberville

(March 3, 2022) Piling on Given the changing lineup of eateries lining Broadway in Eureka — with fast food and chain restaurants crowding the corridor — it's a wonder there were no pile-ups...

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Same Sandwich, Different Name at Pile High Deli

(March 1, 2022) Given the changing lineup of eateries lining Broadway in Eureka — with fast food and chain restaurants crowding the corridor — it’s a wonder there were no pile-ups as drivers...

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Mike's Drive Up to Shut Down

After 79 years and three generations of owners

(February 24, 2022) Lunchtime is usually busy at Mike's Drive Up, the low, unassuming wood and brick hamburger joint on Broadway and Seventh Street in Eureka. But today, patrons stand elbow to...

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Fat Anne's and Manzanilla Pop Up and Hit the Road

(February 17, 2022) Tevyn Fisher had only been serving breakfast, lunch and dinner at Fat Anne's Bakery & Bistro for three months at her then new Ferndale location when lockdown hit. She shifted...

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A Safe Harbour for Coffee Lovers

(February 10, 2022) In addition to a brewery tasting room and a solid rotation of food trucks, Myrtletown can now add an adorably hip coffee and wine bar to its list of...

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Looking Out for Each Other

Organizations team up to feed Lao and Hmong community members in need

(February 3, 2022) A little after 9 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 22, the curb of Alice Birney Elementary School in Eureka is lined with boxes of food: sweet rice, fish sauce, leeks, eggs...

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Golden Almond Cookies

Bringing back a classic and good fortune for the New Year

(January 27, 2022) Chinese New Year is coming up Feb. 1. While we are busy getting the house cleaned up, buying ingredients to make traditional snacks and cooking a feast for family, making...

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Resolutions for a Better Food Life

And none of them are dieting, I swear

(January 20, 2022) We talk about our work lives, our family lives, our social and sex lives, so why not a food life? The nourishment, enjoyment, creativity and connection food allows crosses...

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Interior to Open Offshore Wind Comment Period Next Week

(May 26, 2022) The U.S. Department of the Interior announced today that it will publish a Proposed Sale Notice next week, opening a 60-day public comment period on plans to open lease areas...

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Photos: Flying High at the Redwood Coast Kite Festival

(May 25, 2022) For an event that members of Humboldt Kiters didn’t start planning until three months ago, the Redwood Coast Kite Festival in Eureka on Saturday, May 21 turned out to be...

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Third Condor Set to Fly Free

(May 23, 2022) The Northern California Condor Restoration Program is readying to send a third condor out into the wilds of Humboldt County on Wednesday to join two others — A2 and...

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