Of Penguins and Chickpeas

Of Penguins and Chickpeas

A pantry staple pleasure from simpler times

(March 26, 2020) Fifteen years ago, my husband and I visited New Zealand for the first time. One day we kayaked in the Kenepuru Sound, located in the country's South Island. It was...

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Switching up the Recipe

Local distillers turn to making hand sanitizer

(April 2, 2020) Barbara and Michael Jewell are still selling Jewell Distillery's moonshine, vodka, gin and local blackberry liqueur out of their Blue Lake shop, but they've added a new item to their...

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Six Feet of Dining Separation

Oberon Grill works around COVID-19

(March 18, 2020) A server makes her way to the end of the bar with menus in hand, announcing to the trio of women waiting there, "Sorry but we are out of rice."...

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Entertaining for the Hesitant Host

And a low-pressure orzo to serve

(March 12, 2020) I was nervous the first time I gave a dinner party but it turned out to be a blast. Two friends from the Vancouver Unitarian Church annihilated the tuna fish...

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Going Dutch

How a couple's love of campout cooking won them a YouTube following

(March 5, 2020) The elk scaloppini episode from the Outdoor Cast Iron Cooking YouTube channel starts with a few cooking shots before Joanie "the Teardrop Nanny" and Dean "the Fogcrawler" introduce themselves...

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10 Items or Fewer

Asia's Best edition

(February 27, 2020) Swing behind Sacred Heart Church at 2085 Myrtle Ave. and you'll find Asia's Best market tucked in its back lot. You'll also likely find Feda Ignacio, who owns the...

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Pretty in Purple

Sprouting broccoli with almonds and garlic

(February 20, 2020) The word broccoli conjures up the image of a dark green globe of close-knit florets but not all broccoli is created green. Some years ago, Janet Czarnecki of Redwood...

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What's Good

Have the seafood

(February 13, 2020) Po' boys and sympathy If you go to Fat Anne's Bakery & Bistro's new spot on Main Street in Ferndale (939 Main St.), get the fried chicken. Then tell me...

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Po' Boys and Sympathy

(February 7, 2020) If you go to Fat Anne's Bakery & Bistro's new spot on Main Street in Ferndale (939 Main St.), get the fried chicken. Then tell me what it's like because...

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Bake a Cake Already

A pep talk for the hesitant

(February 6, 2020) Instagram and reality TV can crush your confidence. I'm talking about your baking confidence here. While endlessly looped video of buttercream smoothing over the sides of spinning six-layer cakes...

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Windfall Apples

Humboldt Cider Co. and Food for People's collaboration

(January 30, 2020) When life hands the farmers and home gardeners of Humboldt too many apples, many hand the excess to Food for People. Last year they donated some 57,000 pounds of excess...

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Down at the Docks

(January 23, 2020) Sometimes I walk from the Journal offices down F Street to the plaza, with its wind-whipped flags, and look across the water as the fishing boats come into the bay...

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Crabby Patty Cravings

Dungeness egg foo yung and cheese puffs

(January 23, 2020) The Krabby Patty from SpongeBob SquarePants has been stuck in my head for years. From the time my kids enjoyed watching SpongeBob, I heard "Krabby Patty" over and over. I...

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Looking Back, Moving Forward

Swiss chard with olive oil and lemon

(January 16, 2020) As 2019 was drawing to a close, I saw reviews covering the last decade in terms of books, movies, music. I decided that, before writing something new, I would...

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Gone After Dinner

Marcelli's Italian Restaurant shuts down

(January 9, 2020) Cork-down wine bottle chandeliers light Marcelli's Italian Restaurant from the chipped green linoleum counter on one side to the corner that was once walled off during the spot's time as...

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Cocina on the Green

(January 6, 2020) The incongruity of a Mexican restaurant on the grounds of a golf course lessens as you sit in a snug window booth at Cocina Mariposa (4750 Fairway Drive, Eureka), which...

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What's Good Roundup

Tee time and happy hour heat up

(January 2, 2020) Cocina on the Green The incongruity of a Mexican restaurant on the grounds of a golf course lessens as you sit in a snug window booth at Cocina Mariposa (4750...

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To Fill the Happy Hours

(December 31, 2019) If you’ve had the good sense to make your way to Five Eleven (511 Second St., Eureka) for its Tuesday through Saturday happy hour starting at 5 p.m., I sincerely...

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Cheers! It's Coquito Time

A Puerto Rican coconut cocktail for the holidays

(December 26, 2019) It's the holiday season and you can make it a little merrier and a little brighter with this holiday cocktail: coquito. Translated as "little coconut," coquito is the Puerto Rican...

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Blackout Soup

Vegan coconut corn chowder from pantry to pot

(December 19, 2019) Looking back on the Darkpocalypse of October 2019, I found my household was ill-prepared for this type of event, not to mention any greater potential disaster. Yes, it's on my...

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Hot Sauce is the Right Sauce

Exploring local varieties one bottle at a time

(December 12, 2019) Why do we obsess over hot sauce? A few drops of liquid numbs our mouths, makes us sweat and gives us that kick in the stomach, burning inferno sensation we...

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‘Warm Hearted City' Lends a Hand

(April 1, 2020) A volunteer group in Rio Dell is living up to the riverside hamlet’s motto of “Warm Hearted City” by putting out word that support for residents is available during...

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Blue Lake Rancheria Delivers Meals to Tribal Elders During COVID-19 Pandemic

(March 31, 2020) The Blue Lake Rancheria Tribe’s Elder Nutrition Program is delivering three weeks' worth of meals to the 70 tribe elders enrolled in the meal program amid the COVID-19 outbreak....

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Food for People Asking Community for a Helping Hand

(March 19, 2020) Food for People announced today it is looking for a financial helping hand from the community after facing devastating damage to its main building, as well as food losses...

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