Blackouts and Enchanted Gardens

(November 28, 2019) Here on the home farm, we used October's electricity-free hours to get ahead of winter gardening chores. Our clover cover crop has successfully germinated and the leaves on the apple...

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Getting Covered and Putting up Apples

And other tasks for October harvest

(October 11, 2019) As the leaves turn color and pumpkins on the vine become more orange by the day, we welcome autumn on the home farm. Harvest season offers reward for carefully tending...

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Micro-farming a Kitchen Herb or Succulent Garden

(August 29, 2019) Late summer, and the weather continues to be fine with warm days and long evenings. Here on the home farm, we're straightening up our culinary herb garden bed to enjoy...

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Garden to Medicine Cabinet

These flowers are the balm

(August 1, 2019) Like the song goes, "Summertime, and the living is easy." Here on the home farm, we've been enjoying the pleasant mid-summer days and long evenings, as well as garden fresh...

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Creating Community with Gardens

Planting, watering and harvesting with neighbors

(June 27, 2019) As we slip into summer, here on the home farm we are enjoying the sunshine. The combination of late spring rains followed by a heat wave gave our plants the...

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A Creative Mess

Ornamental vs. productive gardens

(May 23, 2019) A creative mess is better than tidy idleness," stated a neatly typed sign on the door to our grandmother's art room. Inside were shelves overflowing with art supplies, canvases stacked...

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Hardy Vegetables and Fragrant Flowers

Planting a feast for the senses in early spring

(April 18, 2019) As springtime sunshine beckons us outdoors, here on the home farm we are rolling up our sleeves and heading out for some serious time in the garden. Daylight hours...

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