Vertebrate Management

(September 27, 2018) Of any home farm management issue, vertebrates (animals with a backbone) can be the most challenging and expensive to deal with. Deer, bears, gophers, mice and rats all carry diseases...

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Flower Power

Planning a prettier garden for now and next year

(August 23, 2018) Whether a formal rose garden or a small patch of cheerful sunflowers, nothing makes a lush vegetable garden pop more than a backdrop of colorful flowers. Depending on the flower...

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Greens Galore

(July 12, 2018) I never realized how much growing up on the North Coast influenced my eating preferences until I traveled overseas to Belgium. In that part of the world, they eat...

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Summer Garden Bling

Planting for color and flavor

(June 14, 2018) Hang on to your hats — the heat of the home garden season is on. As we continue to enjoy defrosted or canned pumpkin puree from last year's Great...

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Victory Gardening

A win for the planet and your plate

(April 19, 2018) What does gardening have to do with being more environmentally friendly? Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just beginning, I'm here to encourage everyone to start or expand their edible...

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To Till or No-till?

A big question for your small garden

(April 5, 2018) Whether you have a flower pot on a windowsill or your whole yard turned garden wonderland, growing flowers and vegetables is easy. Plants want to grow. But when starting a...

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Copy Nature and Grow a Thriving Kitchen Garden

Planting, fertilizing and controlling pests, wild style

(March 8, 2018) The secret to growing a thriving kitchen garden is to follow nature. A quick look at any healthy, living system reveals a clamor of diversity: plants of different kinds keeping...

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