Cleaning Up the Fall Garden ... or Not

(September 24, 2020) My calendar tells me that the Autumn Equinox starts at 6:30 a.m. PST on Tuesday, Sept. 22. Before you get all excited about pumpkin spice season, it's time to think...

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Labyrinth Labor of Love

Making a meditative space, stone by stone

(September 3, 2020) When I walk a labyrinth, my mind becomes almost still. So when I interviewed Susie Laraine and Rockie Head, two Eureka women who built a labyrinth, I expected them to...

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Harvesting Your Haul

And prepping for fall

(August 27, 2020) It's the end of August and harvest season is upon us, time to gather all those goodies from the Corona garden you planted back in May. Aug. 8 was, according...

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On Becoming A Flockster

What chickens bring to your garden

(July 30, 2020) Growing up in rural central California, my two best friends each had chickens in their backyards. Their busy moms would bribe us with a trip to Lickety Split, our favorite...

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Corona Gardens are the New Victory Garden

Planting your way through the pandemic

(June 18, 2020) Back on March 19, my landscaping assistant and I were out working when we heard from friends that Humboldt was under a shelter-in-place order starting later that evening. We...

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Blackouts and Enchanted Gardens

(November 28, 2019) Here on the home farm, we used October's electricity-free hours to get ahead of winter gardening chores. Our clover cover crop has successfully germinated and the leaves on the apple...

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