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I am absolutely disgusted to see yet another stand of grand trees being unnecessarily cut down, this time along the corridor that connects Eureka to Arcata ("Arborist Recommends Eucalyptus Removal to Make way for Bay Trail," Nov. 5, 2018). Some may claim that it was an unavoidable choice for advancing the Humboldt Bay Trail but that is highly doubtful, seeing as there was great care to keep the stand's neighboring billboard directly on the path. This is reminiscent of what happened to the grove around the Eureka PG&E substation in 2021. Years later, PG&E admits its hasty "tree trimming" fire mitigation was ineffective and, now, all that's left of the illegal clearcut is a trailer and a fence propped up to hide the abhorrent shortsightedness. (Were they ever charged, btw?)

Sure, in this case, the trees were eucalyptus and it's a county project, but why does the common theme seem to be large organizations blatantly ignoring community input and carrying on without repercussions? This complete disregard for boulevard timber has become so common that it has trickled to disturbing acts of local vandalism. Public property, like sidewalk trees in Henderson Center and Old Town, have been mutilated for no apparent reason. Do folks not realize that trees brought — and still bring — value to our community? That trees provide shade and retain water, through groundwater and fog, which keeps our area cool when everywhere else is reaching triple digits? Not to mention offering shelter for endangered animals and, oh yeah, purifying the air we need to breathe. Even Disney knows there's no other place with trees like ours.

City and county officials need to be more resolute in preserving and investing in greenery within our towns, especially if it's been around for decades and clearly loved. There are less destructive alternatives. Quit using "development" as an excuse to eradicate things that make this area special!

Rose Nhem, Arcata

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