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CRV, the FDA and Inhaling Combustibles 


I also am much bothered by the CRV situation here ("Taxed," Jan. 28). I've contacted CalRecycle and various representatives. The response is to file a complaint about the markets I purchase beverages at so they can be fined for not having a CRV redemption system set up. This is B.S. If anything, the bottlers should be paying for setting up such systems. I'd just as soon see an immediate temporary stay of the law.

In his letter, Bill Conners wants to blame the problem ultimately on the Chinese (Mailbox, Feb. 11). The "collapsing value of the materials" is not China's fault. So they don't want to take our garbage anymore; why don't we deal with our own garbage ourselves? The "collapsing value of the materials" is because you, Bill, won't buy them. You'd think our entrepreneurial capitalist free-market system could come up with a profitable way to deal with all these supposedly recyclable resources. 

On another note, there's a reason the FDA goes through a process, sometimes time-consuming, for approving the use of new drugs. I'm guessing you, Bill, would be one of the first to sue if some hurriedly approved medicine resulted in irreversible impotence; and you would certainly be quick to blame the Biden administration for rushing approval of such a drug.

I was mostly amused to see that first big Lucky Strike ad in the Journal a couple issues ago. I thought, "Wow, this ought to kick the hornet's nest," and looked forward to the subsequent letter deluge. I'm very much anti-smoking, myself, and grateful for all the "smoke-free" zones. I don't necessarily like seeing a big, full-page ad for cigarettes but, then, that's not going to make me go out, buy a pack and take up the habit. It's pretty well established that smoking is kind of bad for your health. Now it's up to you to make a choice. I'm not a big fan of all the marijuana, cannabis or medicinal weed ads, either. I personally think inhaling smoke from combustion is inherently bad for the lungs, at least. Take their money.

Michael H. Morris, Eureka

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