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Co-op Concerns 


I wish to applaud the letters of both Carl Ratner and Jack Bettis ("Mailbox," Aug. 8 and Aug. 15) in response to the North Coast Co-op's hiring of Jackson Lewis to negotiate with its employees' union.

Readers wishing to know more about the Jackson Lewis firm should read the online article "Union-Busting, the Latest Ugly U.S. Export." It chronicles the anti-labor union movement afoot in this country and overseas, and the leading part that Jackson Lewis has played.

Jackson Lewis' own website touts Bradley Kampass as being available to teach workshops on " ... union relations, contract negotiations, grievance arbitration, union avoidance ... ." It goes on to mention, "He has been a seminar speaker and trainer on maintaining union-free status."

I am a long time member and admirer of the Co-op, so I was in disbelief when my wife showed me the excellent article written by Ryan Burns detailing all of this. My grocery money paying to hire Bradley Kampass? I don't think so.

Anyone still reading this will, I believe, agree with me that it is our labor unions who have fought to preserve many of the middle class jobs that still remain in this country. Our own United States Postal Service is facing a crisis in which many middle class wages are on the line. Now, so are Co-op employees.

Any union members who are reading this need to find the Co-op worker's petition and sign it, or show up with me at the next Co-op Board meeting on Aug. 22 at 6 p.m. in the Eureka Co-op's Community Kitchen. You may also want to call a Co-op board member or write them a letter. You can reach them through the North Coast Co-op website.

­ — Chris Chapin, Eureka

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