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Re: “Denied: Appellate Court Rejects Rechnitz Appeal for Change of Venue

If you take on the duty to provide care whether paid or unpaid and fail to reasonable provide that care resulting in significant injury or death to the patient, it's a class C Felony in Oregon. From what I know about this case, the nursing not only failed to provide the care, but abandon him. Someone should go to jail for this. Having been a part of licensing these facilities and investigating abuse in facilities for 10 years in Oregon, I saw a lot. These corporation hide behind a room of attorneys and vigorously fight any investigation where they were found abusive or not providing reasonable care. Yet they are willing to tell families..yes we can provide for your family member at horrible rates and fail to provide the care. I applaud the courts. As for a fair trial.. um no matter where it is once the facts are heard, um I think venue will be the least of their problems.

Posted by Clydeine Oglesby on 08/02/2017 at 4:55 PM

Re: “Eureka's Temporary Homeless Sleeping Areas Here to Stay

I hope that the voters read this article and vote according to how they think the city of Eureka and County Supervisors have spent tax dollars in the best interest of all citizens of this City and County. The problem with the homeless is they dont take responsibility period. In three months in Palco Marsh, they accumulated what 60 tons of trash, 4000 needles, etc. Moving them keeps the trash down. The problem is not where they live, but how they live. They dont clean up after themselves. As a tax payer I resent that. They have all the time in the world to clean up their camps. They would rather live in filth than do anything for themselves. They leave it up to the good citizens to pay for cleaning up after them. What does the council and supervisors behavior teach them. It teaches them to be irresponsible and dependent. It teaches them the council can not commit to their own decisions. I have read repeatedly this does not cost the City of Eureka anything. That is pure bullshit and everyone knows it. I have not seen any accounting for the money spent by the City or County for policing, sanitation, clean up, maintenance repair and staff time devoted to this issue. There is no accounting for the funds given by both the City and County to Betty Chin. Now someone tell me of any governmental program where there is no accountability. I worked in social services for 30 years as a manager and any program I was involved in, we were required to show how the funds were spent. We had specific goals to accomplish that lead to improving a problem. So when you go to the polls and vote in the future vote for those that support your view of how this situation should be handled.

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Posted by Clydeine Oglesby on 10/23/2016 at 8:41 PM

Re: “You and Me and the Keys

It's one of many big problems in this County. Here we are one of the biggest growers of Cannabis in the world and people put forward the belief that the use of it the same as alcohol, yet we cant seem to manage how we use alcohol. Though these stats are alarming, I am more concerned with the young people and we are talking about very very young who use alcohol and are getting the message Cannabis is the same, no harm in using it. Drug and Alcohol used consistently before the age of 16 permanently damages the brain function. That is a known fact among drug and alcohol therapist that treat teenagers for addiction. All I see is the statistics growing. I recently heard this nation has a heroin epidemic. Hell this country has a drug culture and they are not doing much to change it. There is legislation and activities to patch the symptoms of the drug culture but nothing to turn it back. If anything takes this country down it will be our abuse of drugs.

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Posted by Clydeine Oglesby on 09/24/2016 at 6:59 AM

Re: “The Death of Jeannie Newstrom

I managed a region of Senior Services Offices that licensed, trained and sanctioned care facilities, provided case management, food stamps, and investigated elder abuse for Douglas County Oregon in the 90's. This is a well written article about what happens to elderly people every day. What happened in this case is obviously criminal and could have been prevented had someone been an advocate for this woman. This woman died a horribly painful death. I dont even know where to begin with all the neglect that occurred with this lady by a full range of people who took on the responsibility to provide care for payment. Everyone of them from the public guardian, doctor, care providers, government officials took money to be a protector, look out for her needs and provide care for her. They all failed her. Where were the doctors that saw her, the family members, the caregivers and the agencies that are paid to advocate for this woman. Bedsores are not normal and a huge indicator of failure to provide the standard nursing care. The smell of urine in any facility is not acceptable. Fresh urine typically does not smell so obviously this lady had been in soiled bedding and underwear for hours. If you smell feces, once, ok that is one thing, but you should not smell it on a regular basis. If you do, they are not attending to her and that is neglectful care. Demented people frequently forget to eat and drink, but they do feel. It is the responsibility of a facility to ensure they are adequately feed and hydrated a patient. If they can not make it happen, then the doctor needs to be involved to ensure adequate nutrition and hydration happens. There is lots of good training out there on how to provide care to the demented. Starving to death is a very painful way to die. Even demented people feel the continual pain of being starved. Who was reviewing the records for this patient to see what care was being provided. Who was following up to make sure the care was happening. If the public guardian was the advocate for the lady, they really fell down on the job. That does not take the family, caregivers and medical providers off the hook. They should have advocated for her. This should never have had to go to the Justice Department to get action. There should be regulatory procedures in place and the ability to apply sanctions and closure if necessary at a local level. We closed a number of foster homes and residential facilities as a result of complaints and investigations. Elder Abuse is one of the most unknown and under reported crimes. The statements made by the State official Mr Weston that "attributes this gap between complaints and citations to a very proactive advocacy base in Humboldt County, that might be more engaged in calling his department." “We do know that Humboldt is a very engaged community in regards to the assisted living facilities, they do engage us in filing complaints. When we do find an issue we investigate it thoroughly,” said Weston." Mr. Weston is making excuses for the local agencies failure to act responsibly in this case. I am appalled that a person in his position would make such statements. Mr Weston states they investigate complaints where they find issues. No you investigate all complaints. Until you investigate, you dont know if it is a valid complaint. You thoroughly investigate, meaning you review records, doctors order, medicine records, care records, you talk to caregivers, family members and the elderly person. Anyone or anything, that might have information. I helped develop and pass a law in Oregon that made it a class A Felony to take on the care of an elderly person and then neglect them or physically abuse them. The law also made it a class A Felony to financially exploit an elderly person. My office and staff were not perfect, who is, but damn it, it wouldnt take much to do a better job than what happened in this case. She was abandoned by every person and agency that was responsible to advocate and protect her. And the worst part, this is just one case of many out there. It's a damn shame and if you live long enough you will be elderly and be relying on this system to protect you. Think about it.

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Posted by Clydeine Oglesby on 08/04/2016 at 6:08 PM

Re: “UPDATE: CHP Seeking Persons of Interest in Fortuna Hit and Run

They will find them. It's just a matter of time. The police are not going to comment on an investigation. I am sure they are doing a thorough investigation to get the facts so the case is a solid one before arresting anyone. All this supposition is just that supposition. Pointless. If you know something anything contact the police.

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Posted by Clydeine Oglesby on 07/21/2016 at 5:45 PM

Re: “Sorry, Kids: Tobacco Buying Age Hiked to 21, Vaping Restricted

I just love our paternal legislature. It thinks it needs to legislate everything just in case we might hurt ourselves. Yes cigarettes can make you pretty sick, so can smoking other things. So can a lot of things and believe me this legislature is trying to legislate it. I am sick of folks sticking it to those that smoke, through laws and fees. And for the record, I dont smoke (anything) and never have, but I am sick of trying to legislate everything just in case and the picking on the smoker bandwagon!

Posted by Clydeine Oglesby on 05/06/2016 at 9:40 AM

Re: “The Marsh Eviction's Lone Protest Arrest: A Grandmother Who Stood Her Ground

First and foremost the City of Eureka should have never let anyone camp on city property. Secondly, The City is NOT a social services agency. That is not their role in the community. Lastly by doing so, they put themselves and the taxpayers in a potentially litigious situation. I have no problem with meal sites or rescue missions. I do have problems with tiny little houses. Why?? 60 tons of garbage and 1000 needles were taken out of the marsh and that was for a 6 month period (they moved north of the mall in November). This is not a new experience. Repeatedly they live like dogs and repeatedly it's cleaned up. I have a problem with their blatant disregard for the law and for their fellow citizens. I have seen that "shot yourself in the foot" attitude when I worked at the Welfare office years ago. They repeatedly make bad choices and then expect someone to pick up the pieces, clean up after them and help them. They will tell you a sweet story of how hard they worked to become self sufficient and all the barriers they have experienced. They dont mention the drug and alcohol abuse or the bad behavior they exhibited. The minute you cant help them their attitude and behavior changes to aggressive. I want to know where the money came from to buy 60 tons of stuff enough heroin to fill 1000 needles not mentioning other illicit drugs. If they had money enough to buy 60 tons of stuff and drugs, why were they not using that to improve themselves. I also have a problem with helping any of them if they have not been assessed for drug/alcohol/mental health issues with treatment required along with job services required. The County just gave Betty Chinn (nice lady) $270,000 to house and feed the homeless for a year, with no expectation of the participants getting treatment or job placement assistance. Big mistake. I think it was Betty Chinn said "open your heart".. I say yes but "Open your brain at the same time". Dont be foolish. Help those that are willing to work on changing their situation. As for the lady in the article. I am sure she is seen as a leader in the homeless population. Being a grandmother has nothing to do with anything really, just put in for drama. Taking a stand is pretty self destructive and a waste of time, but looks good to the other homeless. I have compassion for the homeless, just not enabling them to live in a manner that costs the community resources, time, money and is self destructive. Why? Because that is money that could be spent for something to help the whole community. Live the life you want, just dont expect the rest of us to pay for it. Now something I have not seen in the papers anywhere. You hear about the advocates for the homeless all the time. What about the rest of the population who are opposed to helping the homeless. You never hear that side and there are a lot of these folks.

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Posted by Clydeine Oglesby on 05/06/2016 at 5:59 AM

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