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Churlish Hurley 


Contributor Ryan Hurley sure got a load off his chest (and spleen) with his New Year's rant on homelessness, unisex restrooms, and finally Nazi memorabilia in a pawn shop ("Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner," Jan. 1). I'm pretty sure he was serious beneath the ironic tone, so his comments invite a response.

For people living in tents along the waterfront, the risk of a tsunami is a small concern compared to other challenges they face every day. They are resilient beyond anything Mr. Hurley could probably imagine, and his glib sarcasm adds nothing helpful.

As for the struggle to liberate HSU's toilet facilities, here Mr. Hurley has at least found a cause equal to his outrage, though he's no more a student than he is homeless. Gentlemen, if this really matters to you, put the seat up when you pee and down when you're done. And Ladies, you've probably noticed at peak times the lines are shorter for the men's room. Go for it. It will do far more good than Mr. Hurley's despair.

And Nazi memorabilia? Really? Not a great place for sarcasm. In Germany during the Third Reich, almost everything, even Hohner harmonicas, was stamped with a swastika if manufactured under government contract. Swastikas were on the money. Soldiers were awarded medals for bravery or service; all their medals had swastikas. Soldiers are often more honorable than the governments they fight for. It was a terrible and shameful time that cost millions of lives, but we can't change it. We won't learn from history if we censor it, as Mr. Hurley seems inclined to do; fortunately we live in a country where neither of us has that power.

— Rus Krause, Arcata

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