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Chris Durant Has A Posse 

Chris Durant is crazy. In April, after years serving, at various times, as the Times-Standard's court reporter, Northern Lights whip-cracker, homeless ambassador and Fat Guy on Whatever, Durant left Dean Singleton's supple, life-sustaining teat to strike out on his own. What cushy gig lured him away? No, it wasn't a lobbying position with NORML. The former Republican Duck Hunter had the audacity to start a monthly Humboldt County culture ’zine. That's right. Chris is putting all of his eggs in the disintegrating basket marked "The printed word." With a family to feed of -- what is it, like 20 kids now? --and an unquenchable PBR appetite to satiate, dude is certifiably bonkers.

Perhaps you've seen a copy of the Savage Henry Independent Times laying around wherever you buy griptape for your skateboard. Durant, along with fellow scribes Sarah Godlin and Josh Duke and others, just released their fourth issue, deceptively titled "#3." Inside you'll find offbeat humor pieces, music reviews and lots of profanity. If you haven't already snagged a copy, good luck finding one. Either demand is high, or bird cages need lining.

But killing trees isn't Savage Henry's only goal. As part of their pledge to keep you numb and slightly entertained, the S.H.I.T. (yup) crew will hold its first Savage Henry Showcase Sampler at the Jambalaya in Arcata on July 17 at 9:30 p.m. Durant explains the evening's intent: "We're having this thing to show off some of our friends who know how to play instruments, continue our commitment to bring quality entertainment to the fine folks of Humboldt County and maybe raise a little dough to pay the people who write for us a little sumpin' sumpin'." Permission to enter will set you back sumpin' like $8.

What to expect? Do you like Weezer cover bands? The Sampler will be headlined by Humboldt's premiere Weezer tribute group, Wepeel. Don't even think about asking them to play "Beverly Hills," though. They keep it pure by sticking to selections from Weezer (the blue one) and Pinkerton only. Suck it, "Hash Pipe." Also on the bill: Old-timey "spiritual" folk big band Blvd. Park from Sacramento, PDX modern rockers No Kind Of Rider and DIY folk punk from Charles Hargis and the Northern Hunger, which Durant describes as a "Woody Guthrie Ziggy Stardust." Sampler guests will also be wowed by a live art battle waged by The Sheik and SH cover artist Sonny Wong. And there will be beer.

Side note: Currently NOT scheduled to appear, The Republican Duck Hunters. Why? Chris is afraid of Josh Duke's keyboard.

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