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Cat Finalists 

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OF 25
by Geraldine Goldberg
by Thomas Garten
"Cherry picking"
by Ann Colby
by Sharon Ruchte
by Cleo Carrino
by Robert Jensen
by August Vang
by Mary Ann Testagrossa
by Freddie Baer
by Victoria Parker
by Melinda Sullivan
by Kenny Carper
by Natalie Chapman
"Wednesday and Reykja"
by Anthony Raymond
by Karen Saria
by Tim Wozny
by Marsha Sanders
by Mandy Slupinski
by Anna Zakurakina
by Larry Goldberg
by Marilyn Tucker
by Laura Dodd
"'The Look'"
by Frank Mallatt
by Lori Reed
"Violet Roger"
by Felicia Thomsson
by Geraldine Goldberg

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