Bandit Savory & Sweet Café

Fresh Baked in the Old Hotel

(January 16, 2020) Built in 1872, the Vance Hotel building is the namesake of a lumber and railroad baron, and it has seen Eureka through its days as a bustling port and...

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Counter Culture

Delish on 5th’s upscale deli

(July 25, 2019) On a sunny day, it's tough to beat lunch at a café table or even taking a sandwich, a drink and some pastry to the boardwalk. A brisk walk...

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Souji House in Garberville

Local fare, Asian flair

(April 18, 2019) For years, Southern Humboldt residents have enjoyed shopping at Chautauqua Natural Foods for organic food and supplements. In June of 2018, the owners of Chautauqua Natural Foods opened Souji...

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