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'Bureaucratic Batbrains' 


Taxes seem to be the topic of the day, so folks may want to know that Measure S was, uh, engrossed by the same folks who smoked the marijuana ordinance and its incredibly stinko Mitigated Negative Declaration. I think folks there in the Humboldt County bat cave did not do well in high school, because most people learn by then that there is a huge difference between "biennial" and "biannual."

Measure S clearly states that the tax will be collected biennially — once every two years — and that is what voters passed. We assume from the County Counsel's argument in favor of the measure that they hope to collect the tax twice a year — biannually — but that's not the law now and when they try I sure hope someone will sue them. Not a simple error, a four-times difference!

But it's beyond belief that the bureaucratic batbrains will begin to be better. How can attorneys confuse such words? On that question I draw a Blanck.

Robert Sutherland, Ettersburg

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