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'Bravissimo Kudos' 


Right now, when our collective cuckoo clocks seem turned back half a century regarding civil rights, tolerance, and basic human decency, it is so refreshing to finally witness first hand an American tradition take a progressively firm stance in favor of all our LGBTQ+ fellow-Americans.

Of course I refer to American rodeos and specifically to the Fortuna Rodeo and obviously to how they lassoed the transgender supporting Budweiser beer slogan, branded it as their very bucking own and stampeded toward universal equality. As we all know this connective reference is to the brilliant and creatively unique "This Rodeo is for You." At first glance it seems a Green Horn's attempt to rustle from a well-known campaign, but a second look reveals how in all actuality by using this particular advert, the Fortuna Rodeo is leading the local LGBTQ+ community's parade toward gender neutrality in an arena not normally famous for carte blanche acceptance.

Bravissimo kudos, Fortuna. Some suspected you to be nearly as steepled in conservatism as our neighboring Infernal's Fryinhell Damnwell, but now we have nothing but pride for you, thanks to your enthusiastic waving of the rainbow banner. Can we look forward to dragsters and drag shows at the Autorama?

W.B. Sager, Fortuna

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