Street Poetry

Bob Hager's Brave and True

(November 22, 2018) If not from spotting him around Old Town, you may recognize Bob Hager from his Oct. 26, 2017, Journal cover story "Homeless Survival Guide." Hager is a veteran and he...

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'This is the Land We Dream of, the Land that Belongs to Us Again'

Brando Skyhorse's The Madonnas of Echo Park

(November 8, 2018) This week author Brando Skyhorse visits several locations in Humboldt County for a pair of readings and discussions. Skyhorse's first work, Take this Man: A Memoir, in which he recounts...

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Word Girl

Carlene Meredith Cogliati's To Durchhalten

(July 26, 2018) Amy Dixon, the protagonist of Carlene Meredith Cogliati's To Durchhalten, loves words — their shape on a page and their sound, which she can almost taste on her tongue. She...

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American Prometheus: Carnegie's Captain, Bill Jones

A family memoir by Tom Gage

(July 12, 2018) Why did tycoon Andrew Carnegie keep Bill Jones' portrait in his bedchamber? Gratitude? Because Jones, the engineering genius, made the Carnegie-owned Edgar Thomson Steel Works (ET) the world's most...

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Shift Happens

A memoir by Margot Genger

(May 10, 2018) Overwhelmed by a failed marriage and a traumatic broken engagement, Margot Genger found temporary relief in alcohol and casual relationships. When she careened into a manic episode that led to...

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A Tale of Young Grief

J. Lynn Bailey's Standing Sideways

(February 22, 2018) Fortuna author J. Lynn Bailey's emotional second YA novel begins with the death of Jasper Stone. His twin sister Livia is plunged into a grief so profound that she finds...

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