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Boo, Buhne 


I have both positive and negative comments to two recent blurbs. First of all, Ryan Hurley compares the Sequoia Park Zoo to a gulag ("Buhne Tribune," June 19). While our little zoo is by no means on the same level as zoos in larger cities, we do have a dedicated staff that maintains an excellent facility, is committed to educating the public and strives to continuously update the enclosures in which the animals reside. Simply because Mr. Hurley does not prefer to eat chicken (or meat) is no reason to act as if he is the omnipotent one because he prefers a vegan diet.

Also, I must applaud Dr. Emily Dalton for speaking out against the ridiculousness of the medical insurance industry and the socialist way our current administration is trying to "help" the citizens of America ("The Insurance Leech," June 19). Until people of all races, creeds and backgrounds stand up and say "enough is enough," we will continue to deal with the legalized extortion of insurance companies.

Cindi Rose, Rio Dell


I just read Ryan Hurley's latest column in the June 19 edition, and I'm feeling the same thing as I did when I read his previous column — why?

Is it supposed to be funny, or social commentary, or what? I'm not really sure, because it fails, monumentally, in both of those arenas. Obviously, Hurley is an intelligent guy, but I find his observations awkward, cloying and not very amusing, though that's what he seems to be striving for.

Trash the Eureka Zoo. Great. That's constructive.

Use infantile language to belittle (the Lost Coast Outhouse). Clever.

Sophomoric commentary about the Crabs. Whatever.

Comparing sunny Blue Lake to the fall of the Roman Empire. Seriously?

It all feels like a stretch, and not a very entertaining one at that.

Give Rees Hughes a regular spot.

Let Barry Evans have more space.

Lose the Tribune!

Russ Cole, Arcata

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