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The recent article by Peter Childs ("Overlooked," Sept. 14) does an excellent job of outlining issues surrounding the cannabis industry in the Emerald Triangle and Northern California. People have moved here with hopes of becoming millionaires, measuring quality of life in dollars and cents. Many of them are what I term "trustfunders," often having more economic options than those of us who came here for cheap land and a chance to live close to nature in relative peace. Many came to the area with jobs in the commercial cannabis industry and, after a year or two, bought land and hired their own crews, ever expanding the market supply. Here we are at present with a glut of cannabis and a collapsed market. Corporations have reportedly spent millions amping up to control the markets. Tobacco, drugs and alcohol, not to mention agribusiness and chemical companies, surely must want a piece of the action.

Russet mites, which are nearly impossible to eradicate, have only been seen in the last few years. They are insidious and ubiquitous. Are they a product of corporate bio-engineering, designed to eliminate mom-and-pop farmers to gain control over the industry? Have corporate interests developed resistant strains? Let us beware the nefarious control of the corporation and the misguided greed of individuals.

Mya Byers, Laytonville

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