Back on the Train

Back on the Train

Revisiting Agatha Christie and Daddy issues

(November 16, 2017) Reviews MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS. From the first trailer, it struck me as a little odd that a murder mystery set in 1934 would be positioned as a peak-season...

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(November 16, 2017) Are not suns. They do not shine For billions of years Racing through space Away from each other Bending nothing indelibly In gravitational waves No one notices. They race into...

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Circus within a Circus

Pippin at NCRT

(November 16, 2017) Plays offer a look into a different era, with modern productions taking on material written centuries ago. But Pippin affords a chance to see a dual track on that: The...

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Speed Round

Arts! Arcata shows to hit this month

(November 9, 2017) This month Arts! Arcata plays it forward. Sights on the north side of the bay include a number of intriguing shows with opening receptions on Friday, Nov. 10, so wear...

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Not All Heroes Wear Frowns

Ragnarok cracks wise, Bad Moms Christmas, not so much

(November 9, 2017) Reviews THOR: RAGNAROK. I've tried to find at least something to like about each addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe; this has proven easier in some cases than others. By...

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Walking Past

(November 9, 2017) Walking past that poor old soul, a little ragged, a bit worn down, lost in their own little world. Have you ever wondered, who he was, under all that dirt...

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The Luck of the Irish?

Good People at Redwood Curtain

(November 2, 2017) South Boston is blue-collar Irish through and through. A combination of shop work, factory work, informal childcare and bingo is how most of the community gets through life. Every so...

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Three Native Artists Carry the Weight

Brittany Britton, Brian Tripp and Robert Benson at Piante Gallery

(November 2, 2017) What They Bring, What They Carry brings together artworks by Brian Tripp, Brittany Britton and Robert Benson — artists of Karuk, Hupa and Tsnungwe descent, respectively, who grew up in...

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Sending a Message

Suburbicon and Thank You for Your Service sweat the big stuff

(November 2, 2017) Reviews SUBURBICON has become the focus of much recent attention for doing Paramount's worst wide-release box office business, ever. The surprising element in this is not the movie's poor performance;...

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The swallows are gathering at Klamath Glen

(October 26, 2017) The swallows are gathering at Klamath Glen. Queing up on the telephone lines, Chattering to their neighbors, Exchanging pleasantries and updates on Eggs laid and chicks survived or lost, Getting...

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A Microcosm of Life on Avenue Q

HSU's coming-of-age story for the ages

(October 26, 2017) Avenue Q is a puppet show with humans. Or a human show with puppets. Whichever way you look at it, Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx's musical, now playing at...

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Art Walks + Festivals

Arts! Arcata

Friday, Nov. 10, 6-9 p.m.

(November 9, 2017) Arts! Arcata is Arcata Main Street's monthly celebration of visual and performing arts, held at locations in Arcata. Visit for more information or call 822-4500. ARCATA ARTISANS 833 H...

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Arts Alive!

Saturday, Nov. 4, 6-9 p.m.

(November 2, 2017) Presented by Eureka Main Street. Opening receptions for artists, exhibits and performances are held the first Saturday of each month. For more information, call 442-9054 or go to A...

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