<i>Hero</i> Immerses, <i>Big Sick</i> Shines

Hero Immerses, Big Sick Shines

Two very different films lend hope

(July 20, 2017) The Hero It seems I've written fairly frequently of late — probably too frequently — about the bright possibility of hope dispelling the corrosive recent mists of cinematic mediocrity and...

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Trade Winds

(July 20, 2017) Another gray morning Treetops shake Vultures rise, Circling endlessly Riding trade winds Higher than a kite! R Bloomin Orchard Bristles with fruit Blessed by rains Held far too long In...

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Rediscovering Phillips House

A walk through Arcata history, one room at a time

(July 13, 2017) Arcata's Phillips House is the oldest building standing in Arcata and it has lasted longer than is likely for any structure in a culture that prioritizes change. Built between 1850...

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Summer Samba

(July 13, 2017) Leggings below long skirts against the chill of the fog — stiff coastal breeze keeping kayakers in sea spray, down jackets, bonfires at campsites Not like the summers I knew...

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Spidey Sense Tingling

Homecoming gets it right, Bad Batch not so much

(July 13, 2017) Spider-Man: Homecoming A chorus, sweetened by the voices of multitudes, echoes brightly through the halls of mediadom; even the nerds have lent their breath. And they are not wrong: new...

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The Drag King

The Legend of Georgia McBride takes the stage at Redwood Curtain

(July 13, 2017) Drag shows, and even drag itself, are in a sense as old as theater itself, for varied reasons ranging back countless centuries. Be it a lack of female performers for...

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Ode to Don's Donuts

(July 6, 2017) Pillar of glutenism! Carbohydrate community center! Sugar sanctuary! Pass gas and pledge allegiance to cheap food. There could be a sign above the counter — "Bread Is Life" — blinking...

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Turning Wheels

Car chases and machinations

(July 6, 2017) Reviews BABY DRIVER. Writer/director Edgar Wright — like Tarantino before him and Scorsese before him — has managed to make a successful career of being a tremendous movie nerd. Unashamed...

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From Kiln Shed to Skate Park

Conrad Calimpong at Piante Gallery, skate art downtown

(June 29, 2017) One person throws a pot, one rides a board. Yet the subcultures that have grown up around ceramics and skateboarding center around membership in a group or tribe. This month's...

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Movies to watch on Fourth of July weekend

(June 29, 2017) Reviews What makes a movie "American"? Is it patriotic or critical? Is it about identity, individualism, team spirit or oppression? Is it set in the Wild West or a modern...

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This Land Belongs To ... Whom?

Dell'Arte's State of Jefferson Picnic

(June 22, 2017) It's coming up on the Fourth of July and the MacBurn family has checked into KOALA (Kampground Of American Liberty for All) for their annual State of Jefferson Picnic, courtesy...

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Art Walks + Festivals

Arts! Arcata

Friday, July 14, 6-9 p.m.

(July 13, 2017) Arts! Arcata is Arcata Main Street's monthly celebration of visual and performing arts, held at locations in Arcata. Visit www.facebook.com/artsarcata for more information or call 822-4500.   ANGELICA ATELIER 1101...

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Trinidad Art Nights

Friday, July 7, 6-9 p.m.

(July 6, 2017) Upper Trinidad SIMMONS' GALLERY 380 Janis Court (Trinidad Coastal Land Trust). "Camel Rock According To ...," Marvin Trump, paintings. Music by Margaret Kellermann. TRINIDAD MUSEUM 400 Janis Court (next to...

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Arts Alive!

Saturday July 1, 6-9 p.m.

(June 29, 2017) Presented by Eureka Main Street. Opening receptions for artists, exhibits and performances are held the first Saturday of each month. For more information, call 442-9054 or go to www.eurekamainstreet.org ADORNI...

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Parade Fun in the Sun (With Costumed Goat!)

(July 14, 2017) In case you missed it, the 50th annual Annie and Mary Parade in Blue Lake on Sunday featured its usual eclectic mix of participants, ranging from giant puppets, costumed children...

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Respect the Quilt

(July 11, 2017) Quilters, says Susie Freese, are like Rodney Dangerfield. “We get no respect,” she said in a telephone interview a month before the Heart of the Redwoods Quilt Show. “People don’t...

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This Show Sucks

(July 1, 2017) While you're out at Arts Alive! looking at ceramics and skateboards tonight, you may want to follow the sound of fuzzy, crunchy guitar to Studio 424 (424 Third St.,...

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