He Shoots, He ...

Fly the W, Benjamin Fu nke's new work at College of the Redwoods

(March 5, 2020) For serious sports fans and weekend warriors, what happens on the field has far-reaching significance. The games we play and watch can become an organizing force in our lives....

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The Human Stain

Jesse Wiedel's Heroin Hilton, parts 1 and 2

(February 20, 2020) Heroin Hilton, Jesse Wiedel's guerrilla public artwork, hit Eureka's streets in the early afternoon hours of Dec. 7. Five oil paintings materialized in Old Town with no advance publicity,...

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The Landscape Gives You Information

Paintings by Bobby Wright at Humboldt Bay Social Club

(December 5, 2019) When you think about landscape, it's hard to get past the Impressionists. This has been true for more than a century, ever since Manet, Monet, Pissarro and the rest of...

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We're All Land Artists Now

Water and Power, works by Becky Evans and Jerry Martien at Piante Gallery

(October 31, 2019) Moon-shaped pools, underground flows and springs long-buried by sand inspired the poems, paintings and vessels in Jerry Martien and Becky Evans' new exhibition at Piante Gallery (and the gallery's...

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'Diary of an Artist'

Photographs by William Pierson at Piante Gallery

(October 3, 2019) Media Literacy week at the NCJ presents a welcome opportunity to reflect on the critic's (frequently misunderstood) role. The critic, here at least, is neither judge nor booster nor native...

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The Heartland Laid Bare

Ryan Griffis and Sarah Ross at College of the Redwoods Art Gallery

(September 5, 2019) We cut from mariachi dancers to the softball diamond. Flat limitless fields, nondescript buildings, canals and barges flicker past. A hopper belches out a river of golden corn. High above...

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The Painting on the Wall

Eureka Street Art Festival 2019

(August 8, 2019) At the block party for the second annual Eureka Street Art Festival, more than a dozen artists hailing from points ranging from Bayside to Buenos Aires were steadily moving...

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Epic Scrolls and Journeys

Laura Corsiglia and Lida Penkova at the Morris Graves Museum of Art

(August 1, 2019) To stand in the middle of the building that houses the Morris Graves Museum of Art and look up is to feel the pull of the former Carnegie library's Renaissance-derived...

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Summer Stories and Floating Worlds

Group shows at Redwood Arts Association and Brenda Tuxford Gallery

(July 4, 2019) Summer is the season for group exhibitions. The 61st annual open-call summer exhibition at Redwood Arts Association, held in honor of longtime member Julia Bednar, opens this month with an...

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