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Re: “'A Comedy of Errors'

In response to Mr. Ducci's inquiry:

I probably hired one of your kids or friends. I didn't start my home and family business in Eureka because of any glossy magazine, or any tourist outreach whatsoever.

Humboldt County sells itself, known the world-over for Redwoods and pot. Miles of pristine forests, trails, beaches, wetlands, lagoons, rivers, bay, a university, college (both easily mistaken for resorts), rich in art, music and theater.

Limited public funds must STOP subsidizing connected industries whether it's unfunded infrastructure for the development industry's big-home subdivisions (McKay), traffic signals for more fast food, (Carrington), welfare for the national retail industry paying poverty wages, (attracting numerous predatory businesses downtown), and ESPECIALLY the tourism industry the most volatile of all...a seasonal rush at best, disappearing overnight when gas exceeds $5/gal.

No, QUALITY OF LIFE is NOT about the QUANTITY of "tourist attractions", but the condition of average working families currently documented as being several times worse in every category of health and human services...repeatedly drawing the attention of the Ca. Att. Gen. This is where public resources and subsidies MUST be focused...and NOT on industries that waste funds for un-provable benefits often exacerbating crises, as in housing.

America's Golden Goose of living wage manufacturing, taxable incomes, "cheap" energy, and full-investments in its human resources began migrating 40 years ago.

It's time for each of these industries to ween themselves off the public teat and produce whatever they feel is needed to promote their businesses, as my family did, within their own financial means.

Step up and be celebrated.

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Posted by Anon. on 06/07/2019 at 6:06 PM

Re: “'A Comedy of Errors'

As "genuine, authentic locals", the Eureka Chamber of Commerce poisoned the concept of tourism outreach for decades spending tens of millions showing residents just how incompetent and wasteful hiring "friends" can be.

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Posted by Anon. on 06/06/2019 at 9:12 PM

Re: “'A Comedy of Errors'

A "Legacy of Errors" would be a more accurate title.

A brief drive-through Eureka shows a squandered "victorian village" scarred by random apartments, hotels and a high tolerance for blight, abandoned lots, empty homes and buildings, a city saturated in part-time poverty wages, and scores of the predatory businesses they attract throughout town.

Eureka's Town Fathers tried, but couldn't afford, to level it's only saving grace "Old Town" back in the 1950's.

This is Eureka's legacy of unbridled greed undermining working family's quality of life, hastened into destitution through government/industry collusion in housing fraud, ("bubbles"), and the numerous families bankrupted and foreclosed in the wake of every recurring collapse, continuing today with the "McKay" subdivision.

For the first time in its history, Eureka recently rejected all right-wing candidates for mayor and city council. sadly, little has changed.

What attracts returning tourists is the same thing that attracts new residents and their businesses....the quality of life for average residents, not the quantity of public-attractions, wasting millions on a certified zoo, visitor's center, and "canopy walk".

Focusing public resources on addressing the multiple human crises Eureka suffers and the trickle-down, laissez-faire economic orthodoxy at its root, will do more for the quality of life than further wasting public treasure subsidizing the local tourist industry facing imminent collapse when fuel begins exceeding $5/gal.

Our rural quality of life, clean air, water, and miles of pristine forests, trails, lagoons, beaches, rivers and bay, are becoming increasingly rare in this world and they sell themselves...if we can keep them.

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Posted by Anon. on 06/06/2019 at 11:41 AM

Re: “Eureka Staff Repeatedly Provided Council, Public Inaccurate Information About Marketing Contract Process

Sorry Humboldt Made, it might take a few more decades before the memory fades from the costly debacle left behind by the Eureka Chamber of Commerce.

Posted by Anon. on 06/04/2019 at 12:04 AM

Re: “Eureka Staff Repeatedly Provided Council, Public Inaccurate Information About Marketing Contract Process

"We'll do the right thing whatever that takes"??(Bergel)

Why start now?

Our rural city, county, businesses and industries have a long legacy of unreported interrelationships involving family, friends, church and clubs.

Incompetence invites lawsuits and huge settlements, as if Eureka doesn't already know.

For God's sake, if you're serious about the "right thing" and not just the "legal standard" return publication of Eureka's complete staff directory for all city departments so the public can see who's being hired, promoted and what they do.

Are you afraid longtime local residents could discover interrelationships between city staff and Humboldt Made? St. Bernard's?

Oh, that's right....staff directories had become common sources of evidence used in court cases alleging nepotism, favoritism, agism, and sexism.

Can Bergel walk her talk?

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Posted by Anon. on 06/02/2019 at 12:44 PM

Re: “Former Arcata Restaurant Owner Killed by New York Police


Read the article: Unless an officer's life is threatened, deadly force is unwarranted.

Just like the last depression, people are flooding junior colleges to get that 2-year police academy degree for the fat pension plans. Too many are terrified and incapable of "protect and serve".

Thousands of Americans are killed each year by police and the huge "no-fault" settlements drain city budgets.

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Posted by Anon. on 05/25/2019 at 12:20 PM

Re: “Draft Housing Element Calls for Drastic Solutions to Humboldt's Housing 'Crisis'

Housing Element meetings are dominated by members of the development industry.

Hell, they still run this county by winning a majority of elected and appointed seats.

These are right-wing ideologues parroting the same fallacies used to whine about the "costs" of universal healthcare and free public universities careful to NEVER consider the FAR GREATER social costs of NOT providing fundamental human services.....and the media generally cooperates by also ignoring the costs of corrupt government/industry collusion that successfully manufactures scarcity to drive up prices to produce predatory lending in housing, education and healthcare, privatizing the profits and socializing the costs.

Serious estimates of average Humboldt County income, like the rest of the nation, (and the erroneous statistics under-reporting population, unemployment and voter turnout), should consider the thousands of local residents who do not earn enough to file tax returns...where income statistics are usually calculated.

What's really stalling affordable housing construction is the will to codify balanced housing inventories serving all income levels of local residents, in effect:

No more big home subdivisions miles from downtown until balance is defined and established.

Modest affordable housing fees per square foot of every large commercial building.

Establishment of a dedicated affordable housing fund.

Ordinances imposing punitive and effective fines commensurate with the public-costs of lost-use, blight, lower property values, and fire hazard from countywide buildings, homes, motels and lots that are empty, abandoned or blighted for 3 years, including the use of eminent domain if necessary.

Countywide identification of properties held by long-deceased owners to update tax-rolls, beginning with commercial properties in Old Town Eureka.

Limit the number of affordable housing apartments that waste tens-of-millions of public dollars only to revert back to the owner to gentrify after 30 years.

Commitment to construction of efficient, in-fill, multi-level, small, apartment buildings for all categories of low and no-income residents, elderly, homeless, disabled, etc.

There's a long list of well-known tools to get affordable housing constructed, we need to start by electing public-interest leadership to replace the development industry hacks holding up progress.

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Posted by Anon. on 05/24/2019 at 3:00 PM

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