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The residents of the newly fashioned 2nd Congressional District have the uncommon opportunity to send a truly brilliant candidate to Washington, D.C. ("Go Solomon!" May 17). Norman Solomon brings to the table a rich history of policy analysis, innovative leadership and coalition building. He is an independent progressive Democrat, beholden to neither party agenda nor corporate bottom line.  Solomon is the sort of candidate who would be highly valuable not only for our precious north coast, but the nation at large.

Case in point: in a time where of, by, and for the corporation rings with unfortunate significance, Solomon has officially sworn not to accept a single penny from corporate political action committees or lobbyists. That is the sort of leadership America needs, and that's why I volunteer for his campaign, making phone calls once a week. The guy is a grassroots leader. A man committed to building a more prosperous and equitable America.

At this time of great shortsightedness and polarization, we desperately require visionary leaders such as Solomon to steer our America toward a sustainable and democratic future. He is an outspoken advocate for public investment in education, infrastructure, health care and renewable energy -- our future. He is ready, willing and eager to challenge conventional wisdom that has, for decades, exacerbated the plight of ordinary Americans. He seeks to restore government of, by, and for the people.

I encourage local residents to research the qualifications and perspectives of Norman Solomon. To be sure, Solomon will fight the good fight. For us, and our nation.

Victor S. Reuther, Freshwater

As your publisher pointed out ("My Bully Pulpit," May 17), on Election Day, voters will decide among many candidates for Congress. As an independent progressive Democrat, I ask for the vote of North Coast Journal readers.

People on the North Coast know all too well that the economic crisis persists -- with enormous unfairness. As a member of Congress, I intend to fight for all of us who live and work on Main Street instead of those on Wall Street.

Unfortunately, large corporations and the rich continue to dominate our government. It's a prerogative that the 1 percent take for granted. We must not accept it.

Instead of billions of dollars spent on overseas invasions and wars, we need to invest that money here to rebuild our crumbling schools and health care system while building a renewable energy economy.

I know what it's like to live paycheck to paycheck. And I'm committed to protecting your Social Security and Medicare.

I'm committed to bringing home the bacon (or, if you prefer, tofu) for our communities. And that means fighting for robust federal funding.

When I've visited wonderful local institutions -- such as the Open Door Community Health Centers, Six Rivers Planned Parenthood, Alice Birney Elementary and the North Coast Veterans Resource Center -- I've been moved by the hard work and dedication that are routine. My commitment is to fight for more funding in Washington to help us thrive in our own communities.

I would be honored to earn your vote on Election Day.

Norman Solomon, Inverness Park

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