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Harkening back to the recent article about the harm the out-of-town growers are doing to our streams with the water diversions ("Drained Dry," March 26). We know what the problem is, no more studies necessary. What is needed is some strong government action, such as $10,000 fines, which go on the title of the landowner's deed, for each infraction. Fines may be altered according to the size and number of pipes stealing water.

The article about the lady and her experience with jury duty ("Civic Duty," April 2) was meant to illustrate how few "citizens" actually participate and how the process works. The actual understory is how a nation with so much disposable wealth can send shuttles to the moon, have all manner of museums, etc., while at the same time calmly and coolly treat fellow humans like raccoons who inhabit gullies. Obviously a national shame, a national solution, affordably, could be barracks with bunks, like the military. Showers, a locker for personal belongings, a TV room or library, and a cafeteria. Presto, you may be poor, etc., but you are a) human, b) American, c) most likely displaced by the 50-some million third world poor allowed to enter and stay and take jobs and cheap housing from our working poor. This solution is less costly than the police calls homelessness generates. A pretty big story to overlook in favor of the jury duty one.

The story about why the big police departments are not leading the way, like Rio Dell, in ordering police cameras ("Camera Questions," March 19), may go like this: Arcata is very much a farm team for the Democratic Party, as much as a municipal entity, and as such, is in thrall to the public employee unions, such as police and prison guards. Party politics ahead of the poor.

Joshua Kinch, Eureka

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