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An 'Existential Threat' 


I want to thank the letter writers who have written about the cost of gasoline and climate change in the past few editions of the NCJ. The existential threat caused by our addiction to, and abuse of, fossil fuels seems to have been entirely overlooked by a seeming majority in the USA and worldwide who are concerned only about the increasing cost. This is an understandably serious problem for those who have marginal financial resources and can hardly afford necessary travel, such as work, school and shopping for life and health maintaining merchandise.

But, those who are playing the complain-blame game do not seem to be in that demographic. These middle class and up citizens have another agenda. They either do not believe in the truth of impending, catastrophic climate change or they do not care. Rational thinkers are aware that the war in the Ukraine and COVID-related issues are driving the supply down. The problem is that demand has not also gone down significantly as it typically would if a product becomes too expensive. The logical and simple response is to use less. Everybody could travel less and more efficiently; walk, ride a bike, and use public transportation instead of driving everywhere (!); buy a hybrid or EV if you need a car, etc. But it satisfies the dangerous, perverted agenda to ignore all this in order to enrich the fossil fuel industry and destroy our planet, Democrats and environmentalists in the process. 

Martin Smukler, McKinleyville

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