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Re: “Ends Meet

Kill buyers are looking for healthy horses that can be slaughtered for horsemeat, a delicacy in parts of Europe and Asia. The USDA has said over 92% of American horses slaughtered, are healthy and sound. The horse slaughter industry actually encourages the over breeding of horses. Because owners can make money from the brutal slaughter of their horses, they have an incentive to over breed. If the slaughter of horses for human consumption is illegal, there is no reward for over breeding. Pet actually reported a decrease in horse abuse and neglect cases following closure of the last U.S. horse slaughter house in 2007. Historically, there have not been increases in abandoned, neglected or abused horses following closures of horse slaughter houses. In 2002 the Illinois slaughter house burned to the ground and was out of commission for some time. Reports of abandoned, abused and neglected horses in the Illinois area were actually on the rise in the 2 years before the fire but decreased afterwards. The number of horses slaughtered in the U.S. dropped significantly from over 300,000 annually in the 1990s to 66,000 in 2004. There was no notable increase during that time of abandoned, abused or neglected horses. A recent study of trends in horse slaughter revealed the number of horses slaughtered was determined by a demand for horse meat primarily in Europe and not by the number of unwanted or abandoned horses. These findings contradict horse slaughter industry claims that if horse slaughter is banned, there will be large numbers of abandoned, unwanted horses. The demand for horsemeat creates a market where horse slaughter "kill buyers" compete with people who want to buy horses. This encourages owners to supply that market through over-breeding horses, for example. If slaughter of American horses for human food is made illegal, there would be less incentive to over-breed horses. The study shows that there would be no significant or sustained increase in unwanted or abandoned horses. None of the horses going to slaughter are tested for drugs that are contraindicated for human use. The side of the wormer box states "not to be used in animals destined for human consumption." No one knows the number of horses treated with this drug. House slaughter is contrary to American values and given today's renewed patriotism, our message is more poignant than ever. If we do not protect our domesticated and wild horses against slaughter for human consumption abroad then America has indeed, lost her very soul.

Posted by ammKENS on 07/08/2008 at 6:55 AM

Re: “Ends Meet

Why must we keep an industry in operation that 80% of Americans oppose, just to accommodate criminals? Slaughter is the economic underpinning for indiscriminate over breeding, PMU factory farming of horses and its by-product foal genocide, consumer fraud, horse theft, the extermination of our wild mustangs, and irresponsible horse ownership in general. because it was obvious horse slaughter could not be made humane according to the standards in its 2000 Report, AVMA simply changed the requirements in its 2007 Euthanasia Report! In that report the AVMA removed any mention that horses' heads should be immobilized during use of the captive bolt gun. That pesty requirement that slaughterhouses ignored anyway simply got in the way of the AVMA's campaign to convince Congress and the public that horse slaughter is "humane". Now the AVMA is effectively telling Congress and the public that it is humane euthanasia for an untrained operator to fire metal bolts at a horse's unrestrained head until it is more or less unconscious and then, still alive and perhaps even conscious, subjected to the slaughtering process.

Posted by ammKENS on 07/08/2008 at 6:47 AM

Re: “Ends Meet

Horse slaughter does NOT reduce the number of unwanted horses. Slaughter… is useless as a tool for controlling the unwanted horse population and instead simply creates a … market that competes with potential buyers of … horses and encourages a continuous supply.” "John Holland, senior analyst for AAHS (Americans Against Horse Slaughter) explained further, “The trends are irrefutable. We found that equine abuse levels are clearly linked to economic conditions but that slaughter trends were antithetical to them for most of the study period. We now see that what drives horse slaughter is the market for horse meat in Europe and Asia. American horses are killed for their meat and not because they are unwanted or abandoned. The demand for horsemeat creates a market where horse slaughter “kill buyers” compete with other people who want to buy horses. This encourages owners to supply that market through over-breeding horses, for example.” The study’s findings confirmed an earlier Italian study of horse meat consumption from 1995-2001." These results prove that MONEY drives horse slaughter NOT the number of unwanted horses.

Posted by ammKENS on 06/19/2008 at 6:40 AM

Re: “Ends Meet

Eastowest makes the case that cattle are domesticated. When was the last time you saw a rider on a cow at a jumping competition? Give me a break. You are just splitting hairs because you want to keep making money from a predatory industry (horse slaughter). Catch a clue: the majority of the American people want the horrific practice of slaughter to end within and across our borders. The US does not raise horses for human consumption like cattle. Your circular argument is just that, a circular argument. Horses that go to slaughter have drugs that are dangerous to humans such as bute. Horses are given other drugs such as wormer which if you read on the side of the box says NOT TO USE FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION.
Your so-called justifications for slaughter are nonsense. You just want to make a fast buck by loading DOMESTICATED horses on a trailer. You don't care about the horses. All you care about is the almighty dollar. It is well known that killers earn $60,000 a month by selling horses to slaughter. Who do you think you are kidding?

Posted by ammKENS on 06/16/2008 at 7:08 PM

Re: “Ends Meet

The horse market and horse slaughter. The next statement is another statement meant to deceive: "Lee Mora bristles at the thought of the government getting involved in the horse business. He'd rather leave things up to market forces. But with a ban on slaughter, the market is already not as free as it used to be. That's because slaughter provided a natural, cost-effective mechanism for culling unwanted horses from the herd." What does this mean: "slaughter provided a natural, cost-effective mechanism for culling unwanted horses from the herd?" Hasn't this person heard of castration for his stallions? If you can't sell horses, don't breed them? This is a very simple conclusion if you take the time to figure out the problem. Moreover, according to the FDA, the number of horses going to slaughter in the US when the slaughterhouses were operating represented about 1% of the total number of horses in the country. Does that sound like an unmanageable problem? This guy is just another pro-slaughter advocate who wants to get as much money as he can out of the horses he overbreeds and wants to "cull" from his herd. This person is another reason why sensible people need to be brought back into ranching. Sensible people who respect life and who are compassionate about their animals and don't view them as commodities need to be in ranching. It is so distressing that unscrupulous ranches view horses as commodities and "livestock" and are perfectly willing to "dispose" of their horses when it is convenient for them to do so. Have any of these ranchers heard of supply and demand? Well bred horses are still selling for a lot of money. However, backyard breeders who breed poor breeding stock will never sell their horses for a lot of money. Junk in equals junk out. However, it is the horse who suffers the ultimate price of death. It is not the horse's fault. It is the fault of insensible people. Horses were domesticated by HUMANS. Horses trust humans and it is a distinct betrayal for HUMANS to "dispose" of them. Horses are not cattle. Humans didn't domesticate cattle. Horses form bonds with humans and it is reprehensible for HUMANS to now betray them because they can make money by selling their horses to slaughter. These people will use any excuse to justify horse slaughter. Horse slaughter is a business for greedy people to earn a fast buck.

Posted by ammKENS on 06/05/2008 at 10:12 AM

Re: “Ends Meet

Humbolt's equine economy and horse slaughter in California. This article is more balanced than most on horse slaughter but there are glaring errors. The statement "But over the past decade the ban has caused unintended damage to California's and by extension Humboldt's equine economy, by lowering the price of horses. Before, horses always had a minimum per-pound value. Now, with the market flooded with animals that would have ended up in a slaughterhouse 10 years ago, supply is outstripping demand and that's hurting horse breeders' bottom line" is absolutely false. Although it is true that California passed a law banning horse slaughter in 1998, killer buyers are alive and well in California and transport horses out of California weekly to horse slaughterhouses in Canada and Mexico. Read today's TB Friends journal [June 5, 2008] at There are horse killers who live in Vallejo, Wilton and surrounding communities in Northern California for the sole purpose of buying cheap horses, selling and transporting these horses to slaughter in Canada and Mexico. These kill buyers buy horses everywhere and take advantage of any person who is financially strapped by getting these horses for free or buying them for a small amount of money. A couple of weeks ago, a killer buyer bought seven horses in Woodland California for $40 a piece and sold them to slaughter. It clearly doesn't matter whether California passed the law banning horse slaughter, horses are transported out of California at least once a week and sent to the slaughterhouses in Canada. Why don't you reporters investigate horse killers in California who are breaking the law by selling horses to slaughter?

Posted by ammKENS on 06/05/2008 at 10:09 AM

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