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Ahh, Krap! 

If you refer back to recent local Kinetic lore we’ve reported on in these pages (“Kinetic Klash Kontinues” July 7, 2011, is a good place to start) you’ll note the existence of two merry, sometimes at odds kinetic kamps: The Kinetic Universe and the Humboldt Kinetic Association. Without getting too into it here, while there has been kontention over who should steward the Kinetic Grand Championship/Kinetic Sculpture Race, the race (whatever you call it) kontinues every year. And we Humboldtians love it. So there.

But k’mon. We can’t fail to point out that the universe and the association are both holding kompeting fundraisers this weekend … on the same night, Saturday, Nov. 3.

Sigh, the konflict kontinues, it seems. Here are your kinetic-y options:

First, the really trashy party. If you've got some junk in your trunk, in your backyard, in your garage and/or in your basement, put it to good use! The Rutabaga Queens-run Kinetic Universe is once again hosting Kinetic Kouture: Fashion With A Re-Purpose, starting at 7 p.m. at the classy ol' Eagle House in Eureka. What is it? Essentially a fashion show, but drenched in kinetic absurdity. Aspiring tailors design and display "junque fashion" pieces in an attempt to be dubbed "Trashonista Gloriosa." Past year's winners have manipulated shower curtains, mini blinds, duct tape and bottle caps into carbon footprint-reducing duds.

"We queens want to make a big splash, not a big footprint, so we work to find new uses for things that might otherwise end up in the landfill," says Kinetic Universe President and past Trashionista Gloriosa Kati Texas. Conscious style. So in.

The apparel will be significantly scarier across town. This year’s midweek Halloween granted us the opportunity to stretch out the spook. Taking advantage, the Humboldt Kinetic Association is again exhuming the spirit of the Glorious Founder for Hobart’s Historic Halloween Happening taking place at 7:37 p.m. at the Runeberg Hall on Union and Wabash streets in Eureka. A more traditional All Hallows Eve shindig, the night will feature costume contests, games and organized noise by Mostly Harmless and the Justin Hobart Brown Orchestra. The festivities for some reason end promptly at 1:13 a.m. You have to think Brown to know why.

Of kourse, you could go to both of ‘em. Let there be peace! For more info on all this kookyness, invite yourself to the events’ respective Facebook event pages.

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