Follow the Beat

Five iconic Arcata music venues

(January 1, 2018) On any given night, you can follow the sound of music and find yourself a good time in Arcata's bars, restaurants, clubs and on sidewalks. Here are five rock-solid...

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Bar by Bar

Making beautiful music at Marimba One

(January 1, 2018) They're both comprised of different sized slats to strike to produce playful melodies. But the marimba, with its double row of wooden bars and metal resonator tubes below, is...

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Jewels of Humboldt

Shining examples of historic architecture

(October 2, 2017) Slow down and look around. Humboldt County is a coastal treasure trove of historic buildings and cultural landscapes. Our architecture sheds light on the history of the redwood timber...

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Old Time Revival

The Inn at 2nd & C

(October 2, 2017) J enny Metz first walked into the ballroom of the Eagle House while scoping venues for her children's theater group. Captivated by the history, architectural quirks and vast potential,...

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A Trip Back in Time

Hiking among Humboldt's ancient trees

(July 3, 2017) Sixty-five million years ago the Earth changed dramatically when a giant asteroid struck. A mass extinction ensued with dinosaurs disappearing as the planet warmed. Before the asteroid, conifers, like...

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