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About That Supes "Coup" 


"Leadership Seriously Lacking" could well read "Humility Seriously Lacking" re the county Board of Supervisors' decision to betray and traduce the General Plan Update ("Publisher," June 13).

The wisdom of Thomas Paine is apposite again, these 2 ½ centuries later:

The secrets of governments, like the secrets of men, are always their defects.

As for the public:

The duty of a patriot is to protect his country (his county) from its government.

Presumably, the board cannot be impeached for its arrogance and fouling of the public trust. One hopes the local press will exercise its stewardship of that same public trust and henceforth brand the Judas in our midst the "Humboldt County Board of Co-Conspirators."

Paul Mann, McKinleyville


Our family has lived in this area since early 1998. We've read the NCJ throughout our time here and have appreciated its efforts to bring accurate information to the local community and beyond. Had your article not been written, we would not have learned of the context of the ramrod, sudden change at the recent county Board of Supervisors' meeting. Thank you for your work, for NCJ's existence. Please continue to shine light on areas vital to democracy and freedom.

Pat Hecht, Arcata


News flash. Humboldt County Board of Supervisors has had a coup. During the ongoing cold war negotiations over the general plan, the publicly elected board was overthrown by Supervisor Fennell, now referred to as The Dear Leader. Supported by the Minister of Disinformation Bass, and co-Ministers of Sloth and Ineptitude Bohn and Sundberg. Until further notice, the public is advised to remain calm and keep their ears shut and their minds closed. This is all for now.

Jeff Landen, Arcata


In response to Judy Hodgson's poignant description in "Leadership Seriously Lacking" and Sylvia De Rooy's letter both describing the breathtaking four-day coup by the "gang of four," there are a number of possible responses. There's little need to go into most of them. I would suggest that perhaps one response would be to take a page from the folks whose persistence resulted in a near-complete takeover of both the Eureka City Council and the county Board of Supervisors. With a vision, patience, hard work and money they managed to gain control of these entities and what is manifesting now is the result.

If the character of this county is really threatened, then it's time to think strategically and get moving. The relatively small group that pulled off this coup has nothing that the rest of us don't have. True, they may have more money, but we have something even more important that they didn't have ... numbers.

Perhaps it will all come down to who wants what most.

Lois Beachy, Eureka


The general plan has been bogging along for how many years? I have attended public input meetings, and felt that little of the "public input" was being listened to. So this high-handed move by the new board of supervisors is, to me, very welcome.

The problem with this county is, in the fear that we will become Santa Rosa, we discourage real job creation, and industry. My kids can't find decent jobs and have left.

The supes' new language talks about encouraging the use our natural resources. This, I believe, is aimed at the many land owners who have great plans, and, so doing, will make our community a better place.

I attended meetings of HumCPR. Most of the people were spitting nails about being stymied in the use of their land by county and state rules. CPR wasn't much of a community organizer, but they were the only banner head for the dissatisfied.

We need to learn how to make distinctions between encouraging our citizens, and curbing large corporations. Charles Hurwitz waltzed into Humboldt County and had his way. The major building show in town is Danco and their government-subsidized "affordable housing." But try to build your own house and get it through the planning department — see the cost double, the time double, and your frustration level go through the roof.

We must recognize this cost to our community, the great ideas that have been squashed, the time, money, and heartache that so many people experience trying to deal with the county.

I bet a lot of people are really hoping that the new supes will succeed in freeing things up for the ordinary person, and that it will not be co-opted by the Big Boys. Let's give the new crew our support.

Jessica Bittner, Bayside

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