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'A True Friend' 


I strongly disagree with the letter to the editor in the June 8 North Coast Journal titled "Enemy of the People."

A free press is integral to our democracy. While journalists make mistakes, I believe the overwhelming majority take their jobs seriously in seeking the truth.

The writer has obviously accepted the President's propaganda line: The press is the enemy of the people.  

Would the writer prefer a system like that in Nazi Germany, where Joseph Goebbels, the "Minister of Propaganda," communicated to Germans only the messages that Hitler demanded? The Third Reich: One of the original "fake news" organizations that led to World War II and the extermination of 6 million Jews. 

I believe the stories of the serious, skilled journalists of the New York Times, Washington Post, PBS TV and NPR Radio over the words of a documented obsessive liar, President Trump. Or does the letter writer seriously believe that former President Obama was not born in this country and that he wiretapped then President-elect Trump in Trump Tower? Both have been proven to be lies.

The press is a true friend of the American people. America without a free, independent press is like a heart without a beat. 

Paul DeMark, Eureka


Rick Brennan, you are the fish and your June 8 letter to the editor to the NCJ the wrapper. No facts, just propaganda and untruths.

Thank you for your clear and accurate example of "Fake News." You rely on "the press" as enemy to propagate your mistruths. Well done; clever! But we see through your fifth column lies.

I believe in journalism as bastions of unfiltered truth. I believe in the journalistic excellence of our local reporters at the Eureka Times-Standard. I believe in the journalistic integrity of the NCJ investigative reporters. I trust the journalists of the San Francisco Chronicle and the New York Times.

Those "enemies of the people" published your letter. Lucky you to utilize the very media you decry. Thank you for your beautiful example of hypocrisy. 

James Floss, Freshwater


Mr. Brennan, apparently a fish wrapper would be relevant for you to wrap yourself in as soon as possible. Your inane, deluded perspective stinks to high heaven with tinges of Alt Right permeating, I guess, what you think passes as a thesis!

I remember decades ago standing in a grocery checkout line and catching out of the corner of my eye the headline, "Man Receives Brain Transplant." It was The Enquirer or one of its ilk. Perhaps you took advantage of this cutting edge technology. And perhaps it was a watershed moment that left you with a shattered dislike of free speech! A disgust regarding the printed word!

Wrap yourself in said fish wrapper, flop around to your heart's content and, most of all, let it absorb your venom. Printer's ink is the salve that can maybe heal your nonsensical written ramblings! 

Eric Christensen, Trinidad

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