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'A Total Goner' 


Nice to read about the wind turbines ("Hook, Line and Turbine," July 4 and "Why I support Terra-Gen's Wind Project," June 27). They could help locally. Basically, our planet is a total goner. Burning the oil is the worst thing on record. Global warming (like the sunny day here in once cloudy Freshwater). Hot spots from cars polluting, airlines spewing gas in the atmosphere, all the warming that is on record as pointing out the terrible warming going on in our waters (raising the water level so high that it will soon reach far inland), are simply adding up to an addiction to petro that is overwhelming the planet.

Bureaucrats are virtually all on the take, making their overpaid living by selling the petro to keep everyone going as far and as fast as possible. Hot spots everywhere. This is not something temporary or fixable. Permanent warming, with no real end in site. Hideous Nancy Pelosi (the worst politician in my 75 years of life) wants to increase immigration and reduce all barriers, do away with all pollution controls and generally open all our doors to South Americans escaping their overcrowded hellholes.

Party over. No turning back. No relief. Just wait til it runs out and say bye-bye baby, 'cause there is no relief in sight.

Joshua Kinch, Freshwater

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