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'A Mirror of America' 


It has occurred to me that, love him or loathe him, Trump is a mirror of America (Mailbox, Sept. 5).

Ask any country to describe American tourists and what you hear is not endearing or attractive. Overweight, obnoxious, loud, insulting, bargain-hunting, insolent litterers who asked aloud why the waiters in Germany don't "talk normal."

I'm sorry to admit this, but Trump is who we have turned into. It is no surprise to Europe that America has elected, if even losing the popular vote, this low-class, insecure leader when we have been the most advanced and wealthy country in the world.

Trump, unfortunately, is the 21st century American commercial. He knows little about the cultures of other countries nor does he care. He gets all his information from TV and rarely picks up a book or even knows the name of a good author. He loves to play the victim, when in actuality he is the leader of a strong American country. He makes himself feel better by putting others down and will lie and scheme to get money, power and, most of all, attention.

Sadly, that is exactly how America and Americans are viewed around the world.

Trump is a huge and annoying embarrassment to the still majority of America but he is uniquely American. If we, as Americans, want to rid ourselves of Trump and the image of America he portrays, then we, as Americans, must change and evolve in some very deep-seated ways.

We are the only ones who can do that. We alone must be the driving force to be more inclusive of all cultures and to care about the future of this country and this planet. No politician can do that for us.

It's up to us to become more enlightened, less fearful and more inclusive ... and then we will no longer fear having a mirror put up to our country and seeing Trump's face. Vote smart!

Skylar Blue, Hydesville

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