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'A Joke' 


The Senate "trial" is a joke ("The Time is Now," Dec. 26). They began with a prayer to a Christian God who they take an oath to "be fair and listen to all the evidence."

Their behavior helps POTUS' efforts to do anything he wants to do. Maybe he was right when he stated that he could shoot somebody in broad daylight and nothing would happen to him.

Does his refusal to allow witnesses and documents to be supplied to the House of Representatives allow him to defy a congressional subpoena? If he is not above the law, as Republican senators seem to indicate, does that mean that we are also able to defy a subpoena with no consequences?

It looks like we are in for more poisoned water, coal fouled air, environmental destruction, unhealthy food for school children, selling off of federal lands, fracking, encouraging foreign powers to interfere in our elections, defying Congress, abandoning our allies, embracing horrible dictators, taking credit for anything that goes well and blaming others for failures.

It appears obvious that the spineless Republican senators will do their best to clear him and he will boast that he is innocent. I am sure that any of them who do actually listen to all of the evidence and votes otherwise will be hearing from him on Twitter. He can be very nasty.

The White House is not a swamp but a septic tank of corruption. When POTUS does return to civilian life, will we see the erection of the "Trump Towers" in Moscow, Riyadh, Pyongyang and Jerusalem?

Will he become King Donald or Benedict Donald?

Robert Thoman, McKinleyville

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