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Re: “Public Health Confirms Nine New COVID-19 Cases, Matching Single Day High

Comments should remain focused on the articles under which they are posted. Attempting to spread material unrelated should be submitted as articles to editors, where their accuracy and verity may be properly verified.I
Alternatively, produce your own publications.

Posted by george mira on 06/25/2020 at 11:28 AM

Re: “Nine COVID-19 Myths

Testing is moving from those showing symptoms to a larger public. Thus some proportion of the drop is illusory.
Chinese research has led to the caution that antibodies may not be persistently protective - but as said, this epithelial/endothelial virus is still relatively not well defined, a moving taarget.
It is a vascular disease, using the interior layer of that tissue,and from explosive immune response to any tissue with significant ACE-2 receptors on cell surfaces, able to directly cause damage.
Angiotensin II is part of a system in which vascular tissue, well, tenses. Kidneys.and certain brain/neural tissue responds. I'm tapping this out on a tablet with a crazy autocorrect and so cannot explain with patience, and must leave you.
Symptomatic cases are jumping in some urban VS flu ties, and after a week or 2, we should expect spread.into vacation counties. COVID will plague us for a long while. The U.S. State group excsessively, and are not valid determinants of the future likelihoods.
Social distancing recognition must include some meaningful separation of subpopulations. As of now, we understand that due to narcissism, we will not do better than Medieval period plagues in the US.

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Posted by george mira on 06/21/2020 at 10:14 AM

Re: “'Mission Fit'

Becoming aware of Dr. Franconia through her wise and timely decisions early in the epidemic, (the word refers to the first period of breakout in the population) Humboldt County was clearly in luck with her in position.

We were, As some remember, struck earlier than most of the US. Without Dr. Francovich, it's possible we would have not been, so far, experiencing such low incidence.
When you understand that severity is increased in the health-compromised, and observing the increased proportion of those here, you will agree that she has saved a considerable number of lives.

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Posted by george mira on 06/19/2020 at 10:40 AM

Re: “Pandemic Widens Gaps in Regional Food Supply Chain

You will perceive some implied and quite subtly solipsistic opinions in the article and by its author.
1. Until grocery store waste is quantified, then actually addressed by such advocates, the colossal intentional waste of food in the vast corporate distribution system - artificially keeping prices high, will continue.
2. Significant change, yes, is required, but that change does emphatically NOT include creating further destruction of the last 25 of coast redwoods, organisms that would and could contribute to the most effective reduction of carbon released into the atmosphere by human excess.
3. The pandemic situation has reduced local food production and distribution, and THIS must be effectively addressed, rather than the specious pretense that grocery stores are panacea to "food deserts."

IN ACTUALITY, a food desert is any area where food itself is not PRODUCED. All cities with no substantial internal/local horticulture or agriculture contributing food to its own population are food deserts, requiring that their populations reach out to essentially colonize nonurban areas for their existence.

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Posted by george mira on 05/31/2020 at 8:49 AM

Re: “More Photos of George Floyd, Black Lives Matter Protest in Eureka

Notice the intentional deceit in the previous comment. No violation occurred in the demonstration. Let it merely signal to you that closet Naziism is present in this community, and become aware of intentional attempt at disinformation, for what it is.

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Posted by george mira on 05/31/2020 at 8:32 AM

Re: “Kayaker Describes Harrowing Shark Attack (with VIDEO)

Neuroscience has definitively proven that Descartes' imaginary dualism is falsehood, for more than a generation now.
That we enter foodchains midway is fact, and that our catching of fish differs not in the least from a fish catching us.

The "soullessness" is in the eye of the beholder - more specifically, in the mind of the dissociated narcissist. I have been told by darker tropical people before that my own blue eyes are somewhat scary and to their minds, cold and soulless. History has certainly indicated that this is not an unreasonable interpretation.

Having chosen to enter the ocean foodchain before age 11, often alone, gives one no such massive hubris as demonstrated by one who entered that ecosystem with the sole purpose of removing and consuming lives, as does the kayaker. chondroicthyes, for a far more salient and relevant fact, have suffered immense loss - closing to high endangerment of extinction, by a certain mid-level omnivore chimpanzee (one that is MOST adept at social deception and self-deception, as shown in popular social hierarchy and affairs right here ashore from the sea, where we do not completely rule. The contrafactual assertions made by the plastic boater thus have no validity nor meaning) technologically intruding upon a world where they have for a thousand times the years of our exitstence, balanced and enriched the ocean world.

In that childhood and in adulthood as well, I often experienced existential terror. , with large sharks up to 18 feet gifting humility and caution, even a single experience of twenty minutes struggling in water without recourse or "protection" in the most famous density of Carcharodon carcharias with no boat nor human within miles.
Some of us live different lives. My brother learned from tropical locals the point at which the ease of kicking sharks under about 5 ft. away, and exiting the water when they exceed that size (he and I also learned to exit when large Mako or other deepwater "landlord" dropped by.
For all our human hubris endowed even to teenagers when merely handling a firearm (useless objects only defining the presence of severe antisocial mental illness, as they are), there's a common rivermouth and reef shark, that produces a far greater blood concentration of this hormonal "courage."
THat shark has been persecuted from Africa, Australia, and Central America, because it's merely a more obligate carnivore than are the vainglorious chimps who have erroneously pretended to being some kind of "elect" being.

A better way , or at least a cognitive key has been for uncounted centuries known to the peoples of this coast, who developed celebrations and rituals recognizing the equal validity and right to exist of other beings (unlike the crazed helicopters searching for revenge upon the shark who took one highly dissociated "triathlete" down south. He himself had ignored what we knew even in childhood, that a particular reef was significantly more "spooky" than elsewhere on that coast, knowing we look quite like the normal diet of the hopefully recovering, returning species so vilified by the equal taker of lives interviewed).

Gratitude and humility are, or should be early and basic instruction taught and modeled among our kind, which instead has arrogated FAR more than is our share of life.
If one does not sense this educational requirement, this more proper leveling of life, in the time of its overdensity and consequent plague, when will it occur?

We are each individually unknowable to another. Even a minor commenter among you has lived a life so different than yours, that it should give you pause. Celebrate your own, certainly, but do NOT forget to grant perfectly equivalent value to that of ANY other.
Huge Great White sharks, visited by divers in a place where they migrate seasonally, demonstrate recognition of individuals among the latter, tolerance, and pleasure. When you enter their world, remember that you are of a group that were prey to leopards, lions tigers, and some others whose signals and communications some of us are more acquainted.

Should yu return to your own capacity to learn, and for humility, you will become capable of excusing theoutrage I expressed in my initial comment, at the unwarranted arrogance of an unprepared witness, so gently instructed by the curiosity of a dark-eyed individual, who also lives in hunger and health, as do all beings.

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Posted by george mira on 05/27/2020 at 11:07 AM

Re: “Kayaker Describes Harrowing Shark Attack (with VIDEO)

If you have a "soul", so does a shark.

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Posted by george mira on 05/26/2020 at 6:10 PM

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