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Re: “Planning Commission Denies Wind Farm Project

Thank you Pat.

Scalping and fragmenting the last great temperate forest for a dysfunctional corporate control
Fragmenting the ancient forest ridges making the "cleared" devastated area 15 or degrees hotter in summer day colder than the night forest by the same amount, , these are NOT green.

Redwoods, if allowed to mature, are the world's greates single (per area) sequesterers of carbon. Should we ever afford to buy back the logging co. lands (which, by the way, were acquired through fraudulent use of the 1872 Homestead Act - failed miners and sailors were approached by lumber barons with proffer of ticket "home" for filing for 160 acres; fake cabins were built and inspected in 6 months, deed was granted, written over to SImpsons et al. Find info on this fraud in library)

The excellent and laborious work done in the filing of significant harm to some species should be lauded. Those who imagine that humans are the only organism worthy of consideration are in massive error. Turbines whack so many birds that the few returning Goldens and Bald eagles I've seen above the lower Eel, will live and raise young again. The smaller birds and the long-suffering night-traveling geese, who once flew in masses down to the southern Bay now occupied by cities and ships and pollution, are others whose lifelines are now more assured (Before the human devastation and overpopulation of the Bay Area, California was a great world for birds, who mostly died as "bushmeat" for worthless yellow-metal seekers a century before this wave of ill began extinguishing life in Africa)

Home -rooftop photovoltaics instead would assist us in understanding that we MUST CONSERVE our power, diminish our usage, rather than expending it in profligate wasteful, circadian cycle-damaging light pollution. I've studied the latter physiological effects to some extent, and can tell you that obesity, decreased cognitive capacity, and mood dysregulation occur due to excess artificial day imposed on our necessary but ignored night.

Rooftop photovoltaics have proceeded apace, cheaper now than other, toxic old heating.
Storage - like Tesla's "Powerwalls" doing better in leaps and bounds, even making it possible to energize the new vehicles that can run silent without stench. And we need so much less than we use.

The forest metabolism heals the earth, or haven't you heard? Human fragmentation fo forests have brought about excessive motor access, endangering and diminishing many, many species.

Even though the Wiyot alive now do not retain the images of the beauty existing before the exploitation of this land, they carry the memory. This is what is called in this language, "spirit", and remains the essence of reverence - which is as it should be. We must revere the REAL, whether the Marten leaping and pursuing across the canopy, the silent-nesting seabirds so few of you ever see, the bats, now so vulnerable and losing their insect-balancing numbers across the continent, who travel also, north and east and back here, lives shaped by the seasons.

A community depends upon its members, and long-distance transport is colonization. The green world here must never be colonized further - we have lost 98% of our great climate-tempering redwoods, killed, and taken to make hot tubs in NY and houses house houses far away (not unlike the Port Orford Cedars, who I walk among periodically in their last undiseased refugia along streams I will not identify. Their bodies were taken, for the least of all acceptable reasons. Because they are so resistant to most fungi, they were shipped to the orient for human caskets, for imaginary immortal preservation of remains that should have flown with the vultures to be placed anew. The most ancient bone of your body, the femur is at most composed of molecules ten years old, with most far younger before complete replacement. The forests themselves, take the nitrogen - essentially the protein - of the dead, bodies normally become , here, parts of trees and other organisms in a tiny hidden generosity, becoming others down the ages.THIS is community, of which we are part, when we breathe, that which we ate, expended, are, is taken again, gift, ever. We must never wantonly or selfishly kill this giving)

This decision was good, respectful of the sacred life of earth.

Here today, we thank the Wiyot for remembering what is important, and their courage in protecting us, the evanescent beings of this land.

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Posted by george mira on 11/28/2019 at 1:03 PM

Re: “Outta Humboldt County

Umm, no you aren't. Fragmenting the ancient forest ridges making the "cleared" devastated area 15 or degrees hotter in summer day colder than the night forest by the same amount, , these are not green.
Man is not young and easy to those held in the mercy of their means their chains, saws.
So let's celebrate NOW, the intact breathing organism, singing, not yet chained, by the sea. ( I poached from DT's Fern Hill, yes)

Great Thanksgiving to the Planning Commission!

. We have read the indictment so laboriously crafted by those who protect the earth, There are better ways - rooftop photovoltaics have proceeded apace, cheaper now than other more toxic old heating.
Storage - like Tesla's "Powerwalls" doing better in leaps and bounds, even making it possible to energize the new vehicles that can run silent without stench. And we need so much less than we use.
The forest metabolism heals the earth, or haven't you heard? Redwoods are the world's greatest sequesterers of atmospheric carbon per area.

This decision was good, respectful of the sacred life of earth

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Posted by george mira on 11/28/2019 at 11:56 AM

Re: “HumBug: Revisiting Old (Poisonous) Friends

Sticky webs, AND they run FAST.
I seem to have cultivated them in my tool shed for a few years.
They run fast when responding to a large dark organism approaching them - their first defense, as the old martial artist wisely said, "Feet! Use your feet! Run away!"

Agility, you see, is more important than strength, and I love them for this quality. Half a billion year-cousins, I would never think of harming one, transporting it our of a house , looking for some recognition that I'm merely looking out for her best interests.Respect we learn so young, and this quality increases in value as it becomes more rare, unnaturally disappearing in the lumbering and fearful timid ape to tragic end for all. TO be generous, then, is to be young, to share and always, to be agile.
It is THAT that amazes us of bird or fish or dragonfly, or marten flitting across trees pursuing, pursuing.

What first amazed me was that the dark star of evening (this is Hesperus,son of dawn, spelled in Greek: Esperos - which I freely and errantly translate as Hope, that first or last star in darkness. It would be unwise, every child knows, to crush the hope of another) lived together with city-pedestrian masses of crickets, in harmony.

I think of the wolves walking among the bison, down to summer waters. Sure, i check hollows of logs before I put hand in to lift it, and since the hazard warning sign is often hidden on their abdomen, have a child's alertness to the round, dark-star body and the joy of acceleration.
Just like the big yellow-striped tarantulas crossing paths on surf trips far south, they are each fellow adventurers in life, simple adepts going about not considering the confusion of coordinating so many legs, most probably glorying in the immediacy of life, lifted on the wave of their moments.

Posted by george mira on 11/28/2019 at 11:35 AM

Re: “Huffman Gets Bleak Input on Fisheries

In spite of the clear record of damming being the necessary and sufficient causal factor for the extinction event I pointed out as occurring in Ferc meeting over 15 years ago, this comment column is sporting trolls who completely ignore the science, the counts, the issues, attempting to politicize against the most pro-environment US Representative ever elected in this District.

Go back to school , LEArN how the factors affect populations and ecosystems, and CEASE trying to bul shat others because of individual hideen agendas, trolls.

Posted by george mira on 10/24/2019 at 5:13 PM

Re: “Sunshine Vitamin vs. Skin Cancer

comments should not include walmart ads.
that said, th article's author left out a significant indicator for health:
Toward the end of the article, reference to pain is made.
This symptom is variable in many dimensions, but osteomuscular pain can indicate that insufficient UVB (just as neural informational cascades lead to specific types of pain, the nociception - pain sensation - can tell the organism the obvious: we are , then, more conscious than we may believe, and just as with actual hunger, we become unable to attend to less urgent activity, and even are drawn toward the specific response that will relieve the sensation.

Modern human dissociation from natural evolved sensations is in great part the reason for development of certain diseases which occur due , as was stated, to insufficient ingestion, attention, and exposure to environmental variables ubiquitous in nature.

Those of us with little melanin production descend from areas where little protection from UVB was necessary.
These are higher mid-latitudes with shade. That is forest. High open tundra and grassland/steppe habitats favored some steady melanin generation.
Much fiction also attends presumptive clinical prescription - numerous other factors affect the epigenetic and transcriptional changes leading to carcinogenic cell behaviors.
Bad habits, especially toxin ingestion can (there is some stochasticity) cause the normal apoptotic and necroptotic processes that help cells properly die when they become damaged enough that their damage signals thecells, the immune system, and/or other cells to remove the cell before it reproduces and produces results - from molecules to structures dangerous to the whole organism.

Although metastastasis is a normal cellular process (it is important in early development, immune and other internal communications), it has been little recognized by clinicians and those not educated in the beautiful and balanced complexities of multicellular organisms.
You may even have only heard of it in relation to the cells which cannot die due to their apoptotic capacity being damaged (in the relevant case, by UVB energy breaking molecular bonds in nucleotides). I won't go into its utility here.
Cancers are, as I mentioned, cells that cannot die , instead growing and proliferating, and even causing some normally valuable stimulations, such as vascularization.

The processes, then, are peculiar, normal, and mysteriously wonderful, having evolved because multicellular organisms had to regulate individual cells to become more social, as it were, to give up selfishness to create a magnificent varied community. Every living individual organism you see is such a regulated community, with every cell exquisitely attuned to both its own integrity, as well as that of the integrity of the whole.

Although we, at every moment, give the basic products not useful to ourselves to others, others are required to translate sunlight into that which is useful and lifegiving to us.
Imagine how your CO2 drifts from your exhalations into the trees, which take it up, in part splitting it for the energy to bind more of it into their great bodies, , even as the split O2 is essential to us, and emitted from the tree during photosynthesis, is given to us, allowing us to feel and use energy for our own lives.
(not only oxygen, of course, but we even break down our very bones, giving back their constituents. The most persistent bone in our body is composed of utterly different atoms, molecules, cells and materials than it was 10 years ago!)
Without this active redistribution, life does not exist. take what you will from recognition of process identity on all imaginable scales, , with the understanding that in order to disrupt system integrity it may well be that numerous assaults must occur. For example Immune response to particulates, the fact that ANY alcohol ingestion is directly correlated with increase in incidence of cancers, and even disruption of cycling, from circadian to annual, also induces some chaotic oscillations in bodies (and in the minds which evolved precisely to monitor selves and surroundings, and are part of the body, directing multiple , regulated, coherent responses. The mind IS the body, then -without its capacity to direct movement, we animals can't function or live at all). Just as the sun and earth, and all living things cycling materials and energy are a system, so are YOU a system; so is every cell, and so on down or up in magnitude.

We are minor parts of ecosystems, but because of our being part, integral to their workings.
We are in the middle of life - if out of balance, due to excess energy use, we damage the larger body, just as too much direct sun energy bumptiously elbows a single or few molecules into dysfunction, cascading the organism into dissolution.

It is healthy and important to seek medical assistance and knowledge. But do not attempt to remain in infancy, never learning, never making connections, utterly dependent upon another to monitor your life while you act to destroy it. Prepare yourself, if you desire healing - drop the KNOWN carcinogens, and habits that disintegrate the system that is YOU before they induce disintegration. Then treatment will have greater capacity to restore YOUR integrity, your system.

The column is titled Field Notes. Note -notice and assimilate - the whole field, the real world, which is not only around you, but occurs within and between you and that ever-marvelous world.

Posted by george mira on 10/18/2019 at 2:46 PM

Re: “Is Science Done For?

Pure science is not medical application - that is engineering, or "technology" as the author put it.
Clinical research - applying scientific method to samples too small to evade likelihood of reporting merely a statistically unlikely occurrence (consider winning the lottery: because of huge numbers, somebody has to win, even though the likelihoods of your playing every day for the rest of your life STILL makes it highly unlikely YOU will ever win) is a case showing it not to be valid science at times.

Modern pure science includes also the complex methylation and demethylation , the multivariate methods of histone acetylation and deacetylation discoveries of just two ways that DNA lifts and /or is prevented from acting in a cascading manner to make exquisitely appropriate proteins and enzymes or not) affecting cognition, behaviors, internal communication, development, stress response. We did not even understand the genome until the 2000s, much less that most genes act to enable other genes to produce or cease production of these vital components of life.
Understanding transcription and variations in it - , complex changes refined by , what 3 billion to 4 billion years of live testing, is only now slowly being understood. NOT 1996 -Nothing essential was knnown of so much I might speak of here at that time.

Functional brain imaging technologies feed back into our knowledge of how the brain is structured (Believe me, before this emerging science (the tech is just the tools to pursue hypotheses to find if they are false), and what actually happens electrochemically and physiologically in ALL neuron-containing animals [and i remind you that the intelligent, socially responding octopus and ourselves come from some parent whose offspring diverged perhaps six tenths of a billion years ago,, yet we each come to mental and emotional realizations about one another as individuals].

(but in the USA, most imaging tech is used only for clinical diagnosis- time on the machines to explore is limited at best to 2 to 4 am. IN Europe, it is fast generating pure science.

The Capitalist system plops insufficiently tested discoveries into production,(THAT'S NOT science) into your pharmaceuticals, your appliances, your weapons all the time.
Untold damage is done through ABANDONING science in favor of engineering ASAP.
This is where education goes astray - almost ALL now seek only cash cows, few seek knowledge -I'd bet the ratios are feudal in scope. BUt science IS alive and well. I'll illustrate just a few more areas.

It was not until the past decade or less that we understood that ALL cells may have some direct communications allowing information transfer, outside of the modalities that were known previous, and that science, has NOT "ended" but is accelerating, even as the vast majority are withdrawing from even seeking knowledge, reverting instead into dogma.

And the trail of why we revert - simply, why we become demented by unrelieved or catastrophic stress - to dogma, is simple to a cognitive/neural scientist by comparison with the fairy tales to which most are addicted instead (it's just hard to translate to those without long grounding in basic biology, chemistry, physics, and systems interaction and contingent developmental responses. THere are strong indications that not only is there less randomness in biological and universal processes, but true randomness may at any point be illusion.We cannot just jump in to state the results of findings, without a shared culture (culture is information transmission) and functional methods of transmission - IT SEEMS to some that science has discovered much coherence, but the presumption that
1. What is stated is correct under all , or more than one circumstance shows a "universal law."Science repeatedly disproves this, many many times since 1996.
2.That description itself accurately defines what occurs. This is not true for many reasons, the vagaries of human words being prominent among them.

and others I won't bother to mention on a suny evening about science, which is only sensory reality testing using math and statistical inferences, is in any way complete, or otherwise obsolescent, or finished by, hah! 1996, especially, is an error so astonishing I shouldn't be spending a moment on disputing such farce.

Yes, 20th Century relativity and quantum mechanics were an expansion of knowledge, but mathematics has been elaborated since (complexity, nonrepeating systems math, have added to science - these things are NOT buried in the 17th c. but are alive and well. Consider topology, an exercise in describing what descriptive features remain when changes such as shape or other physical characteristics : It had few applications except in fluid technologies UNTIL the past year or two, when it is now useful for exploring protein conformational structure.

So, we didn't know that fruit flies and ourselves share about 70% common genes, that small differences of environmental input create vastly different evolutionary pressures - and I do mean small - much smaller than mere harder to crack seeds on a drier equatorial isle.

Darwin did not know the method of descent with modification, Geneticists into this century refused to understand that at lest four scales of different evolutionary modalities occur, interacting so well, that we have now to redefine genes as mere participants, giving and taking, varying significantly , even changing within the lifetime of a cell, not to mention through several ways when duplicating , rearranging, deleting, and other ways that make variation NOT rare, or odd, but the norm.

It took well into this century - the past 15-19 years to really understand that genes are NOT the sole arbiters of change in biological organisms.
I have before encountered physicists who have misapplied their understanding of their craft to other sciences, coming out with speculations that have awed too many, but were immediately laughable to anyone with sufficient knowledge o f biology - and it took not much to attain that sufficiency.

game theory must be iterated to be meaningful as allegory or significant variable.

NOTHING in ANY imaginable universe actually has stasis.

The presumption that stability is universal or applicable, even to thought, is in error. Daily your osteoclasts eat your bones - in ten years not a single cell, and their intercellular structure, is totally changed - that's the femur. In other bones, the replacement is complete within just two or three years.

The fossil rhinos and sabretooths whose skulls I petted may have contained about 0 of what moved and lived 30 million years ago - only their shape, , not even atoms, persisted, and those too, need only a change in circumstance to vanish utterly.

What you remember is not what happened, it was only a malleable and changing impression made through senses limited to what a living animal found appropriate at a moment, and changed in response to what you find appropriate now.
We may wonder, and maths or rigorous testing may illuminate a cloudlike representation , but what you believe is more likely to have little to no relationship to the evanescent momentary truth.

Yet, nothing, nothing, approaches universal measurement like science in the moment. Just as topology seeks what remains when all the usual relationships through which we think are removed, so does science outline recognizable dynamic similarities and likelihoods. It has changed VASTLY since you were in school, and has just now, again, changed significantly outside your awareness and fields of reference - and even within them as you hold to inaccurate past analogues and descriptions.

There is no end. You respire, using active oxygen to break and change things, exhaling CO2, which wafts to the redwood just above, intaken and becoming part o f ITS life, for a while, rebroken, and now, for a moment, component of other things. Your lost loves are, in part, all around you, in all that you see or touches your face. You were and will be others in this astonishingly intimate way - not mystical, but real. Perhaps an aplysia will be startled hormonally moved, as valid but inexorably differently than your own most profound emotions affect you. It knows truth - molecular changes that lead it to or from stimuli - EXACTLY as you.

You live longer as a system, or so a few senses tell you. But the science of molecular sensing, applied by that tiny worm, is as valid as science - no other way except that of testable sensing has any such validity: no other endeavor,certainly NOT twisting deceptive rhetoric, meaningless words intended to convert, distort, or otherwise recruit by a eusocial and hierarchical social primate - has any validity whatsoever.

Posted by george mira on 09/26/2019 at 5:11 PM

Re: “Why I Will Not be Using Your Preferred Pronouns

Fortunately , though incontrovertibly dimorphic, we can ALL meditate upon this issue. Follow me:

You drawl the Latin neuter ending, spaciously safe for use anywhere.

Of course, when offended, one can stand, mouth agape, preparing to dispute for hours, years, a lifetime, centuries.
Prepare thusly, engendering screamingly high arousal levels, making sure your opinions gain attention.
TO perform this boobish oral implant surgery, say:

Using this simple plural Latin neuter, one can control the attention of as many as possible, if your political aspiration be disingenuous offensive perpetrator.
Or [ . . .ix!?}, nowadays, to be regarded less seriously, speak it meek, to enable your label as perpetratrix.

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Posted by george mira on 04/04/2019 at 11:19 AM

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