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Thadeus Greenson is the news editor of the North Coast Journal.

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  • 'Erasure'

    A blistering report highlights disparate education outcomes for Native students, charts a course forward
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  • Yellow with a Chance of Orange

    New state 'equity metric' pushes Humboldt into less restrictive COVID-19 category, at least for now
    • Oct 15, 2020
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    Recent Comments

    Re: “Public Health Confirms 20 New COVID-19 Cases, Another Hospitalization

    Hi Liz-
    No idea what you're referring to regarding our refusing to post statements, "shadow editing" or "canceling thoughts." The only reason we remove comments is if they violate our very simple policy: be on topic and don't engage in personal attacks, threats, name calling or hate speech. (As an aside, I suggest you look up the definition of fascism.)

    Regarding your other comment, the CDC has not stated anything of the sort regarding COVID deaths or the efficacy of masks and social distancing. In fact, CDC Director Robert Redfield said recently that the U.S. could control the COVID pandemic if Americans simply embraced social distancing and facial coverings for a period of four to 12 weeks.

    I'd also warn against reading the Canadian Free Press as a source of news. It is listed by as a "questionable source" and has published wildly inaccurate opinion pieces masquerading as "news" stories claiming President Obama is a "radical muslim," 9/11 was an inside job, climate change isn't real and the theory of evolution is "misguided." The piece you link directly to about the CDC in no way supports its headline and provides nothing to suggest — much less prove — the agency is "lying" about COVID. And that 94 percent statistic you site is a QAnon conspiracy theory that was removed from Twitter for violating the site's policies about misinformation. It stemmed from a report from the CDC that 94 percent of COVID deaths were also found to have an underlying health issues or comorbidities. Facts matter. Reliable Sources matter. There are plenty of real things to argue about in this world. There's no need to bring fiction into the mix.

    Thadeus Greenson
    News Editor

    Posted by Thadeus Greenson on 09/02/2020 at 9:51 AM

    Re: “What Happened on Howard Street

    Rowan Throwmins's comment, and your response that quotes it verbatim, have been deleted. That kind of racist, dehumanizing drivel is not welcome on our site.

    5 likes, 0 dislikes
    Posted by Thadeus Greenson on 08/31/2020 at 3:17 PM

    Re: “What Happened on Howard Street

    Yes, thank you for a thoughtful afternoon and raising all these issues, which absolutely demand dialogue, input and reflection. Letters (which need to be 300 words or fewer) can be sent to If you'd like to write something longer exploring some of these issues, you can email me directly ( and we'll consider it for publication as a guest Views piece, though space requires that we publish fewer of these, which necessitates our being more selective.
    Again, thanks for reading the story and sharing your thoughts.

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    Posted by Thadeus Greenson on 08/29/2020 at 4:36 PM

    Re: “What Happened on Howard Street

    Hello Devva-

    I saw your comment on our website this morning and wanted to reach out to both encourage you to submit it as a letter to the editor, as I believe it adds to a valuable conversation, and to respond to you directly as the editor of the above article.

    First off, you are absolutely right that the decisions journalists make on these types of issues have reverberating impacts that need to be considered and wrestled with. And I will add that I don't find them to be easy, clear-cut decisions, but rather complex ones that should only be made after attempting to balance a host of factors.

    Among those factors are, as you point out, the desire to have someone's comments considered based on their merit not the style of delivery, the potential for a reader to use a speaker's grammar as an excuse to dismiss what they have to say or potentially even the intonation that the writer is belittling their subject. All those concerns are certainly valid. But I also feel they need to be balanced against the other factors — the notion that maybe it is this whitewashing of people's voices that reinforces the notion of some that only those who speak grammatically correct, regionally nonspecific English are to be taken seriously, the risk of stripping a subject of their true voice and thus an aspect of their true self in the reader's eye, the risk of reinforcing the notion that only people who speak a certain way should be heard. In fact, we frequently quote verbatim white subjects whose colloquial speech doesn't conform to strict grammar. This is all to say these are nuanced decisions, and ones we take seriously. What I told the writer in this case — Ashley Harrell — is that I felt she needed to balance the risk of sanding down sources' true voices to fit an expectation of propriety against the risk of presenting them in a way that would be embarrassing or demeaning. We talked the decision through and both agreed with publishing the story in its current state, knowing full well some would disagree with that choice, which is certainly a valid perspective.

    There are a few other things I'd like to respond to in the comment. First, you say the "victims know their rights but are having trouble exercising them." I disagree. If the assault allegations here are true, it would be Mr. Couch who violated the 16 year old's rights and in instances like this, it is the state's responsibility to step in and deliver some semblance of "justice" and equal protection under the law for that violation. If there's a failure here — and there seems to be ample evidence that's the case — it's certainly not on the family for failing to "exercise" their rights.

    On the subject of the 16 year old, you also take issue with our decision to refer to him as "the kid." When a newspaper grants someone anonymity, as we felt appropriate in this case, the next question is how this person should be referenced in the story. "The source," "the teenager," "the juvenile," "the victim," "John Doe" ... and many other things could have been possibilities here, and each carries loaded connotations and meanings. We get that, and ultimately chose "the kid" for several reasons. First, the author felt it fit the character — it was the way she found herself referring to him in conversations with me and others — and she felt it fit the narrative voice and flow of the story. Second, we're very aware of the tropes at play in the way race is covered in the media, which all too often sees 16-year-old white males referred to as "children," "kids" or "boys" while their Black counterparts are referred to as "young men," "young adults," "teenagers," "juveniles," etc. We made a conscious choice here not to denigrate but to reinforce the notion that this is a story about a grown man allegedly assaulting a child, a kid.

    Lastly, I'd like to respond to the notion that the story displays peoples' lives "using subtle structurally racist tropes to describe them." I couldn't disagree more and feel the story presents nuanced, real views of people — the honor roll student and artist who speaks a "grammatically incorrect" English dialect, the family matriarch who's helped raise 15 kids but called her mother crying when justice for her great nephew remained out of grasp, the co-founder of Black Humboldt who speaks grammatically correct English but is still incensed at this family's story and what it tells Black and brown children in Humboldt County. These are real people — not tropes — presented honestly.

    Again, I thank you for sharing your thoughts with our readers and do encourage you to write a letter to the editor. All these points and topics warrant conversation and analysis. And in sharing my views with you, I'm certainly not representing that I have all the answers, that we've done everything right or that reasonable minds can't disagree with our handling of this story. But I do want you to know we take these things very seriously, discuss them vigorously and ultimately try to make decisions that render our coverage accurate and honest, while honoring the humanity of all our subjects and sources.



    Thadeus Greenson
    News Editor
    The North Coast Journal
    (707) 845-1766 (cell)

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    Posted by Thadeus Greenson on 08/29/2020 at 3:00 PM

    Re: “Face Coverings Now Mandated in California

    As the article clearly states, this is a new statewide order that went into effect Thursday. Riverside County may not have mandated facial coverings prior, but they are mandated now in the entirety of California.
    Thadeus Greenson

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    Posted by Thadeus Greenson on 06/19/2020 at 9:28 AM

    Re: “Privileged Protest

    No, this is not the real picture. We don't have rights to the picture, nor did we feel the need to reprint it given its offensive nature.
    Thadeus Greenson

    Posted by Thadeus Greenson on 06/19/2020 at 7:19 AM

    Re: “Privileged Protest

    That's actually the point. You absolutely can be a white person without being a spoiled racist. Many do it every day. But it takes recognizing there are centuries old inequities and generational wrongs that shape our present. You're either working to change those or you're perpetuating them. It's a choice. As Howard Zinn said, "You can't be neutral on a moving train."

    7 likes, 2 dislikes
    Posted by Thadeus Greenson on 05/29/2020 at 9:03 AM

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