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Re: “Buju Banton show cancelled (update)

whoops, sorry about the big fonts. dont know how that happened. i blame Vista. and Buju.

Posted by half the story has never been told on 10/27/2009 at 6:36 PM

Re: “Buju Banton show cancelled (update)

40, thirdeye: “I’m not finding the reference to child molesters and rapists in Mr. Banton’s lyrics.”

a “nasty man” is a child molestor. and the song was written in response to a case of man-boy rape.

43: kushboldt: ““I hate bulldaggin’ hoes with a passion You motherfuckin’ right a nigga gave bashin’ You bitches need to get that gay shit off your mind…” ”

this is a good example of figurative metaphor, not meant to be taken literally. i've seen the 2 live crew perform private shows with female dancers who got naked and licked each other's vaginas. apparently, they've done this onstage too. after the group broke up, luke continued this practice.

62, juju: “Everyone is approaching this as a gay issue and it’s not.”

i'd strongly disagree here. there was a ten year period when buju was completely off the gaydar and made no antigay songs. he even performed in humboldt in 2005 after the campaign against him had been resurrected, with no issues. were it not for the smear campaign, no one would care about a 20 year-old song.

mitch t., it's interesting, but not that uncommon for one gay man to cruise gay websites and then make numerous references to buju's alleged homophobic murder music which are simply unfounded or exaggerated. almost every single one of your claims can be easily disputed.

also, your bigotry is at this point is possibly greater than buju's ever was. just something for you to think about.

Posted by half the story has never been told on 10/27/2009 at 6:35 PM

Re: “Buju Banton show cancelled (update)

18, mitch t.: “Many Humboldt reggae fans, not having known the extent of Banton’s continued assault on gay people,”

“continued assault”? are you serious? this is pure hyperbole. name one antigay song BB's done other than BBB. just one, if you can.

19, mr. nice: “I knew this and I barely even follow reggae news.”

somehow, that doesn't surprise me that you know next to nothing about reggae.

27, not spencer: “Would you be happy to have an “artist” performing in your backyard who as recently as 2 years ago had called for the death of, say, Asian people?”

this is completely untrue. i challenge you to show me anything which supports this. it's true that in 2007, buju said he doesn't like gay people. but it's a blatant distortion, if not an outright lie, to say he called for your death two years ago.

28, not spencer: “Jamaica—itself—is not homophobic.” not according to Time Magazine. or the UK press. or amnesty International. Or the Jamaica Gleaner. or JFLAG. or GayJamaicaWatch. or prime minister Bruce Golding.

30, mitch t.: “the support from his label for other violently homophobic artists.”

Banton owns his own label, Gargamel Music. it's independent. none of the other 2 or 3 artists on there have antigay material.

“For anyone whow wants the truth, you can check out http://humboldtagainsthate.blogspot.com” interestingly enough, this site has a link tot he 2006 article which stated that Banton played humboldt in 2005 with no problems, also it reports incorrectly states that “Batty Rider” is an antigay song (it's abut women in biker shorts).

35, mitch t.: “When I feel threatened, I get angry and despite years of effort, I still lash out.”

this sounds like an admission of irrational homosexual hatred.

37, mitch t.” counter the lie that Buju Banton is being persecuted for something he did 20 years ago and has apologized for. ”

now we need to counter your lie. the song is 20 years old, 21 actually. buju has apologized on at least two occasions, in 1993 and 2007. he's also said he “doesnt advocate violence against anyone, including his gay brothers and syisters.”

perhaps what you are reacting to is an orchestrated smear campaign which plays on yur fears of homophobia.

Posted by half the story has never been told on 10/27/2009 at 6:34 PM

Re: “Buju Banton show cancelled (update)

so many lies and distortions by LGBT supporters here, most of them parroting the “official” gay line.

where to begin?

mitch t., #4: “Buju Banton signed the Reggae Compassionate Act.”

not according to Peter Tatchell. actually, Tatchell says Banton signed it and also says he didnt sign it.

“his American tour is being canceled,”

actually, just some dates.

“he still sings a song saying we should be murdered”

categorically untrue. he didnt perform that song in humboldt in 2005 or 2006, why would he do it now? just to piss you off?

“Buju Banton may hate me and want me dead”

there's a difference between metaphorical and literal meaning.

9, mr. nice: “Buju Banton, whose lyrics contain references to throwing acid on homosexuals.” again, this is sensationalistic, making it seem like every lyric buju has ever sung has been about throwing acid on homosexuals. that's like saying that every freddie mercury song advocated machine-gunning people.

13, mitch t.: “Have you actually gone to any of the sites that discuss Buju Banton’s history? That show he’s been involved in an assault in Jamaica that damaged someone’s vision and cost him his livelihood as a landscaper? That show him raging against gay people well into the 2000’s?”

1) he was cleared of assault. “show” involves more than speculation, it requires proof of guilt. 2) not only do you need to cite those clips, but you need to define “raging.” if you're not actually referring to a call for violence or incitement to riot, there's no merit to your claims. merely disagreeing with homosexuality on ideological grounds—or more likely, referring tot he 17-year long campaign by gays against buju—isn't really as big a deal as you think it is.

“No one creates bigotry by standing up to people who advocate their murder.” you are dead wrong here. not only have you resurrected a 20-year old song which doesnt even appear on any of buju's official studio albums, but gay activists have engaged in hate speech against buju and club promoters across the country—and riled up pissed-off jamaicans who have reacted with hate speech. in actuality, this campaign has created a lot of bigotry on both sides. deal with it.

15 mitch t.: “A strong statement has been made about “murder music” in our community, and it looks like Banton won’t get a paycheck out of Eureka. For people willing to listen, they’ve learned more about Banton.”

you mean the statement that someone who no longer performs a 20 year old song, and hasn't in your community in over four years, can be censored by self-righteous queers obvlivious to their own hatred, bigotry and racism, at the expense of buj';s otherwise positive social commentary? uh, yeah, that's a win.

Posted by half the story has never been told on 10/27/2009 at 6:33 PM

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