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Re: “Arkley's Word

How was Redding able to build the Sundial bridge which has gotten glowing mentions in national publications?? REVENUE!! That revenue has helped a lot of smaller business in Redding open and thrive as well. Redding was once just a city of “Big Box Stores”, but they reinvented themselves… They have even gotten a mention in the tourism section of the New York Times.
http://travel2.nytimes.com/2006/07/07/travel/escapes/07hours.html Yet Eureka, because of our lack of REVENUE, we can barely keep Sequoia Park maintained, and keep the zoo open.
One more question of mine that you didn't answer….. If “Evil Corporations” detract from a city, then I say again…. How come with an HD, a Wal Mart, AND a prison where they send the nastiest of the nasty, Crescent City still made the list of one of the ten best small towns in the country? Del Norte is just as beautiful as Humboldt, despite the “Evil Corporations.” We can live side by side with the “evil corporations”, and still have the Humboldt that we love.

Posted by uncle al on 05/28/2010 at 12:18 AM

Re: “Arkley's Word

We're going round and round here…… I've read the stories of Home Depot…. If they are so evil, then how come so many cities would be HAPPY to have one? If we didn't get one in Eureka, then I'm sure Fortuna or McKinleyville would be thrilled to get one instead. Your early posts make it sound like all corporations are evil. Look at what Target did….. Even to get them took a fight….. Yet they took the old “Montgomery Ward” building which had been a vacant eyesore for years, put in a new store, put in wetlands, and we have another CHOICE of where to do business. And, the store is asthitically pleasing. I've sen some Target stores, and yes, they are eyesores. Yet, I don't mind seeing the one in Eureka when I drive into town. It blends in very well. Plus, they're providing jobs, and REVENUE!!!
I agree with you about Humboldt being a special place. I love Hulboldt just as much as you do.I want the area to succeed. I'm not talking about putting in the Home Depot at the old “Downtowner Motel” site next to the Eureka Inn, (That's an eyesore in itself…. What do you think visitors think when they see THAT?) I'm not talking about putting in a Home Depot in the middle of Old Town. The Balloon Tract is off in an unobtrusive corner of town. You don't think that was an ugly part of town when Union Pacific used the land????
I say again….. if HD is so evil, then why are they offering to clean up the Balloon Tract?? There will be new wetlands. There will be jobs. And believe me,with better benefits than a small business can offer. They always give back to the communities in which they have stores…. And people complain about what HD pays their employees??? That's just starting wages. They promote from within, and when they promote a person, an old job is left to be filled….. They will provide REVENUE!! (There's that evil word again…) And just because an HD is in town, doesn't mean you have to shop there. I have friends who live in the Sacramento area. (Where a LOT of Eurekans have migrated to…..) One friend told me that he lives equally far from an HD, and a small “True Value” hardware store. Yet, the “True Value” is competing with HD just fine. Why? Because True Value, while they can't compete financially with HD, they ARE a great place to go down to and pick up things if you are doing a project on a smaller scale. They provide a choice. Pierson's and HD can live side by side just fine….. There will be people that don't want to go to HD, and they will go to Piersons…. yet, again…..HD will also bring in people from the surrounding areas who will come HERE instead of Redding, Ukiah, etc… You can't do anything for the city without the REVENUE to do it.

Posted by uncle al on 05/28/2010 at 12:16 AM

Re: “Arkley's Word

I'll be glad to answer your question. My brother had NO CHOICE but to do the remodel. When he got the home, it had been a former rental, and the tenants TRASHED it and took off. So, he had to do the remodel.
You mentioned that at HD, "Profits are their bottom line." Well DUH...... If you don't make money, you're not going to stay in business very long. And as I mentioned about the wages, it's just like the minimum wage. It's not meant to be a PERMANENT wage, if you do a good job, you will advance. And HD advances from within. You'll get out of "cashiering", and move to one of the other departments. That's when you start making more money..... I am all for tourism. I'm glad they saved the Headwaters Forest and built a trail to it. I am glad the Eureka Inn is open again. That's a nice daw. Eureka has so many nice things, but if we don't have the money to keep them up, what are we going to do??? Sequoia Park Zoo is in danger of closing..... Sequoia Park itself, a gem of a redwood park right in town needs work..... And do you remember when the storm blew down all the trees so that the road to the duck pond was closed for the longest of times? They didn't have the money to clear the road. How are we going to have tourism, if we don't have the tax base to keep the tourist spots up to par??? Finally, let's talk about tourism..... Redding has Wal Mart, HD, Lowes, etc.... Yet, they do wonderful with tourism. They have wonderful recreation in Shasta and Whiskeytown lakes, and let's not forget the "Sundial Bridge", which people come from all over to see. Gee..... I wonder where they got the money to build that bridge??? And let's also talk about Crescent City. It too has an HD, it has a Wal Mart, and it has a prison, where the absolutely worst of the worst are kept. Not a nice place to visit?? I don't know.... MSNBC recently had little Crescent City, California, on their list as one of the 10 best small towns in America. Even whith those "negatives" as you call them that I mentioned, Crescent City is still able to keep it's charm. I love that little town.
Eureka will be the same way. The Balloon Tract is in a corner of town..... Not exactly in the middle of the tourist area...... People aren't going to go.... "EWWWW.... LOOK AT THAT!" and just leave town. It'll be a good neighbor, be unobtrusive, and will bring jobs, tax revenue, and business to town. THEY will also pay to clean up the Balloon Tract, (we don't have the tax money to do it....) and they'll put in a wetlands area which will help the environment ,just as Target did. They will be a good neighbor.
Sure, Arcata can do without the corporate businesses, but how long do you think that town would last if it didn't have the UNIVERSITY, with all the STUDENTS to support it?????

Posted by uncle al on 05/27/2010 at 5:43 PM

Re: “Arkley's Word

First of all, how do you know what the Home Depot will look like? When Target when in, it was a requirement that it "blend in" with it's surrounings. That's the nicest Target Store I have ever seen. Hope Depot can do the exact same thing. As for employees.... Here's a review I found...... Since I moved into my new place, Home Depot has been one of my stops to get energy saving bulbs and hardware for hanging pictures and curtains.
I am kinda in love with this location, because of the employees. They are always friendly and approach me before I ask for help to see if they can be of assistance. And they always take you to what you're looking for, not just point to some part of the store. That's pretty awesome. The store is clean and they always have what I need in stock.
I have always had the same experience when I have gone to HD. They go out of your way tomake sure you are getting what you need.
As for the salaries....... Cashier - hourly Average, $9.24.
Sales Associate Average: $12.05, but can go as high as $18 an hour.
Department Supervisor Average: $15.71, but can go up to $22 an hour.
Assistant Manager: Over $55,000 a year.
Sure, you start at the bottom, but if you're not afraid to bust your a$$ and learn the busiless, just like anywhere else, you will advance. You can also move to certain departments, where you will also make more money. It's not given to you, you have to GASP WORK for it.
And as for Home Depot not giving back to the community, have you heard of the Home Depot Foundation??
Recently....They gave $115,000 toward the Nashville flood clean up.
In 2009, they gave over 74 MILLION to over 5000 non profit agencies.
Over a period o 10 years, they want to give 400 million, help build 100,000 AFFORDABLE homes, and plant 3 MILLION trees. I'm sure you could find one of those trees to hug, Zeek!!!
I don't see why everyone is so afraid of them. Plus, as I mentioned before, they will bring more business to town, which means more TAX revenue. Eureka is dying, people. Why cant you see that?? We need something to revitalize it, and it's more than just PARKS.
Plus, no one has answered my question yet. What was my brother supposed to do when he remodeled his home? He shopped at Piersons for what he could get at a fair price locally, but for the rest, he had to go out of town, and even paying for gas, paid less for his remodel than if he would have gotten everything locally.
Everyone is afraid of the "evil corporation", yet over the long run, they do so much good for the communities in which they are located!

Posted by Uncle Al on 05/27/2010 at 12:18 AM

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