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Re: “It's Business Time

Hank, The Govt has decided that smoking is not good for you. Therefore, you shall not smoke. Further, and I am surprised that I have to also bring this to your attention. The Govt has decided that junk food is not good for you, therefore, you shall eat at fancy sitdown menu controlled restaurants. (Pot, of course, is exempt, it is medicine)

Posted by Tom Fredriksen on 08/27/2010 at 6:47 AM

Re: “Waiting for Miley

Heidi, I wish I knew you were doing someing Orick. I own a couple of woodworking businesses as well as members of my family. Recently my son wanted to move a business from out of state to the area and I suggested Orick as it would fit in wo well with the existing tourist type businesses there. He would have brought 5-10 jobs with him. I did the leg work for him as I am here and called the city, local chamber, and someone who handles local real estate. No calls back...nothing....I persisted. Was told things like "the locals don't want new people here" "They are afraid they are going to report the drug growers"....not kidding, that was a real estate agent.......and it goes on. Not to pick on Orick too much frankly Ferndale wasn't any help either. If you don't believe me, call the cityies and ask to speak to someone in charge of helping new business come to the towns and listen to the cricket chirps. Ferndale, Fortuna and Garberville were at least nice when they told me there wasn't any help, but Orick was just plain rude and made it very outsiders welcome. Tom

Posted by T.Fredriksen on 04/03/2010 at 9:06 AM

Re: “Legalize

kymk, me too I saw it as well. But....I never said a thing about eradication in either of my remarks. It's a waste of time, same with locking people up. I will say it again..... start seizing vehicles, homes and land. Laws are alreads on the books. The problem will go away in 90 days. Anything else is a complete waste of time. But we all know why they don't want to stop it. The largest and most powerful union in the state, the prison guard union, wouldn't go for it. Not to mention the social work industry, recovery, medical etc etc. There is an entire industry established around keeping a steady supply of drug addicts in the population. It's always about the money. Always. And there is just as much shame on the Rep as well as the Dems. And now they want to mainstream another gateway drug? Ya well, if it feels good do it right, the hell with society at large and the message we send to children as adults...what is really important is being able to spark up a bone on the plaza.

Posted by Tom Fredriksen on 03/26/2010 at 8:16 AM

Re: “Legalize

Hank, I’m going to expand on my remarks as well. The war on drugs hasn’t been lost, it has never been fought. The county District Attorney could begin seizing vehicles, houses rented for the purpose of drug use as well as private land used for drug production....pot or meth, take your pick. He chooses not to. The local law enforcement agencies choose not to. The local newspapers fail to hold them accountable for enforcing the laws. Unless of course it is a law they agree with. Follow the money, make it more expensive than it is worth and this explosion of drugs in our community will be gone in 90 days. It would solve our city / county financial mess as well. Great income opportunity and given the choice between the slum houses off of Wabash and the Zoo staying open.....I'll take the Zoo. Second, as to my point of our responsibility as adults in the community. Like you I could care less about some floater on the plaza. Weak people have always been drawn to intoxicants and always will. What is behind this legalization is mainstreaming. I akin it to the gold rush days. Very few minors made a dime during the gold rush. The money and fortunes were made by the merchants selling them the gold pans. Lets not pretend it is otherwise here in Humboldt. I use as an example the plethora of ad space sold surrounding the extensive article in this weeks glorification of drugs manifesto. The drug merchant lobby is well entrenched and rubbing their hands together using the kids and poor people of this community. A financial stake in their continued and expanded drug use. Not opinion, observable fact. I just think it is hard enough for a parent to raise their kids these days. For all of the reasons you mentioned. I believe that we shouldn’t be making it harder on them. The same liberals who won’t let a soda machine anywhere near a school, or let the kids play dodge ball are now telling us that making marijuana mainstream and even more available is a wonderful thing. Maybe if I smoked pot it would make sense to me. Sorry, but I am going to stand on principle on this one. We as adults in the community have a responsibility to exhibit proper behavior. If that is retro moralism, I am proud to wear the label. Tom

Posted by Tom Fredriksen on 03/25/2010 at 2:28 PM

Re: “Legalize

Hank, It would be nice if our elected officials and leaders of this community worried less about making this a better place to raise drugs and more about making it a better place to raise children. The argument of not being able to do anything about it is silly. Just start seizing property. Cars, houses and land. There wouldn't be a drug problem around here in 90 days. I truly don't understand why you so completely dismiss the message an open drug society gives to the kids around here. We have a responsibility as adults andmaking it harder on a young couple to raise their kids for the sake of getting high on the plaza isn't exactly forward thinking. I expect a follow up issue is forthcoming with interviews from social workers, law enforcement, hospital staff, teachers, and parent groups on the other side of legalization? The liberal Humboldt utopian dream of a whacked out population contemplating cloud formations may be popular out on the HSU quad, but I doubt they vote in any great numbers.
I assume the brochure touted in the issue were satire. I can't imagine anyone truly wanting to make a laughing stock out of the county. Tom Fredriksen Eureka

Posted by Tom Fredriksen on 03/25/2010 at 6:43 AM

Re: “Away We Go a strong journalistic ethic and your "base" starts jumping on you Hank. I would compliment what you wrote...but I don't want to make it worse for you.

Posted by Tom Fredriksen on 02/18/2010 at 7:12 PM

Re: “Titlow Hill Blues

Heidi did a good job on this. In the end though the county won't do a thing. They can't. If they grandfather in one group every illegal garage and carport will also have to be grandfathered in under equal protection. It is fun to watch the Arcata tree huggers sit smugly and drink their feel good tea over not developing the rural areas,....meanwhile as Heidi points out....the local streams are turning into sewers with natural smelling self appointed "forest caretakers". In the end the rural areas will make the Baloon track look like a park. Great job liberals! Instead of natural controlled growth, you have turned the rural county into a haven for Mexican drug growers, garbage dumps, ruined watersheds and a scene more resembling thelandscape from a Mad Max movie than the pristine garden talk about over a passed bong on the HSU campus.
You want a solution to the mess? Everyone, I mean everyone, face down downtown Eureka, get on your knees, lift your arms up into the air and with a pleading voice offer to give the land to Rob Arkley and beg him to clean it all up and develop it properly. (I'll bet he would even do it for free)

Posted by Tom Fredriksen on 02/18/2010 at 6:23 PM

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