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Re: “Release Reform

Years ago, Susan McDougal (of Clinton-Whitewater fame) in an interview with Arkansas Education Television Network said that she had observed that it was not uncommon for jails to hold inmates until just after midnight so that the jails could get headcount payment for that new day.

“We would bail them out but they would be right back. You know, they had no where to go and a lot of the jails will release women at midnight because they can count on the state census for the next day and get reimbursement money. So, I've often said, if I were released at midnight without a penny in my pocket and nobody to call on the phone, I'd go get drunk or high, you know. I mean, it's like the system, it is the hardest thing possible to try to make it once you get out or we're just giving them no help.”

(http://www.aetn.org/programs/mothersinpris…; Mothers in Prison Interview – McDougal: Susan McDougal spent time in seven jails and prisons over 22 months for refusing to testify against Bill and Hillary Clinton during the Whitewater investigation. Since her release, McDougal has been speaking publicly about the women she met during that time, arguing for their rights and using her celebrity to draw attention to the growing female prison population in America. AETN interviewed McDougal in May of 2001 about her experiences.)

Posted by rc1 on 05/16/2014 at 9:29 PM

Re: “Free Speech Now! (And Eat at McDonald's)

thanks for writing this!

Posted by rc on 06/09/2012 at 11:16 AM

Re: “Drug Money

"When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary to one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another.... He has forbidden his governors to pass laws of immediate and pressing importance... He has refused to pass other laws for the accommodation of large districts of people.... He has erected a multitude of new offices, and sent hither swarms of officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance.... excerpts from the Declaration of Independence

Posted by Anonymous on 02/02/2012 at 5:25 PM

Re: “Caged

I was in prison, and you came unto me. Verily I say unto you, inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. – Jesus Christ (Matthew 25:35, 46) The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons. – Fyodor Dostoevsky What you do to these men, you do to GOD! – Mother Teresa

Posted by Anony on 09/29/2011 at 11:50 AM

Re: “Charlie Says Farewell

I will miss your reviews. They were the best!

Posted by Anony on 09/29/2011 at 11:42 AM

Re: “Ignorant Little Snots

Thank you for your letter. Your perspectives on liberty and proper role of government are always appreciated. Don't do the crime if you can't do the time -- the constitutional government was meant to limit government, particularly the federal government. Those who support the war on drugs support authoritarianism, not the Constitution. The Framers never intended government to function as parent of the people, especially an abusive parent at that.

Posted by Anony on 11/19/2010 at 2:34 PM

Re: “Welcome to Pot City!

----Dr. Ken Miller worries that legalization could lead to more young people consuming cannabis. He feels that marijuana's illegality is a "gatekeeper standing in the way to keep it from being marketed to the youth." ---- Dr. Miller’s reason for keeping marijuana not legal is disappointing but, perhaps, not surprising. Authoritarianism does not make for good government or a good society. Control does not strike the root. When people know how to think, they can make good decisions where there is opportunity to do so. Binge drinking is symptomatic of the government as parent, authoritarian model, not to mention a dysfunctional culture. Keeping marijuana illegal will not prevent binge drinking, prescription drug misuse, or other problems such as huffing, or the “choking game” (no corporation or illegal device involved). If you really care about youth, about people, in general, then you would not support a drug war policy that has contributed to America having the highest incarceration rate in the world at no net decrease in substance misuse, in fact, greater problems because of the prohibition factor. Studies on tobacco show that the more education a person has the less likely that person will be a regular consumer of tobacco. Seems a more superior model to follow, don’t you think. Studies also show that youth who believe they have opportunities in their future are more inclined to make better decisions. Young people who are without hope or a clear picture of their future will always be vulnerable, laws or no laws.
As an older person, I do not need government’s permission to consume cannabis, nor do I want government monitoring my consumption in the form of a prescription. Just give me truthful, accurate info about the product, and I can make my own decisions.
Incidentally, as a young person, marijuana was much easier to obtain than alcohol, so it is hard to appreciate any argument supporting maintaining the status quo in terms of protecting young people. As far as corporations go, we have home brews, micro brews and we have corporations. Please don’t continue to support a police economy that has trashed civil liberties while diverting precious dollars from education to law enforcement and prisons in the name of preventing corporate control.
Is Dr. Miller suggesting that government control over decision making is not as bad as corporate influence over decision making? How about getting our culture to think and care about facts, then, maybe, manipulation by government, corporations, or other special interests (like medical marijuana profiteers) might be placed in proper perspective.

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Posted by arcee on 04/03/2010 at 5:41 PM

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