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Re: “A Culture of Civility

Speaking to the comment by Janice T (who I don't think I know): John Chiv is anything but decent in his writing and public comments. He is unethical and dishonest. He cares not about how his words harm. Oft times, I believe he intends for his words to cause harm. It is disgusting that Chiv, a person of color, is so committed to kissing the ass of the oppressive, white ruling good ole boy class in Humboldt.

Here are some of my comments:
#BlackLivesMatter #NativeLivesMatter #TransLivesMatter #DefendHomelessPeople #JusticeForJosiah #FuckThePolice #DefendMotherEarth #JusticeForPhilando

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Posted by Verbena on 06/24/2017 at 12:28 AM

Re: “Sheriff's Office IDs Inmate Who Died in Custody

We love you, Colleen. We will remember and miss you. May your spirit have peace and rest in love and power.

Humboldt County needs to learn how to detox people when they are in County custody! Colleen died because of County negligence and refusal to properly detox people when they capture them and throw them in jail. Humboldt County is responsible for young Colleen's death.

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Posted by Verbena on 06/23/2017 at 6:27 PM

Re: “No Homeless People in Southern Humboldt?

The motivation for the "homeless count" to be lower is so the City and County can back up their LIE that they have housed so many people recently. City and County officials have been bragging, FALSELY, about how many people they have gotten into housing. I work EVERY DAY locally with people who have no shelter. There are MORE and MORE people who have become houseless in the past year or so, first timers and people being thrown back on the street, to the green spaces, under bridges, into vehicles, and for short periods of time, in the scant shelter space locally. There is not even close to enough housing to match the number of people that Virginia Bass, Andy Mills, and the their ilk claim have been recently housed. The City of Eureka is being sued for civil rights violations against people with no place to go. The lawsuit, Cobine v. City of Eureka, details how much housing and temporary shelter does NOT exist versus how many people need housing and temporary shelter. Then, the lawsuit clearly asserts what is experienced by anyone who has ever been homeless here: being punished for having no place to go. Local government is trying to overcome that lawsuit and cover up its systematic persecution and denial of basic living needs. Now the City (and County) is adding to its repertoire of LIES: e.g., anyone/everyone can go to the Mission (lie), there's plenty of shelter here (lie), we don't discriminate against homeless people (lie), we just catch 'illegal trespassers' (lie), there's plenty of bathrooms (lie), we take great efforts to feed the hungry (lie) and clothe the naked (lie)etc. ad nauseum. From the City and County (in letters to the editor and other places that are more appropriate for non-politician / non-cop people) the newest LIE they are repeating and wielding is that they have been housing hundreds of people. It's simply NOT TRUE. The City and County do NOTHING to feed hungry people, NOTHING to clothe freezing and wet people, NOTHING to create space for people to sleep, NOTHING to make life or even bare survival any easier or more dignified for people experiencing homelessness. We know plenty of people who get into Betty Chinn's containers, then get kicked out within a short time; we know lots of people injured and sick, admitted into the hospitals, then discharged in short time; we know plenty of parents who simply need housing, and the County doesn't help to provide it but prefers to throw their kids in the foster system for years; we know people going through the high turnover at the MAC (which is rumored to soon close as a transitional shelter). We know even more people who's sleeping areas are raided (throughout the county) and who's vehicles which they live in are impounded, and who go to jail or are made to walk the streets all night and morning when found resting under an awning or tree. I am certain there are not fewer homeless people anywhere in this county; rather, there are MORE people with no shelter.

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Posted by Verbena on 05/20/2017 at 12:48 PM

Re: “Passive Resistance

I saw that the Resolution passed, but my comment below (which wouldn't publish earlier) is still relevant.

The rules for passing an ordinance should not be the same for a resolution. The Resolution should pass without the dishonest and right wing Jager and Brady having to sign on. But, if it is going the way of an ordinance, Jager should explain himself (if he knows how) and then be booted out of the mayor's position.

I appreciate this article and the quotes from the council members. It was especially important that the writer here shows that Brady (a Donald Duckkk supporter) made a diversionary statement about clitorectomies (although I would hope Brady IS opposed to genital mutilation) with the intention of misleading people and misrepresenting the Resolution. Brady and Jager are blatant enemies of human rights.

It would be good if girls and women and trans girls and women could be specifically named in the Resolution given... well, you know, thousands of years of disrespect and horrors against us.

I appreciate what Bergel said (worth repeating): "I think we would be remiss not to consider the people that are potentially being deported ...the homeless that are being discriminated against all the time...People are a priority." And her referring to the Resolution "as an 'intention,' a statement of how the city will treat people who may feel discriminated against or fearful in the face of an administration that has tried to use an executive order to restrict the entry of Muslim people into the United States, is preparing to build a wall along the country's southern border to prevent the entry of migrants [and made horrible, false, dangerous characterizations] ... and which includes a vice president who has blamed gay marriage for "societal collapse."" I'm glad Kim Bergel is not afraid to speak in defense of people and speak words unpopular with the right wingers. The rest of the council is frighteningly silent on issues of human rights.

Too bad Eureka gave 3/4 of a million dollars of tax/public money to Lost Coast Brewery instead of using it for housing and other essentials for many of us poor tax-paying residents. The only things that Brady (and her ilk) "move forward" are the gestapo state and the local, greedy 1% pocketbooks. All of this while the City of Eureka is a major violator of human rights and the majority of Eureka residents are poor.

Disappointingly, the last paragraph of this article falsely summed up the political and social reality here. Definitely, there ARE hate crimes occurring in Eureka (including hate crimes perpetuated by the Eureka police) that are racist, anti-homeless, anti-disabled, and anti-LGBTQIA. Do not tell me that immigration raids (locally and elsewhere) are due to crime; I know that to be NOT true. ICE (and plain old Humboldt-grown racists) continue to terrorize people locally. I stand in solidarity with the people being threatened by ICE, the racist system, and bigoted jerks.

This Human Rights Resolution 'debate' shows us who the neo-fascists on the council are- Brady and Jager don't even pretend that they are for human rights. We need the rest of the council to show more courage and principle in action. Hopefully, with or without a resolution, Eureka will work for and protect basic human rights including: shelter, potable water, available bathrooms, and protection from race, class, gender, age, identity, and status-based discrimination, harassment, and violence. We need to create that protection, and it comes into direct conflict with the violent police state and with both neo-fascists and neo-liberals. Eureka really needs some humanity.


Posted by Verbena on 03/10/2017 at 8:39 PM

Re: “Griego Files Suit Challenging Public Defender Hire

Good on Patrik Griego for this lawsuit. Griego was excellent when he worked in the Humboldt County Public Defender's office. He worked for the people ("defendants") in a good and authentic way. I trust what I know of his claims here regarding the inappropriate hire of Marcus by the County. And I don't trust the County who would like poor people to be denied their right to competent counsel.
I would like to see the Petition for Writ of Mandate. Could the Journal please publish it?

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Posted by Verbena on 03/10/2017 at 8:14 PM

Re: “The Political Climate With Jill Stein at HSU

I am hoping the presentations leading up to Dr. Stein's were recorded. I see the Soundcloud logo, but when I click on it, nothing happens. Did the Journal record the pre-lecture including Jene McCovey, Fernando Paz, and Sarah Torres?

Great evening. It is unfortunate that HSU (the institution) tried to sabotage the event by keeping it in the KB Room rather than offering the Van Duzer even when it was selling out and so many people wanted to attend. Requiring people to pick up tickets in advance ("sold out" by Friday) was prohibitive, too. Both of these moves by HSU stopped many more people from attending.

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Posted by Verbena on 03/10/2017 at 12:05 PM

Re: “Officers and Suspect in Arcata Shooting Identified, Updated with Photos

Don Arminio of the Arcata Police Department is a violent bully. Doesn't surprise me that he'd shoot someone, and not in any way justifiable, not defending ANYONE. I hope Joshua pulls through! The cops need to stop terrorizing and stealing lives. They are cowards, creeps, and bullies. #FireDonArminio #FTP

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Posted by Verbena on 06/30/2016 at 3:39 PM

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