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Re: “Tall Order

Caltrans is smiling through their lies to the public. The environmental groups, grassroots organizations, and plaintiffs are happy the Judge is not in bed with the Project Manager, Well, at least the Federal Judge is not in bed with the Project Manager and her husband. The State Judge lends his vacation home to bed the Project Manager and her husband, so that is pretty darn cozy, in my humble opinion. But silly me, what do I know. Of course Caltrans has to keep up the lies, or people might actually believe a Federal Judge who sees through to the truth in wanting to see accuracy in maps, number of trees to be damaged, and in the entire environmental impact report. The EIR is in truth, seriously flawed. So first the Federal Judge William Alsup in San Francisco needs the “TRUE” facts before he can possibly make an educated decision. What a concept!!! Further harming the old growth by cutting their roots half way around, putting a brow log to support 1,000 or 2,000 year old trees, logging a bunch of trees in Richardson Grove that is supposed to be protected by the state, is unacceptable. The STAA go through legally and many also do go through illegally; I see them coming home late from Santa Rosa. When the winds are high, I see the double rigs wobbling all over the highway. They scare me when they are next to me and so I quickie get around them. What these bigger cabs on the trucks means is they will not stay in your motels or eat in your restaurants, as they can sleep and cook in their little apartments in the trucks. The extra weight and damage to local roads is not being studied, because our Humboldt County Board of Supervisors will not do a feasibility study. It appears that they (BofSups) mostly all have private interests and agendas that they are trying to accomplish by being an elected official, ripping the tax payers off with their over-inflated salaries and doing what will benefit their cronies and themselves. It is sad. If you believe a penny will trickle down to you or to me, if this project is allowed, I have some beachfront property in Arizona to sell you..

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Posted by Misty on 05/15/2012 at 2:29 PM

Re: “Political Polling Shenanigans

I received the polling call too, and I told them I am voting for Cheryl Seidner. They asked me if I wanted a yard sign, and I said yes. I am still waiting for my yard sign, and now I know why.

Posted by Misty on 04/26/2012 at 9:23 PM

Re: “Tight Squeeze

How will spending $10 to $20 Million of tax payer money save money. Save money for who? Trickle down never happens. We need to get trucks off the roads and utilize Short Sea Shipping on barges and other alternatives, not make trucks larger to close down our local trucking firms that serve us, cause more damage to our already fragile Highway 101 up here, and just be sensible about how we handle this issue. How about just slowing down and keeping the normal trucking firms in business like Randy Jones and Shirley Brown were saying, and how about keeping money local. Maybe the rumor I heard that Wal-Mart and Best Buy are coming to the Bayshore Mall is true, and Home Depot is supposedly coming to Marina Center. This will finish off the process closing the rest of the smaller stores and trucking firms that supply us and ship just fine with CA Legal trucks that fit our roads. Cutting the roots of many old growth trees that are over 1,000 years old, and logging many other redwoods and other trees in that canopy at Richardson Grove is no small thing. There would not be two lawsuits if this was a small thing. Who will fix the county roads with more added truck damage? So to say this proposed project will save money is disingenuous, to say the least. This proposed Caltrans project through Richardson Grove will cost the tax payers to build it (we know $10 Million turns into $20 Million in a heartbeat. When driving south, look at the right hand side of the road and how battered it is already. Look at Bigfoot where there is NOTHING UNDER THE highway there, as you can see from a pothole and another 4 inch drop that just got covered again with more heavy asphalt by Caltrans right after they cleared the landslide covering Highway 101 just north of Redway. Now it has dropped another inch at Bigfoot. It will cave in, just like Highway 1, as the river runs under the highway there. Many more landslides are to come, so Caltrans needs to stay busy keep Highway 101 open, as they have their work cut out doing just that. People who have studied this project in detail, do not believe these lies about saving money. It will not save money. It will cost millions and it will cost many their jobs in the long run.

Posted by Mystified on 06/02/2011 at 2:15 PM

Re: “Grovies: CALL TO ARMS

Caltrans plans to cut the roots of many old growth, the only remaining of 120 acres that was originally Richardson Grove State Park.

Most humans are tired of a few business people trying to improve THEIR bottom line, and think nothing of a mistake like this oil spill. Oops, but drill drill drill baby.

These few businesses don't think twice about killing many old growth trees by cutting their roots, cutting the trees whose root systems support each other, ripping off the current asphalt, pouring toxic new asphalt, and smothering the trees.

LET THE BOYCOTT BEGIN.!!! I have been boycotting for a year, and now I am announcing to all to let the boycott begin. I am for businesses who are not for cutting Richardson Grove. I am not shopping and just encouraged friends not to buy that out of country goat cheese, with milk from Mexico, Cypress Grove, Sun Valley Poison flowers killing workers, hiring undocumented workers and then calling the authorities on their own workers the day before pay day. Yes, crapy businesses. Go away, and quit ruining our underground water and blowing pesticides to neighboring organic farms. Go to Mexico so you don't have to bring Mexico here and exploit them.

Hank is a jerk. Times Standard is crap too, since the Reporter closed. They all run on Arkley presses. I stopped my subscription. Folks, there is only end of life grass fed beef, and a friend said it gets all mixed up in the slaughter house. Cram four more cows for slaughter in a truck 5 feet longer. In ten years, they will want trucks 10 feet longer. Done with Eureka Natural foods (picking up hookers, and mean management, makes it easy).I am done with you all. Co-op David Lipman thinks he can save $1 on wheat grass, so whoo whoo, cut baby cut. O&M my landlady promised not to call them to fix my heater. She says there are many companies that fix floor heaters at a fraction of the cost of O & M. Can't stand Lost Coast Brewery; beer or restaurant, so not a problem as I quit going there long ago, and convinced my friends to do the same.

I prefer shopping at Rays, Safeway, Farmer's Markets, and Winco; all stores not for cutting Richardson Grove. My favorite store is Wildberries. My friend thinks I am obsessed with Wildberries, and I am. In fact, unless I am desparate and need one thing only, and Rays or Winco or Safeway does not have it, I will drive to Arcata just to avoid both Eureka Natural Foods and Co-op, although David Lipman says Co op is not taking a stance. But does he put a vote out to the members???

Posted by Leave Richardson Grove alone on 05/16/2010 at 2:30 PM

Re: “Roads and Redwoods

Just to clarify, I am not Jeff Muskrat. hahahaha, but thank you for the compliment.

Posted by Mystified on 04/15/2010 at 6:11 PM

Re: “Roads and Redwoods

Part 7 of 7 Oh, here is a good one: Kim Floyd, Caltrans Project Manager said "Center Arts" not Arkley Center for the Arts...just "Center Arts" has been unable to book Broadway -style shows that have their own trucks. If this is not the icing on the cake. All comes back to Arkley and his Arkley Center for the Arts, and Arkley and his Zoo, Arkley and his Marina Center...I am sure Eureka is going to crash and burn with out a Broadway-style show that will not respect our environment. Yes Kim, it is all about Arkley and using Headwaters Fund money for the Gallo Report and other devious things this county is doing behind closed doors. Clif Clendenin has not answered any letters and he has not allowed time for the voters to even be put on the agenda. We have to come in numbers and speak for 3 minutes each at a Humboldt County Supervisors Meeting. Christina Bass, it appears obvious that you did not actually read the Caltrans Draft Environmental Impact Report for Richardson Grove, but you certainly have managed to get onto the Caltrans bandwagon criticizing the people who have studied this project and do not want it. Do you respect Native Americans, Christina? Have you interviewed Pricilla Presley or Hawk Rosales of InterTribal Wilderness Council? Please do broaden your horizons and try to have more balanced journalism, and get out of the Caltrans/Corporate/Arkley big box booty.

Posted by Mystified on 04/15/2010 at 6:04 AM

Re: “Roads and Redwoods

Part 6 of 7 Doing research, I found out something about Humboldt Creamery. Henry Devoy and his daughter Elsie Devoy, and Henry's son Albert Devoy, were all part of the Humboldt Creamery Co-op, and they all owned lots of dairy land. So do you think that Humboldt Creamery would be for cutting into their own grove they designated to the state to be protected? A place they promoted for people to visit for summer recreation? Did you know that InterTribal Sinkyone Wilderness Council and other Native Americans, the protectors of these forests for possibly thousands of years are also for protecting Richardson Grove from further harm? If you didn't then you should contact them in their Ukiah office. Or, they come up here frequently. In fact, they will be at Richardson Grove on Saturday, April 17, and they will be one of the speakers from 3 to 5. This is a no alcohol and no drug event, by the way. That should keep you away. You are actually saying that one of the leading opponents of the project are marijuana growers??? That is a pretty serious accusation. One of our main leaders in this project to be Saving Richardson Grove is EPIC. Are you saying that people at EPIC are marijuana growers? Another leader in the Richardson Grove protectors is InterTribal Sinkyone Wilderness Council. Are you accusing them of being growers. Oh, and Singing Trees Recovery Center is also on the team every step of the way, and I guess that you are saying they are growing marijuana at the recovery center. Please do check your facts. There are so many people who do not want this project that don't even know there are many groups joining together in solidarity. My friend in another state sent me some e-mails, saying this economy in Humboldt County is only surviving because of the marijuana crops here. She said to me, "your businesses there in Humboldt County don't seem to have a problem taking the money of the marijuana growers." Also she added, "your Humboldt County economy is surviving only because of this crop." Is this true? Do you accept money from marijuana growers?
If this project is allowed, trucks and traffic would be speeding through that stretch of the road, and nobody will even be able to get into or out of Richardson Grove State Park or Singing Trees Recovery Center, or the other driveways neighboring Richardson Grove. Do you care about that? I didn't think so. It is all about YOUR bottom line. Again, these businesses are not showing a $5.98 million dollar loss due to Richardson Grove only allowing the California Legal Truck Tractor. These figures are convoluted on a study by Dr. David Gallo (using Headwaters Funds money (who is doing devious things now???). Who is trying to pull the wool over your eyes? Who does not have the facts correct? The housing bubble burst in 2006, and that is why businesses are having a difficult time. To be continued

Posted by Mystified on 04/15/2010 at 5:46 AM

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