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Re: “Local COVID Models Forecast Dozens of Deaths, More Than 100 Hospitalizations

Walker Talker said "You're either embarrassingly ignorant for somebody with such a vocabulary, or trolling. "

Nope. Actually believe in making decisions based on factual data, not conspiracy theories from electronically ignorant fear mongerers who thrive on non-sequitur arguments (such as injecting 5G discusions into a comments section on COVID-19! Have a great day!

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Posted by Dell Anderson on 04/26/2020 at 3:11 PM

Re: “Local COVID Models Forecast Dozens of Deaths, More Than 100 Hospitalizations

Walker Talker -- what you are talking about is not connecting the dots. It's paranoid conspiracy. Sometimes that is healthy, sometimes not. And right now, it's pretty irrelevant until there are more facts to support your theories about '5G vibrating every cell in your body'. much power would that take? Have you checked the power supply on any of those 5G transmitters?

Now back to real world. You mentioned smoking and COVID-19. Wasn't clear what your point was, but if you mean the two are not related, that's partly right, but not exactly. One may increase or decrease death of the other. Some preliminary reports are suggesting smoking may be protective (I wouldn't do it because I don't want cancer, but there's that).

Everything is potentially related to everything else (if you are Buddhist) but that isn't how I roll.

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Posted by Dell Anderson on 04/25/2020 at 1:14 PM

Re: “Local COVID Models Forecast Dozens of Deaths, More Than 100 Hospitalizations

Walker Talker "Why is 5G being implemented right now in a practically covert manner?"

Probably because it is a superior technology. But that would be a discussion for the comments section of another article. To the best of my knowledge, it has little or nothing to do with Corona virus. You can read plenty about it elsewhere. Is there some reason you must limit yourself to North Coast Journal? Why not broaden your reading?

IMHO, the primary concern with 5G was the manufacturer (Huawei) and it's ties to Chinese Government. And from what I have read, the current administration put the brakes on any government purchase from this manufacturer, and arranged for the arrest of a top executive in the company. This naturally made China a angry. Oh, and if I am not mistaken, China is a communist country, not Nazi, so even if 5G were implemented here, goosestepping is perhaps not the best metaphor.

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Posted by Dell Anderson on 04/25/2020 at 11:15 AM

Re: “Local COVID Models Forecast Dozens of Deaths, More Than 100 Hospitalizations

Walker Talker said "We should be discussing those issues right now. Lord knows we have the time. How does "surveillance" work?"

I thought we were! LOL. There are organizations (EFF for one) and news media covering these topics that deserve to be supported. I draw the line at surveillance DJI drones (allegedly donated by China BTW) to check for mask wearing. We are NOT that society. Watch the film "The Lives of Others" (about East German surveillance knock-on effects during the cold war) if you have any doubts about the evil nature of loss of privacy.

Not doing anything wrong you say? Don't care if they watch? I assume you don't mind cameras in your bathroom then....

I say all of this NOT because I sense that you disagree with me, but because you seem to think anyone who has any concerns about Coronavirus is part of a conspiracy to take away our freedom. Don't fall for that argument. We can act rationally yet still preserve needed freedoms. But we must live to fight another day, and to do so, we may have to restrict the freedoms of some numbskull sociopaths who would like to act as if there was no virus.

We as a society have a right to protect ourselves from such miscreants and we will. We don't allow drive by shooters to roam the streets free, we shouldn't allow drive-by potential virus shedders to roam the streets unrestricted either until or unless we have
1) Proper respiratory protection
2) Adequate preventive strategies (vaccines)
3) Adequate medication treatments
4) Effective medical devices to sustain ill
5) And some way to identify who the Typhoid Mary's are and quarantine them until they are no longer a danger to society.

As to Anony Grazer's sarcasm regarding computer 'projections'. We obviously can't predict everything precisely, and even if we could do so, would you expect those predictions to still hold under changed conditions? It's like the airliner's computer saying 'pull up, pull up' because it "predicts" a collision with the ground. Would you ignore that computer because the last time you pulled up you didn't hit the ground? Of course not. Unless you were suicidal.

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Posted by Dell Anderson on 04/25/2020 at 10:30 AM

Re: “Local COVID Models Forecast Dozens of Deaths, More Than 100 Hospitalizations

Walker Talker - I am very well aware of the talk show hosts and other media promoting the 'COVID-19 and nothing else' strict criteria for COVID-19 death reporting. Unfortunately, medicine is not a simplistic as that. TL;DR People who would not otherwise have died will die if this virus is not contained and controlled. This is an inarguable fact with evidence from around the world. These are excess deaths. And it might have been worse had it happened at the beginning of flu season.

I am not naive, but neither am I such a conspiracist to believe that the whole world is cooking their books to make it look like the virus is more much more dangerous than it is.
Thank you for following guidelines, even if, or especially if, you are doing so out of consideration. That is the ethical path here.

There are psychological and demographic reasons why people on both sides have the opinions they do. This event will be source material for textbooks (if there are such things in our digital future) for a hundred years.

Those who survive will have plenty of time to discuss the reporting bias, missed origins, failures, and missed opportunities that everyone has made in this once-in-a-century pandemic. The health profession has been dreading this event for decades. We now have to deal with it the best we can. Hopefully cool heads will prevail and our Public Health department will not bow to the noisy rants of inconsiderate people (trolls?) like KeyboardKommander.
An economy without ethical basis is not an economy, it is a criminal enterprise.

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Posted by Dell Anderson on 04/24/2020 at 8:58 PM

Re: “Local COVID Models Forecast Dozens of Deaths, More Than 100 Hospitalizations

KeyboardKommander - your right to do as you will ends where other people's (including my and my family's) right to live begins. Please educate yourself about community spread, R0, and deadly risk to some.
This is exactly the reason we have speed limits on the freeway, building codes on houses and structures, and FDA regulations on food and drugs.
Oh, and by the way, I have no idea how old you are but you are not immune to dying from this virus. The first California fatality was a healthy 57 y/o woman on Feb 6.
Your sociopathic desire to put others at increased risk for your convenience during a pandemic is not welcome by most people. Have a nice day!

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Posted by Dell Anderson on 04/24/2020 at 6:16 PM

Re: “Local COVID Models Forecast Dozens of Deaths, More Than 100 Hospitalizations

I watched the entire presentation and while the facts presented above are correct to the best of my recollection, the tone of the presentation seemed a bit like the Public Health Officer and Sheriff are being pressured to open up earlier than the rest of the state (probably by people like KeyboardKommander above). This would obviously be a mistake, given the high contagion of this disease and the apparent benefits of sheltering in place. No matter how optimistic, those over 60 and anyone with heart, lung, kidney, or endocrine (diabetes) disease will be forced to shelter, but it's not as simple as that.

If KeyboardKommander's request to 'free the healthy' is taken seriously, the expected outcome would by more wide spread viral shedding, many by asymptomatic persons. How are people at risk supposed to live in that situation? The risks of grocery shopping can be met by personal shoppers, but what about toothache, doctor checkups, internet service repair calls, etc? Each of these becomes potentially far more treacherous than if the overall prevalence of this nasty virus is kept low in the general population.

The more widespread the virus, the more likely there will be more mutations and difficulty vaccinating against it when there is a vaccine (which will be a while, if ever).
Meanwhile, nothing meaningful has changed with regard to the availability of N95 respirators, ventilators (of dubious outcome in any case) or medical treatments. Why would we even consider lowering our guard at this time?

The oft mentioned 'roadmap' to exiting this shelter in place was not clearly outlined, at least to my ears. There was a lot of sleight of hand and 'nothing to see here' type of wishful thinking about hopes and dreams, but nothing concrete that made it look like anything except a few disgruntled gad flys are trying to open things up too soon.
We have an older than average population reportedly, let's take this into consideration. Not all of that population is in a nursing home -- many are fully functional and have many years to live -- IF our Public Health Officer and Sheriff focus on public health, not economics. Important as money is, it can't buy life or happiness.

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Posted by Dell Anderson on 04/24/2020 at 12:14 PM

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