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Re: “Crosswinds

Dear Dan, So those turbines that produce 30% of the time, ( its more actually here as its such a good wind site) but solar here only works 19% of the time. I"m pretty sure 30% is more than 19%.
Better try again about those wind lies.

Posted by jay p on 12/06/2019 at 7:42 PM

Re: “Blackout

How does Michael Evenson propose to pay for such micro grids? The Blue lake one was a $5 million grant, and would power some 35 homes, at $142,785 per house. And if you make them all separate grids like he wants, then you have the worst of the environmental costs. Being a small island power system means you can't sell your extra or get extra from others. That means running generators when its cloudy for those long winter days/weeks. Generators are incredibly polluting and they run on fossil fuels, batteries are extremely toxic, and all of that comes with a heavy environmental cost, but they don't mention that do they?

Here we are in the midst of actual climate change, on the ground now, not in the future and people like Micheal and Ken Miller and Greg King want to sell you on the lies that going it alone, cutting yourself off from the rest of the planet is the way to go. What these people don't want you to understand is that climate change has no boundaries, not watersheds, or counties or states or countries or continents. It is killing plant and animal life all over the planet, killing at a faster rate than at anytime in recent history, and they are fine with that as long as they kill the wind project.
The only way we can hope to go forward is with green energy, in all forms as fast as we can.
The wind farm is an acknowledgment of the present and future not the past, these so called environmentalists are living in the past. Its time for the future, that the climate emergency is real, its here, right now, and that we can do something about it now. It will take solar 200 years to make what the wind project will do here in Humboldt as soon as its installed. If you care about the local and world environment, the local economy, you and everyone you know, you are for this project. Call your supervisor and all the environmental groups and tell them yes to wind.

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Posted by jay p on 10/26/2019 at 8:19 AM

Re: “Energy Literacy

By not including the costs, both environmental and dollar cost, the author does give complete picture of micro-grids.
While they have their place, their extremely high cost makes them impractical for the normal home or city.
But nothing in the article gives that information.

The Blue Lake one was built with a $5 million dollar grant, and can only power a small area. If we take the size of that project and try to put it into normal homes, it works out to $142,000 per home, might be more might be less. And it also needs diesel fuel to run if the weather is bad adding to that cost.

What doesn't seem to be understood is how a power outage works here in Humboldt. Yes we now how sunny weather power outages, but we also have other ones during storms. When you have a storm there is no sun, which means no solar power, which means that your battery drains quickly, and then you have to start the generator to power your loads. The environmental costs of batteries are quite large, and by eliminating the battery and associated hardware, I would suggest its more beneficial to the environment, given the little amount of time the grid is usually down. It is worthy of a longer discussion, but I find it somewhat ironic that a focus of micro grids to power gas stations which hold the fuel that we need to get around, power generators to get us through the outages and which is causing the outages in the first place.

Posted by jay p on 10/26/2019 at 8:16 AM

Re: “In the Balance

Dear Thadius, I would like to correct some inaccuracies in your piece.

First, no one knows what turbines are being used, so there is no way to know the lubrication requirements. Some turbines have no gearbox, some do, which means oil/lubrication use is not known at this time. If you are referring to oil as a gearbox lubricant, it is not used up by operation. It might need to be replaced and the old oil recycled into new. Even that is unlikely yearly, as the new synthetic oils, like that used in car transmissions, go the life of the car. Your number of 20,000 gallons works out to be 416 gallons per turbine per year. New turbines use 30-50 gallons per gearbox, which your number projects to changing the gearbox oil every 1.5 months, which just isn't the way it's done.

1000s of trips of 90' loads is not true. There are 48 turbines the last time I counted. Each has 3 blades and is between 70-100 meters tall or 6 truck trips of 90' x 48 turbines = 288 truck trips of 90', not thousands.

Humboldt county uses approximately 800gWh per year of electricity. The TG project would produce approximately 544gWh per year, or 68% of all our electricity usage.

The wind farm will have a capacity of 155mw which is an instantaneous measurement of power. It will not produce 155 mW annually as that is not an electrical unit of measurement. Watts X Time = Energy.

Energy usage and CO2 emissions to build and install the turbines are totally offset by just 6 months of these turbines in operation. They spend the next 34.5 years producing 0 carbon.

2,000,000 pounds of carbon, you say? Yep that's a lot. Over the 35 year lifespan of the blades, it is 57,000 pounds a year. How much solid waste did Humboldt county produce in 2017? 140,000,000 pounds.
But as let's also compare it to how much waste of steel and concrete is left in the ground from thousands of fracking wells? And the miles of associated pipe? What about the 10's of thousands of miles of pipelines to move all that gas, which we then burn? Or the CO2 it took to make all that steel that will never be recycled?

You forgot to mention that the group of 7 thinks that wind is in its "infancy". There are over 600 billion watts of wind and 550 billion watts of solar worldwide.

And this anti-renewable energy opinion piece the day before a world climate strike? I support this strike pioneered by the youth to protect their future. I think the group of 7 is on the wrong side of history, the wrong side for Humboldt. It is incredible that we are having to argue with environmentalists about doing something to help reduce the risk of global climate catastrophe.

What would Greta say?

Jay Peltz 25 year renewable energy professional and educator

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Posted by jay p on 09/19/2019 at 6:22 PM

Re: “'A Must'

Thanks Ellen and Ryan, for the support for the wind project. There are many lies that the anti wind people use, here is one.
Wind takes about 6-8 months to pay off the energy/carbon too make the unit including installation and shipping. Here is but one sourced report as to energy payback.
And the new machines use less materials per watt making them more energy efficient, reducing their co2 content and payback time from even that 6 months.

Wind works.

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Posted by jay p on 08/16/2019 at 10:54 AM

Re: “'Hook, Line and Turbine'

In response to the question by ChicoryCat.
To offset the same amount of energy with roof top solar that the wind farm will make will take about 400 million watts of solar panels. Cost to install is about $3 per watt, or $1.2 billion dollars. How long? Last year Humboldt county installed 1.4MW ( million watts). At that rate it'll take 286 years.

All the serious scientists give us till 2030 ( 10.5 years) to reduce total carbon foot print by 60%, 6% per year. Last years CO2 has gone up by 2-5% per year.

Climate change doesn't know or care about NIMBY. And while NIMBY might work for some things, its not going to work for CO2/climate change, sea level rise.
And in not supporting all the renewable energy possible, you are supporting fracking, oil exploration and big oil.

The NIMBY are the past, I support the future.

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Posted by jay p on 07/06/2019 at 8:47 AM

Re: “'Hook, Line and Turbine'

Dear Sylvia.
That idiot who first put sanctions on Chinese solar modules was Barrack Obama. Trump has continued it, he doesn't deserve all the credit.

Your comment about the turbines will remain after 30 years isn't quite true. Terra Gen and I believe this is now common practice from developers/governing bodies is that a bond is put up to cover removal at end of life, or if the company goes out of biz before the 30 year mark and no one is around to maintain them or buy up the project.

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Posted by jay p on 07/05/2019 at 10:49 AM

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