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Re: “Where's the Beef?

Wow! I am impressed with the comments I read in response to "Hypocrisy Now," and my hat is off to the readers of the North Coast Journal. Thoughtful responses to emotive propaganda pieces are few and far between. I would like to add that, while veganism is a good start toward reducing one's impact, it may not be the most effective. Studies reported in the journal Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene (University of California Press) point out that lacto-vegetarianism, ovo-lacto-vegetarianism and even reduced meat omnivorisim are all capable of reducing one's agricultural footprint even below that imposed by a vegan diet. The point is, many plant crops produce by-product in-edible to humans that may be fed to chickens, livestock or fish which may then be used to add eggs, milk or even meat to the human food chain. It makes more sense to utilize the energy in such by-products to produce more food (even if animal-based) rather than waste this energy and then be forced to establish even more cropland to feed the human population, with total loss of all plant and animal life on such converted lands. Also, the consumption of wild fish and game (I assume that this is what is meant by the term "Fog Hog"), taken in a sustainable manner from undisturbed wild lands, is far less destructive of animal life than is converting such lands to crops. Veganism is certainly better than the "average Joe" diet, but a single line drawn arbitrarily between plant and animal lacks the nuance necessary to minimize our environmental impact.

Posted by Stewart Lands on 04/28/2017 at 12:06 AM

Re: “Reason to Reconsider

"The supervisors were elected to serve all the citizens of Humboldt County...." Yes, and this includes those of us who do not presume to know so much about the public defenders office and who would prefer to give David Marcus more than a few weeks to settle into the job.

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Posted by Joel Mielke on 04/07/2017 at 2:51 PM

Re: “Equal Pay Day

Re: "On average, for every dollar a white man earns, a white woman earns 78 cents"

Forgive me, Eva, but you do not know what this means.

Please see: "Womens 77 cents to mens dollar: What it really means"

Answer this:

Women's advocates insist employers everywhere pay women less than men for doing exactly the same work in the exact same occupations and careers.

Yet these advocates also seem to think employers' prime modus operandi is greed. ("Corporate greed" may be one of the Left's more salient rallying calls.) Thus they no doubt believe employers would hire only illegal immigrants for their lower labor cost if they could get away with it (many do get away with it), or would move their business to a cheap-labor country to save money, or would replace old workers with young ones for the same reason.

So why do these same feminist activists and women's advocates think employers would NOT hire only women if, as they say, employers DO get away with paying females at a lower rate than males for the same work?

Many of America's most sophisticated women choose to earn less than their male counterparts:

"Female physicians worked about 5 hours fewer per week than their male counterparts through age 54...."

In 2011, 22% of male physicians and 44% of female physicians worked less than full time, up from 7% of men and 29% of women from Cejkas 2005 survey.

"...[O]nly 35 percent of women who have earned MBAs after getting a bachelors degree from a top school are working full time." It "is not surprising that women are not showing up more often in corporations top ranks."

"Compared to men, women view professional advancement as equally attainable, but less desirable"

See the real reasons the wage gap hasn't closed after thousands of measures over many decades:

"Salary Secrecy Discrimination Against Women?"

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Posted by Jerry Boggs on 03/30/2017 at 11:26 AM

Re: “Human Rights Fight

Richard D. Brown is coming from a place of white male privilege in his comment which demonstrates quite nicely why we have reached the point that it is necessary for our public officials to affirm the very obvious fact that equal rights are for EVERYONE. His 'I've got mine" attitude is part of the problem. Sad!

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Posted by Reynard on 02/23/2017 at 6:46 AM

Re: “'Go Fly a Kite'

I'm wondering who Joshua Kinch voted for? Gary Johnson?

Posted by Fred Mangels on 02/16/2017 at 8:53 AM

Re: “Make America Safe Again

Rick Brennan, did you read somewhere that there was an estimate of .01 percent of 800,000 refugees in Germany having a chance of being terrorists? If so, that would be 1/100th of one percent, which would be 80. (Not 8,000 minimum suspected jihadists. That would be one full percent--one in a hundred.)
Not even 80 terrorists is good... but it's no small exaggeration to say 8000 when you mean 80. Nor is it comforting to know that so many people who can't even do basic math (and thus, can be assumed not to have much functioning upstairs) are actively promoting fear and hysteria.
Your propaganda is devalued by your ignorance.

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Posted by Laura Cooskey on 02/11/2017 at 9:22 AM

Re: “'Dick Move'

Gee, Susan. What I see is a group of kick ass women who ain't puttin' up with the bullshit of the day.
I just bought 4 of the T-shirts being offered by this paper....and paid $25. instead of the requested $15. I do what I can to support my sisters and artists.
Go girls, go.

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Posted by Mr. Geezer on 02/09/2017 at 10:01 AM

Re: “Yes, I Use a Fork

How on Earth do 3,000 rural protesters believe they can influence the (obscene) administration in D.C. when they have never been able to extract the development industry from dominating every elected and appointed county office?

About 10 dedicated volunteers is all it would take.

The chronic (rigged) shortages in affordable housing, decade after decade, has had immense impacts on every human crisis currently plaguing this county.

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Posted by Howard Smith on 02/04/2017 at 12:12 AM

Re: “Yes, I Use a Fork

Way to go, Sylvia, you rock (still!)

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Posted by barryevans on 02/02/2017 at 11:10 AM

Re: “Yes, I Use a Fork

I am the person who wore the sandwich board sign that said at 80 I can't believe I still have to protest this f---ing shit. Roe v. Wade 44 years. I had my picture taken at a non-stop rate for the entire time I was there. Rarely more than a half a minute went by without my being asked if I would let someone take my picture. I think my sign was the single most popular sign at the march. I went into Galleghers later and they insisted on giving me a meal on the house and when I asked why they said, "We like your sign.". When I have to, at the age of 80, fight for the rights so hard won by myself and other women after 50-60 years all over again I feel quite entitled to swear. Further: we have a president who is an obscenity and who uses obscenities regularly. How about worrying about that instead of nit-picking at the content of heart felt signs.

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Posted by Sylvia De Rooy on 02/02/2017 at 10:59 AM

Re: “Abominable Omission

Eureka shares in neglecting its legal responsibilities, just as the county has neglected theirs.

Instead of identifying a sanctioned area for the 1% of Eureka's population that is homeless, as they are required to do, they passed a draconian homeless ordinance, nudity ordinance, and nuisance ordinance further destabilizing the weakest members of our community.

Like Eureka's city council, the H.C. supervisors already know they have a legal obligation to address homelessness. This majority of "Little Trumps" are waiting to be sued.

It's not their money.

Every caring member of this county should be laser-focused on electing and maintaining a progressive supervisor majority in 2018 and 2020.

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Posted by Howard Smith on 01/30/2017 at 7:57 PM

Re: “Abominable Omission

While this is an excellent letter there is one thing I question and that is why is it that the full pressure is always on the city of Eureka? Homelessness is a county-wide issue so why is it not addressed as such? Why are the Board of Supervisors not up against the wall on this issue. They have refused to declare an emergency, they have, in fact, done next to nothing. In addition to the fact that they should be addressing homelessness in county areas they should be pressured to help incorporated areas, especially those most heavily impacted such as Eureka, to deal with it.

Posted by Sylvia De Rooy on 01/28/2017 at 4:27 PM

Re: “Profoundly Disturbed

Hear! Hear!

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Posted by Fred Mangels on 01/26/2017 at 9:09 AM

Re: “Remembering Amber

My heart still hurts for Amber's family and friends. I often think of how her life would of turned out if she wasn't taken so young. Maybe a couple kids, awesome husband, large family get togethers with Erika and Alison's families, etc. I am glad I was given the opportunity to know this family growing up. So today, and often I remember little, sweetly sassy Amber.

Posted by Kristen Kelley on 01/20/2017 at 2:00 PM

Re: “Remembering Amber

I will never forget the profound loss felt by our entire community when Amber left us. I am so happy I knew her. She was a beautiful child of the 80's and the little girl inside worshipped her fashion and of course her hair. My heart is always with you ladies. Sending love

Posted by Emily Lewis on 01/20/2017 at 8:07 AM

Re: “Remembering Amber

The loss of my beautiful friend Amber was one of the most profound losses that I've ever experienced. It still hurts to my core, yet I know that my pain barely touches the pain felt by her parents and sisters. Amber remains in my daily thoughts, as do Francine, Alison, and Erika.

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Posted by Sarah Crosby on 01/19/2017 at 10:58 PM

Re: “Remembering Amber

Yes I will join you in prayers! Love you and your family! Lori Boots

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Posted by Lori Luper-Boots on 01/19/2017 at 9:43 PM

Re: “Grows and Flows

it took years to shut down rays in hoopa for it's disgusting rat infestation, so we'll see about the efficiency of ANY government

Posted by snackpack on 01/06/2017 at 11:20 AM

Re: “Democrats, Important Vote Jan 7th!

Please tell me the p.m. is a typo.

Posted by Mr. Geezer on 01/05/2017 at 9:23 AM

Re: “'An American Tragedy'

Ten Questions Trump and his Voters Fail to Ask themselves because they wont look at the uncomfortable truth facing them in the mirror:
Just ask yourself Trump Voters
1. Why did Donald initiate and maintain the birther issue / question the Presidents citizenship for more than six years without acknowledging he was racist in doing so? Was it (a) to pander to white supremist ideology? (b) because he doesnt care but lacked reasonable evidence Obama was not a citizen? (c) he truly doesnt think any black man is smart enough to be president? (d) some other invalid reason for prompting racial division.
2. Why do both Donald and Ivanka Trump enlist foreign manufacturers to produce clothing line items they market under their Trump name brands? Is it (a) more profitable for them to do so than have American manufacturers do the same? (b) because Donald is duplicitous when he criticizes American companies for doing the same? (c) because they think off-shore labor produces a higher quality product? (d) some other invalid reason.
3. Why does Donald Tweet his opinions rather than express them in detail in front of the press? Is it (a) because tweeting is one way communication only? (b) his followers cannot process information beyond 140 characters? (c) he fails to think things through in depth and lacks cognitive ability to present a cogent argument in support of his views? (d) it avoids intelligent discourse when he paints the press as biased and unfair to justify his avoidance of them.
4. Why did Donald settle his case re: unfair practices of Trump University? Was it (a) because he duped students into enrolling with false promises? (b) because he would have to be deposed by opposing attorneys and have to answer direct questions or embarrass himself with the answers he would give? (c) because some of his unfair practices were disclosed and publicized? or (d) he chose to quell further embarrassing disclosure.
5. Why does Donald promote getting himself and others like him richer on the premise it will improve the economic lot of blue collar workers? Is it (a) because trickle-down economics has failed miserably under previous Republican administrations only to recover again under each successive Democratic leadership since WW2 a fact workers who support the Republican party never seem to grasp? (b) because trickle-down economic theory always begins with the premise of lowering the corporate tax rate which then provides he and the fellow 1%ers in his cabinet more profit? (c) because it gets himself and others like him richer? (d) because the nonsense of trickle-down economic theory Republicans promote slips through amongst the false news and fear mongering they obscure it amongst.
6. Why is Donald on his third marriage? Is it (a) his wives and girlfriends like money and the luxury it affords them but cant tolerate him for any extended period of time? (b) his hands really are that small? (c) he objectifies women and treats them as means to an end? (d) his attorneys are very facile drafting pre-nuptial agreements that cover his infidelity.
7. Why does Donald like and promote beauty pageants so much? Is it that (a) without money or acclaim to be had beautiful young women dont usually associate themselves with horny old orange men sporting combovers? (b) he makes money at it that then makes beautiful young women want to associate with him? (c) it feeds his ego and provides a key to celebrity status? (d) because in his own words If youre a celebrity they just let you grab them?
8. Why does Donald deny climate change? Is it that (a) the Democratic party would never let him run as their candidate but, as a Republican, that party has painted itself into a corner as science disclaimers lacking common intelligence? (b) Donald doesnt really understand scientific theory? (c) Scientists what Donald says repugnant and therefore refuse to educate him? or (d) Donald digs coal because voting coal miners dont dig a future of clean air without coal mining.
9. Why does Donald fail to reveal his tax returns / provide details re: the extent of his investments and potential conflicts of interest? Is it (a) potentially embarrassing? (b) information that would require him to divest profitable holdings? (c) revealing in terms of why he supports specific causes and/or ideology? or (d) those details contain information that upon investigation would reveal fraud and/or illegal business practices.
10. Why does Donalds support come primarily from the South and rural mid-America? Is it (a) because thats where the issues prompting our civil war still reign (in the case of the South)? (b) because those areas are struggling in their attempts to assimilate diversity and fear-mongering finds audiences in those regions? (c) bias and stifled intellectual curiosity has been conclusively linked to agricultural chemicals, bar-b-que, and country music? or (d) all the above.

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Posted by Phil Braun on 12/29/2016 at 9:39 PM

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