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Re: “Reggae Falling

The Mateel Community Center was ruined by People Productions, the same "people" who infected the culture at KMUD, Southern Humboldt's home-made radio station. Neither "people-powered" enterprise could ever cherish creative or critical thinking because their cultures would not allow it. The fast-talking, coke-addicted, industrial-grow set seized leadership roles in both of these non-profits, ruining their reputation, prospects for success, and the goodwill of their community and volunteer base. This story doesn't begin to address the corruption responsible for the Mateel's problems. It's not rocket science, it's social science, and you have to look into the social history of the region to tell the compelling and true story of Reggae on the River. Here Kelley Lincoln betrays no interest in presenting such a story, but there are good reporters on the NCJ staff so there is no reason for publishing this drivel.

Posted by Emma Bradford on 10/24/2017 at 2:35 AM

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