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Re: “Get to Work

What a great, true story! Thanks for getting both the emotion and the facts. Well done!

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Posted by Lisa D'Addesa Zambas on 06/24/2017 at 10:22 AM

Re: “Get to Work

Great story which outlines that our government and school`s are leaving behind a valuable and much-needed program. I have said for years our schools need more trade programs alongside the college prep courses. It's almost as if the students that are interested in a trade program are being discriminated against. It all boils town to our government and how the all mighty dollar gets distributed.
Being a self-employed contractor myself, the number one problem I have is finding people that know how to work. That actually want to work, as mentioned in the article. It's a huge problem in this county. Too many millennials are either growing or trimming and making enough money in three months to last until the next growing season. Humboldt County needs to step up and create a trade program model that could be replicated throughout the state. Perhaps then our politicians will take notice that not every student is interested in college.
Thank you, Amy, for a great news article.

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Posted by Shannon Hooven on 06/24/2017 at 9:15 AM

Re: “Sheriff's Office IDs Inmate Who Died in Custody

We love you, Colleen. We will remember and miss you. May your spirit have peace and rest in love and power.

Humboldt County needs to learn how to detox people when they are in County custody! Colleen died because of County negligence and refusal to properly detox people when they capture them and throw them in jail. Humboldt County is responsible for young Colleen's death.

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Posted by Verbena on 06/23/2017 at 6:27 PM

Re: “Get to Work

I too am disappointed that Building Trades is being taking out. This class exposes the kids to many areas of the working world that they can get into. Our country and county need ALL kinds of jobs to round out the work force. Why not set the kids up to succeed in life not to fail. We have college courses. We also need classes for the kids that are not college bound to expose them to possibllities of future jobs.! Don't get rid of building trades.

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Posted by Rita Anne on 06/23/2017 at 1:39 PM

Re: “Get to Work

So well written, Amy! I appreciated your thorough background as well as the real life impact of Building Trades current status.

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Posted by ldutra on 06/23/2017 at 9:32 AM

Re: “'Undermined'

The blind arrogance of Humboldt County's Board of Supervisors is by itself a disservice to everybody. They repeatedly represent nothing more than cash grabbers, treating their constituents like piggy banks, always available to shake a few more dollars out of us. Our cost of living is going up very fast because of them.

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Posted by Face it, the Supes Suck. on 06/23/2017 at 7:13 AM

Re: “Get to Work

Thanks, Lynn! I was so pleased to be able to tell that story.

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Posted by Amy Beth Barnes on 06/23/2017 at 1:30 AM

Re: “Get to Work

Great story Amy and I liked your cover shot!

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Posted by Lynn Kelsey Leishman on 06/22/2017 at 9:08 PM

Re: “'Undermined'

County Counsel is also a bit of an odd bird. He had been practicing law in Nevada but it looks like his 'office' was actually a space rented in the office of another law firm. He, however, was in favor of marijuana legalization and had close ties to the Black community and had been elected to serve one year as the head of the Reno NAACP.
Older ads for when he was practicing in Nevada don't make him seem to be the kind of lawyer usually hired to represent a California county.
I do hope that there isn't someone on the BoS who is making Humboldt a dumping ground for out-of-work lawyers.

Posted by Gabriele Gray on 06/22/2017 at 7:00 PM

Re: “Alleged Energy Scam Has Eureka Residents Up in Arms

Thank our POTUS for deregulation! I too was visited by two solicitors from Spark Energy. They were very polite and discussed our local Redwood Authority for electric and stated they were from the gas side and can drop my rates. They asked to see my gas bill. Too bad it's all online. It's ok, we'll wait for you to print one. They had a flyer in their hand and while I was printing I looked up the company. Maybe I got suckered, but my new gas rate is .59 per therm. It is locked in and guaranteed for 12 months. After that we'll see.

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Posted by Comizr8r on 06/22/2017 at 9:04 AM

Re: “'Undermined'

This story glosses over what I think is one of the weirdest aspects of the BOS's hiring of Mr. Marcus: he was not the candidate recommended by the advisory panel.(

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Posted by Ed Borg on 06/22/2017 at 8:34 AM

Re: “TL;DR: So Unpopular!

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Posted by Sapta Chandra on 06/20/2017 at 11:47 AM

Re: “Unpopular Opinions

Linda Stansbury's pieces really nail it. Great job Linda! Oh and didn't you get that sourdough starter from me?

Posted by Marna Powell on 06/19/2017 at 10:20 PM

Re: “Update: Names Released in Apparent Murder-Suicide at Caltrans Yard

Word on the street is that an HR issue went on unresolved for years and that both families are suing the doubt dumb sups that can't deal with people issues or HR politics. Hope the families win! Rest in peace both of you people, because unresolved HR in State service is rampant. I know I work in a different State Agency.

Posted by Alive-n-Kicking on 06/16/2017 at 3:53 PM

Re: “Unpopular Opinions

Restaurants in this area are not consistent. Even "expensive" ones. There are only a couple I can think of that I can reliably get a good meal at. I agree with Nick Painter's comment above mainly for this reason - Tomo has been really good (once you know what to order), so so, and downright disappointing. This is true of most of the eateries I have tried. Upside is I am saving a lot of money.

Posted by Frederik Kalor on 06/16/2017 at 7:50 AM

Re: “Photo Contest!

It does. Well, it did. Thanks for bringing the error to our attention.

Posted by Thadeus Greenson on 06/13/2017 at 7:45 PM

Re: “Officials Announce Lawson Reward, Face Charging 'Conundrum'

Thought we'd caught that. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Posted by Thadeus Greenson on 06/13/2017 at 6:08 PM

Re: “Officials Announce Lawson Reward, Face Charging 'Conundrum'

It's veracity.

Posted by John Farmer on 06/13/2017 at 3:00 PM

Re: “Photo Contest!

Does this really say "something for desert"?!!!

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Posted by larissarn on 06/13/2017 at 12:26 PM

Re: “Will the Lassics Lupine Survive?

Matthew - Serpentine soils are its exclusive home. It's only been identified on two mt slopes west of Ruth Lake.

Please do contact the biologists at the Arcata Field Office of USFWS with all specifics you might have, because there have been less than 400 plants identified by the team (which has been working with the plant for up to 15 years), only on the two mentioned slopes.

This is a good snowpack year, and previously the biologists had caged some individuals, finding that seed-eating rodents are a factor right now, because of forest succession bringing habitat closer to the few remaining plants.

Glenn,, there's no record of nurseries either saving or offering them. California Native Plant Society would be your first contact outside of the Field Office. Here's an old article on who's been on the project:

Posted by george mira on 06/11/2017 at 10:46 AM

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