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Re: “Cannabis and Carbon

The CO2 converted to plant matter should roughly zero out over a very short time scale because of the short lifecycle of the product. Simplifying a bit, CO2 is converted to plant matter which is then burned and/or discarded and left to decay returning that CO2 back to the atmosphere. This all happens on timescales of less than a year, generally.

The challenge is the energy used to grow, process, and transport marijuana releases additional CO2 above and beyond the roughly net-zero growth/harvest cycle.

One variable that must be considered when weighing the carbon benefits of indoor vs. outdoor is a concept called land use change. This essentially tries to quantify the potential impact of converting land currently being used to provide one service (grow food, provide habitat, etc.) to grow marijuana. The increased crop density and accelerated growth cycles that are attainable with indoor operations may significantly push back on the carbon benefits of using the sun instead of electricity.

Answering the question of whether indoor or outdoor has a lower carbon foot print is nuanced, and requires consideration of variable such as land use change, whether the electricity is generated from renewable sources or not, the origin of fertilizers used, the impact of land management and agricultural strategies, etc. Its not a simple question. But if youre lucky enough to know your farmer, asking questions can go a long way towards a gut check of the potential carbon footprint of the product you are purchasing.

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Posted by Jerome Carman on 04/21/2017 at 10:02 AM

Re: “Cannabis and Carbon

"But for the vast majority of patients and users, there's simply no reason good old fashioned, sun-grown cannabis can't get them the relief or the high they're looking for."

this sentence highlights how poorly thought out this editorial is. the vast majority of patients and users...the overwhelming majority, in fact, as supply cannot begin to meet demand (hence all things black market)...are poor, live in cities, have few connections and/or live in states where marijuana is illegal. i wonder how many equally scathing letters thadeus has written to his government representatives imploring legal reform. the price of marijuana could and should be negligible, anybody could grow it freely, etc. etc. etc. this editorial is pretty ridiculous in too many ways, less the author cares to truely audit his lifestlye in equal accord if his real and driving concern is the environment.

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Posted by what a lame rant. on 04/20/2017 at 12:23 PM

Re: “Cannabis and Carbon

Nonsense you have not calculated the co2 converted to oxygen during the grow

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Posted by Simon Clare on 04/20/2017 at 10:44 AM

Re: “Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Marijuana and Firearms?

That bill is long overdue and it will probably never happen on a federal level. But it can happen on a state level. Marijuana is till a controlled substance under state law. That should have been included in Prop 64 legislation, but like many other missives in Prop 64 it was not addressed.

Posted by ladynacage on 04/20/2017 at 8:18 AM

Re: “Farmer to Farmer

Person to Person: "free competitive markets," require infrastructure, essential services and having those impossible conversations about how our community lives and works together. Huge praise to all those, like the Buckeye Conservancy, who are willing to lead us all towards those essential, informed, adult conversations. While the Democratic Process can be ludicrous, as we witness daily on the National level, the alternative is truly horrific!

Posted by Kirk Gothier1 on 04/18/2017 at 5:55 AM

Re: “Weed and Prejudice

Geezer, the first time I heard that was at Lackland AFB when one day the TI stopped us marching around on the drill pad and made that surprising statement, "Smokem if ya gottem." Sadly one eager Airman whipped out his pack of cigs and proceeded to lite up! He forgot to remember we had never been released to go buy any cigs, yet, so his was contraband! We never saw him again.

Posted by alchenault on 02/28/2017 at 11:09 PM

Re: “Gubernatorial Advice

"Just cause that smoke makes you happy, and dumb, doesnt mean its good for you" -- Governor John Hickenlooper

Gov. Hack is an absolute moron who led a prohibitionist cabal in undermining and contradicting constitutional protections for the use of cannabis as soon as the People of Colorado passed them. He has bungled the regulation of cannabis and misdirects the proceeds into shoring up Prohibition; over $1.6 million was appropriated out of the Marijuana Tax Cash Fund to the Colorado Department of Law ($436,766 to its Special Prosecutions Unit) alone last year. Despite Hack having proposed to spend cannabis revenue on building housing for the homeless (Hack declares that cannabis causes homelessness) and then proposing to raise already exorbitant taxes on cannabis another 50% and use the money for education, the cops are first in line for more tax revenue from cannabis -- if the State can collect much before the Attorney General closes (recreational) dispensaries.

The hopeless clown asked voters for some kind of tax for a huge deficit in transportation spending six weeks ago, only he hadn't figured out what kind of tax -- he still hasn't! In the aimless way of Colorado politics, Collaborationists (Democrats) in the General Assembly are supposed to initiate a spending proposal and Crisanta Duran, the new Speaker of the House, has linked transportation spending to education spending, thereby guaranteeing that the General Assembly will refer nothing to the voters. Instead of dealing in any meaningful way with Colorado's extant fiscal crisis, Hack flits off to Cuba and to California -- to proffer advice on a subject of which he is grossly misinformed! The irony of Hack trying to tell California how to legalize cannabis could hardly be more acute; not only does he remain a committed opponent of legalization, Colorado faces the imminent loss of perhaps $300 million in tax revenue from cannabis and the simultaneous unemployment of many thousands while Hickenlooper and the government he heads fantasize about getting and misspending even more! Reality can be very harsh and some is about to obtrude itself onto Colorado's idyll all too soon.

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Posted by Robert Chase on 02/17/2017 at 7:21 AM

Re: “Weed and Prejudice

The balcony was plenty smoky. I smoke weed, but prefer to do it outside (even in the rain). The right to clean air should be one of our civil liberties. Great show.

Posted by Dan Hapgood on 02/09/2017 at 6:21 PM

Re: “Weed and Prejudice

So, are you sayin' one can get high for free just by sitting in the balcony? I need to adjust my ticket buying habits.

Holy shitballs. I had no idea there was pot smoking going on the Duzer. Must not happen all that much as I have never sniffed the slightest hint of the weed in any of the years I have attended performances.

But, I'm thinkin' if I were the only one to fire up for the Chinese Acrobats, Baroque Orchestra, David Sedaris, Paul Taylor Dancers, Arlo Guthrie, W. Kamau Bell or Graham Nash I would probably get my butt kicked out.

Those tickets are too expensive to take a chance. Plus, I'm waaaaaay too old to go to jail for smokin' pot.

Smoke 'em if ya go 'em.

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Posted by Mr. Geezer on 02/09/2017 at 9:56 AM

Re: “Market Forces

$50/lb will never happen the way "regulation" is being set up. look at our own humboldt, what other crop in the world requires a $50,000 fee per acre before anythings even growing on it? we're seeing all that supposed greed black market growers harbor surfacing in our politicians even moreso. arent they supposed to represent the majority of people? arent they supposed to make human wellbeing priority over monetary profits? wouldnt it be great if such a wonderful medicine/pastime were as free as it could and should be? screw mcquire, screw "cannabiz". grow your own and share! free seeds, free weeds...

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Posted by the weed aint freed. on 02/04/2017 at 12:11 PM

Re: “The Gateway Nug

Virgins talking about sex. Sorry, Linda, but by your own admission in your last article, you were extremely naive to the subject only a few short years ago. Better to still call yourself a student than a teacher regarding all things marijuana. I am among those you suggest refering to regarding heavy marijuana consumption. As are most of my lifelong friends.

"Moving the conversation forward" as you say, would mean doing away with the term "gateway drug" altogether, not finding another word to spread that same propaganda around for yet another generation. Remember it took almost all of the early 1980's to successfully shake the idea that marijuana caused sterility and impotence. Remember? "Scientists" and teachers preached it. With passion. You were too young? But with just as much "scientific" verve, your approach is among those suggesting "does marijuana cause sterilization and impotence? here's what some "scientists" say, you decide!", and the cycle repeates. About ten years ago the trendy scare was to preach that smoking marijuana caused schizophrenia. That wasn't working, now "neuro-science" is the flag for prohibition. It REALLY scares parents. "Science" has become an abused buzzword. Contemplate expanding your mind's is a gateway and you should know what I'm talking about regarding one's personal persuit of understanding themselves in this crazy realm we all share. Moving the conversation where? Based on your article, it looks like nowhere.

You write, " I also feel compelled to point out that the brain is part of the body, so the debate over psychological vs. physical addiction seems moot to me."

...this is exactly the kind of absurd statement I'm talking about, that only fuels ridiculous meta-arguments about everything other than real people puking their guts out, or robbing liquor stores because of their habits. "You ever suck some dick for marijuana?" (name the movie).

Addiction isn't such a complicated matter, and I assume you'd want to be treated as an individual dealing with your individual circumstances regarding any of your own "addictions". Watch what you preach, marijuana is neither addictive nor a "gateway drug" nor will it destroy your brain if you start smoking early in life. There are ancient societies in the middle east and asia that proove this. It's propaganda to ignore their history while talking about the dangers of an ancient practice. You don't have to look much further than the generations of marijuana smokers around you every single day in Humboldt County, California...marijuana ground zero in the united states, if not the world.

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Posted by "it gives me a deep meditation..." on 01/26/2017 at 9:49 AM

Re: “The Cannabis Conundrum

The gateway theory has been disproved to the point where it is now an accepted fallacy (, and even the NIDA website says so. It is illegality rather than the substance itself that puts people in touch with the black market. Also, CBD is not psychoactive, so I feel you are muddying the waters a little here.

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Posted by Andrea Durrheim on 01/20/2017 at 3:53 AM

Re: “The Cannabis Conundrum


"Cannabis was once a common ingredient in patent medicines, but for most of modern memory it has been a prohibited, stigmatized stoney gateway drug."

Should read:

"Cannabis was once common, but for most of modern memory it has been stigmatized as a prohibited, stoney gateway drug."

This addresses the stigma without said stigma, and recognizes the fact of marijuana's ubiquity before such stigmatizing began. Limiting cannabis discussion to terms of drugs and medicines completely ignores the plant's lucrative presence in all of history and today. It's very common, but it's also a result of the stigma that is being addressed. "Drug" and "medicine" can be used synonymously with "cannabis" in applied contexts, but it's just false information to suggest the plant is primarily either.

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Posted by Correction... on 01/19/2017 at 2:07 PM

Re: “The Cannabis Conundrum

marijuana isnt addictive in any traditional sense of the term. this needs to be made clear and understood. consuming marijuana is a habit, it alters a perception not unlike being engaged in a fun activity, but there are no dependant withdrawal issues beyond the habit, and psychology thereof. caffiene is addictive, the withdrawl can be especially painful even after short use, as it literally affects blood flow. i experience crippling migranes coming off of caffiene, no more for me. sugar is ridiculously addictive, and harmful, in more ways than our commercially profitable society will ever address. alcohol is a demon of addiction, the withdrawls can literally be deadly. but marijuana is not addictive, and the term "gateway drug" has long been understood to be a scare tactic. the term "gateway drug" is ONLY used by people ignorant of the greater human condition enough to use the term in the first place. this is all common knowledge to the truely experienced. as a substance abuse counselor, the author of this article made a living addressing worst case scenarios (and probably lots of pointless court mandated cases). ive known many counselors. marijuana belongs to everybody, yet we've all been raised in an era of generations old prohibition and fear mongering. people who really have a grasp of the bigger picture gained from open experience are few and far between, whereas the regurgitated propaganda of yesteryear is still being barfed all over the place today.

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Posted by woked up on 01/19/2017 at 10:47 AM

Re: “So You Want to Start/Stop Smoking Weed

Quit smoking that dope! It does nothing for you! If you want to get no place, and be nothing
then keep on getting high! Taking drugs in general will ruin your whole life, and, can end it entirely. Pot is THE gateway drug. It is NOT medicine. It makes you stupid and paranoid, and not much else.

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Posted by Taurus Balzhoff on 01/07/2017 at 6:38 AM

Re: “All the Fake News You Can Smoke

I liked the "Become a media critic" part of this editorial best!

"If a media source is telling you exactly what you want to hear, it's probably biased"

I believe we as individuals trusts more what makes us feel good first before looking up the validity of what is written. And if someone may have shared an opposing view and it be reality or close to because it is against what made another feel good, they are attacked. It is too bad people can not disagree without attacking opposing views and at the same time take a step back and consider all the facts outside those that feel good.

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Posted by Charles Bean on 01/02/2017 at 10:46 AM

Re: “Puff, Puff, Pence

In addition to the long list of horrors before us, everyone should also know just how heartless, mean, angry and bigoted Pence really is.
While governor he eliminated funding for HIV prevention. Gone. Poof. Kicked 'em to the gutter.
Gee, guess what happened? The HIV infection rate soared in following times.
Pence is a jackal, true, but he isn't ignorant enough not to see a cause and affect with such horror.
The rest of the story being that now there are folks infected who could have been saved, they will all need to be helped in varying degrees for the rest of their lives....or as Pence would prefer, they just die and get the hell out of the way.
He seems to believe that only people who deserve it get infected.
This is one of those instances where if I believed in a god(s) I would have bruised knees from so much praying.
Doomed, I tell ya. This country has been taken over by the barbarians. Who's gonna stop them? They own the whole damn store.
Good bye, 'merica. Democracy almost worked.

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Posted by Mr. Geezer on 12/22/2016 at 10:22 AM

Re: “Gateway, Drugs

Perhaps they should have looked at the law.
The one log house is across the street from a church and it's also a kids summer camp.
That's the real story.

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Posted by johnny on 12/11/2016 at 8:46 AM

Re: “Not Even From Around Here

Linda - This article was a great piece of writing and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I wanted to talk about a piece of history largely ignored in Humboldt County and that is the migration of the Okies that moved to Humboldt in the 40's and 50's.

I got here in 1952 as a one-year old and we spent the next 6 years living in Salmon Creek area next to the old Hansen mill. We brought along grandparents and uncles and aunts and nephews and cousins. We provided a lot of the labor for many of the local sawmills, including Morrison-Jackson and others I no longer remember.

We weren't particularly liked by the locals. I was called Okie in school and many a kid bigger than me went home with a bruise and a better appreciation of Okie upbringing. We were accused of being liars and thieves and drunks but almost no one accused us of being lazy. And that was a good thing.

I recall one time my family got together in Garberville for a Christmas/New Years party in an old Victorian. As was often a problem with my family, people got contentious the more they drank. My mother sent my two older brothers down to the closest pay phone to call the cops. When the oldest told the cops what was going on, he was asked, "What's your last name son?" Needless to say we never saw the police that night, although we did meet a very nice CHP on the way home. But that's a story for another time.

Also, Humboldt saw mini-migrations of Swedes and Norwegians and Mexicans. And like many of the groups that migrated here, we were dirt-poor and our labor and our minds eventually brought us a place with those who came before.

Everybody here was from some place else to begin with and that seems pretty normal to me.


Posted by on 12/10/2016 at 2:36 AM

Re: “Stop It

Well said!

Posted by Loretta Lynne James on 12/07/2016 at 12:47 PM

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