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Re: “Reggae Falling

I have a couple of questions for Kelley Lincoln, from her Journals cover story,

One of your statements in the article was:

"The Mateel spent about $35,000 for new leach fields for the septic system serving the kitchen and food vendors"

1. Why did you forget to mention the public showers? The majority of the wastewater dumped into the onsite leach fields (within the floodplain of the South Fork Eel) was generated by attendees using public showers during the event for 4 days each year.

2. Why did it take until this year (2017) for the MCC to file all the yearly required wastewater monitoring reports to the State Water Board (2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017)?

3. How come the MCC can only estimate the amount of wastewater being dumped into the leach fields? See link:…

4. In that State Water Board report, do the number of attendees include; volunteers, event staff, emergency staff, security staff, VIP/entertainment, vendors, guests and comp ticket holders?

5. Does any amount of that wastewater include RV holding tanks?

You also stated:

"The Mateel also mitigated environmental stressors by constructing a rain catchment pond to use for dust control and lawn for the concert bowl at a cost of about $55,000"

1. Where in the MCC Conditional Use Permit EIR for "Reggae on the River", does it require mitigated environmental stressors and construction of a rain catchment pond (780,000 gallon)?

2. What are mitigated environmental stressors?

3. Why was this $55,000 rain catchment pond empty 9 days before the event started this year (2017)?

4. Since there was no rain water in the catchment pond, at least 9 days before the event; where did the water come from for dust control and lawn during the event in 2017?

Posted by Ed Voice on 10/19/2017 at 9:19 AM

Re: “Strumming Up a Case

Some of Oscar's music and music of other local underground musicians is at Willburn Records and Willburn Records II on Soundcloud and Youtube. If you dig what you're hearin', support your local arts community by sharing it with others. The archive's always growing. -Felix

Posted by Spencer Kennedy on 10/15/2017 at 11:05 AM

Re: “Reggae Falling

This is a letter to the editor, an opinion, not from the pen of a journalist or reporter, an inaccurate account of the facts. This is a great example of bias, why you should NEVER report on an issue dear to your heart or have relations with. It's very apparent the writer is defending the MCC beyond the pale.

Posted by Ed Voice on 10/15/2017 at 12:22 AM

Re: “Strumming Up a Case

I have known Oscar for about three years and have had the honor of playing on location with him on several occasions including at Eureka Natural Foods, the Post Office on Clark Street, Old Town Farmers Market, and Costco. Never have I seen him "belt out" "F***in' on the Side" in any public venue nor do I think he ever would. As far as I have seen Oscar always conducts his performances with respect for his audience and the venues he plays and does not use profanity in his songs. Although some of his songs have some material intended for adult audiences he DOES NOT play them while busking. To exercise "journalistic freedom" by adding these details to your article which have no credibility is simply false press and bad journalism. Investigative reporting doesn't mean making up facts.

Posted by Felix J. Feelz on 10/12/2017 at 8:16 PM

Re: “Reggae Falling

Please edit for truthfulness : Your spin is showing.

In the mid nighties CAROL AND PB AND a host of core staff resigned from staff at MCC and started people productions. They decided for the MCC board that they shouldn't be in business of production any more. We were manipulated by the best. (Of manipulators) The MCC was forced to hire them to produce rotr. Oh boy that was a crazy money skimming few years wasn't it Carol? Wristbands were their own currency!! And of course people productions always demanded and got the preferential treatment in Hall use calander. They still ran the MCC from down the street.

Then pb Tommy Carol and their posse got real greedy . They hatched a sinister unbelievably toxic plan to betray the MCC and the entire community by taking reggae / the permit and they tried to just RENAME IT.

We all saw the cancer began to grow then. The MCC rallied for a while but those actions' end prognosis is terminal. Thanks a lot for nothing. Here's to hoping karma visits hard on those bitches and blowhards from reggae rising poser gig.

May we rally on, or slip away peacefully. Sometimes things die. I know who is responsible.

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Posted by mymy on 10/12/2017 at 1:10 PM

Re: “Money On Trees

Ha this is not the story u told me j.w....

Posted by Khar E. B.H. on 10/12/2017 at 9:07 AM

Re: “Push and Pull

Why not organize a "foster" system? Eureka property owners having enough land to permit a "camper", can provide clean water access, potable toilet unit and safe electrical connection. After a standardized interview, overseen by City staff, a property owner and homeless individual can be matched. A contract should be drafted stating safe and reasonable terms for both parties. The property owner should supply a sleeping structure (a new tent at minimum) and the City should inspect such and provide any exemptions for accommodations deemed to be adequate shelter.

The tenant would clear the land of weeds and brush, mow lawns, trim hedges, prune trees, rake leaves and weekly maintain the lot for the property owner. The owner would provide a safe, clean living area for the camping tenant. The City would assign a worker to help the new tenants to receive food stamps to obtain healthy foods which would be prepared on a propane cook stove supplied by the property owner. (Maybe local stores could become involved by selling the stoves at an especially reduced price)

This would not work for every homeless individual, as some would not be able to complete this sort of task. However, there are those who are certainly capable and these individuals would benefit by living in the improved situation of a sanctioned camp, on private property. The property owners will certainly benefit from this symbiotic relationship by having their land cleared and maintained. This arrangement may even lead to further work opportunities, wherein, the tenant receives a wage. This suggestion is not a "full" solution for Eureka's homeless problem, however, it may reduce the number of individuals in need of shelter.

The "in-take" process must have oversight, to protect the prospective worker from property owners who do not fulfill their end of the bargain and, likewise, to insure that property owners are not victimized by tenants who run afoul of their contract terms.

Posted by Observation & Assimulation on 10/10/2017 at 11:44 AM

Re: “Strumming Up a Case

Oscar does NOT perform his song F**cking on the Side in public. This story has cost him gigs in the area, because people now fear he's not PG enough. The NCJ should correct this mistake ASAP.

Posted by John Hardin on 10/06/2017 at 1:31 PM

Re: “Wayward Passage

What a fascinating article. Proof that long-form journalism still works. Well-done, Kimberly.

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Posted by Glenn Franco Simmons on 10/05/2017 at 2:35 PM

Re: “Can Humboldt County Solve Addiction?

It is super sad that Humboldt has such a poor record of helping those in the community who struggle with addiction. You need a methadone clinic. Period. Sad. Sad. Sad. You all should be ashamed. Addition is a health issue. Treat it like you do
other diseases! Get it together, guys!

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Posted by Jason Stroupe on 10/01/2017 at 2:00 PM

Re: “'Things Can Fall Apart'

Another stellar story, Thadeus. Good to see hard-news journalism still has a home in Humboldt County. Excellent story.

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Posted by Glenn Franco Simmons on 09/30/2017 at 7:18 PM

Re: “Youth Movement

Me to garry,sure do miss orleans.Greatest place on earth to grow up in.

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Posted by Danny Norman on 09/30/2017 at 7:25 AM

Re: “Youth Movement

That was very well written! Made me want to return to my long ago home and join hands with the OVFD!

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Posted by Garry Graves on 09/29/2017 at 10:08 PM

Re: “The Case of the Missing $5 Million

Steve Gorter-
In the below link, you'll find audio of the Jan. 15, 2016 interview with ESPN referenced in the article in which Mr. Rechnitz says $1.5 billion is "at least half a year's income for me."…

We don't run "fictional sob stories." Facts are facts and we do our best to report them fairly. If you can point to something specific in the story that is inaccurate, please do. If we got something wrong, we'll correct it. But if you can't point to any specific inaccuracies, please take your "fake news" diatribes elsewhere and spare our award-winning reporter your baseless accusations.

Posted by Thadeus Greenson on 09/29/2017 at 11:35 AM

Re: “'Things Can Fall Apart'

As a former deputy public defender under Kevin Robinson, I second Heidi Holmquist's statements regarding the ethic of zealous representation and inner office support that allowed my colleagues and I to effectively advocate on behalf of the indigent of Humboldt County. Even though the attorneys and wonderful support staff were completely overworked and drowning in cases, we supported each other and went to work everyday knowing that we were a valued member of a team. It is a sad day when my former colleagues have decided to leave the office because they feel they are unable to do their job because of the choices of the Board of Supervisors. It is time to put egos aside and do what is right and constitutionally mandated: hire someone who is qualified and dedicated to indigent representation to lead the office forward. It really doesn't matter if the current PD is legally "qualified" pursuant to local and State rules- what matters is that he is failing miserably as a leader and the most vulnerable populations of the County are the ones most likely to suffer because of this failure.

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Posted by KFJD on 09/29/2017 at 11:20 AM

Re: “The Case of the Missing $5 Million

He is a pious man. Do you realize that in the era of fake news when reporters cant be trusted as far as you can throw them, you choose to believe everything this reporter reports as fact? When will we all learn that the media business is dog eat dog and a reporter will write whatever needs to be written, pulling facts out of their ass, to maintain readership and advertisers so they write these fictional sob stories that carry a minimal amount of truth. In truth, hes never claimed to be a billionaire. That was another fact from this reporter to make the story sexier. At the end of the day, the government doesnt pay enough to properly take care of your loved ones. If you really care about them as these children so clearly claim, then take them home and care for them like they did for you when you were an infant and incapable. Dont send them to a facility and house them like a box in a warehouse. Theyre your parents for Gods Sake!!

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Posted by Steve gorter on 09/28/2017 at 6:56 PM

Re: “Enabling or a Lifeline?

In my opinion it is not a bad idea. No, it won't cure anybody, but it will in effect warehouse them and keep their bad habits off the street at least for a percentage of the day. By their choices they have taken themselves out of our productive society, so the next best thing is to put them somewhere where they can't hurt themselves or others. I know that sounds heartless, and I do have sympathy for folks addicted to drugs, and I wish them well. Keeping them safe and away from vulnerable members of our society is a bad solution to a worse problem. At least with clean needles and surroundings they will be less likely to act as a reservoir for diseases.

Posted by Anthony Westkamper on 09/24/2017 at 12:06 AM

Re: “Enabling or a Lifeline?

Portugal is held up as the gold standard for "decriminalizing" drugs and not "judging" the addict. Their programs has some success due to wrap-around services and is mandatory. Drug dealing is still illegal and dealt with harshly. Other EU countries tried to emulate the program. With the 2008 recession, their budgets were slashed for the addicts in program and caused overdoses, increased crime, and increased disease transmission, increased homelessness. Can you see us having an Injections Site AND wrap-around services? I don't believe there will be funding for both. Why not use any proposed funding and increase needed detox/rehab facilities and sober living environments along with all the needed physical/mental health and social services. The way I see it, Injections Sites are prolonging the suffering and misery of the addict with the usual end result of death. Which would be more compassionate?…

The four pillar approach only works when each pillar is properly funded. Prevention reduces the flow of people into addiction. Treatment reduces the number of addicts including those living in the DTES. Policing keeps a lid on the open drug dealing and the affects of the associated problems on the community. Only after these three pillars are properly funded can we afford to spend money on Harm Reduction initiatives that do not encourage abstinence. Putting HR first is like running up debt on your credit card and never paying more than your minimum payments.…

A Critical Evaluation of the Effects of Safe Injection Facilities
Garth Davies, Simon Fraser University

Conclusion: Taking Causality Seriously
On the subject of the effects of SIFs, the available research is overwhelmingly positive. Evidence can be found in support of SIFs achieving each of the goals listed at the beginning of the evaluation. In terms of our level of confidence in these studies,the assessment offered here is far less sanguine. In truth,none of the impacts attributed to SIFs can be unambiguously verified. As a result of the methodological and analytical problems identified above, all claims remain open to question.…

Vancouver's INSITE service and other Supervised injection sites: What has been learned from research?

Final report of the Expert Advisory Committee…

"At the Vancouver site, the manager said since opening in 2003, the overdose death rate in the area around the clinic has dropped 35 percent. But the clinic also estimates 15 to 20 percent of people using the site come from other parts of the country specifically for it."…
"Although research appears to bear that out, many of the studies that attest to Insites success are small and limited to the years after the center opened. For instance, a 2011 study published in the journal The Lancet found a 35 percent reduction in overdose deaths in the blocks surrounding Insite, versus 9 percent in the rest of Vancouver.

But that often-cited study looked only at the period two years before and two years after the center opened, not the ensuing decade."…

"Although Insite is paired with a drug-treatment center, called Onsite, Berner and other critics point out that completion rates are low. Of the 6,500 people who visited Insite last year, 464 were referred to Onsites detox center. Of those, 252 finished treatment."

The Vancouver Insite was placed in a crime-ridden, drug-ridden, low-income neighborhood. It only got worse.…
"Although the Insite center is a model, the Vancouver neighborhood surrounding it is nothing to emulate, advocates acknowledged.

If I came from a city like Seattle and I went to that Insite place, it would scare the hell out of me, Kral said. I would think, Are we going to create one of those?"…
Vancouvers gulag: Canadas poorest neighbourhood refuses to get better despite $1M a day in social spending

What do you think would happen if this was placed in a middle-class neighborhood, or, ANY neighborhood?………
Brian Hutchinson: Finding used drug needles in public spaces has become the new normal for Vancouver…

"Ten years later, despite any lofty claims, for most addicts, InSite's just another place to get high."

The 100% positive studies on Vancouver's Insite (Safe Injection Facility) was done "Early last decade, Montaner and Kerr lobbied for an injection site. In 2003, the Chretien Liberals acquiesced, gave the greenlight to B.C.'s Ministry of Health, which, through Vancouver Coastal Health, gave nearly $1.5 million to the BC Centre (that's Montaner and Kerr, you remember them) to evaluate a three-year injection site trial in Vancouver.

I asked him about the potential conflict of interest (lobbyists conducting research) and he ended the interview with a warning. "If you took that one step further you'd be accusing me of scientific misconduct, which I would take great offense to. And any allegation of that has been generally met with a letter from my lawyer."

Was I being unfair? InSite is a radical experiment, new to North America and paid for by taxpayers. Kerr and company are obligated to explain their methods and defend their philosophy without issuing veiled threats of legal action."

In the media, Kerr frequently mentions the "peer review" status of his studies, implying that studies published in medical journals are unassailable. Rubbish. Journals often publish controversial studies to attract readers -- publication does not necessarily equal endorsement. The InSite study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, a favourite reference of InSite champions, appeared as a "letter to the editor" sandwiched between a letter about "crush injuries" in earthquakes and another on celiac disease."

Really? What kind of "science" produces dozens of studies, within the realm of public health, a notoriously volatile research field, with positive outcomes 100 per cent of the time? Those results should raise the eyebrows of any first-year stats student."

And who's more likely to be swayed by personal bias? InSite opponents, questioning government-sanctioned hard drug abuse? Or Montaner, Kerr and their handful of acolytes who've staked their careers on InSite's survival? From 2003 to 2011, the BC Centre received $2,610,000 from B.C. taxpayers to "study" InSite. How much money have InSite critics received?"

There has never been an independent analysis of InSite, yet, if you base your knowledge on Vancouver media reports, the case is closed. InSite is a success and should be copied nationwide for the benefit of humanity. Tangential links to declining overdose rates are swallowed whole. Kerr's claims of reduced "public disorder" in the neighbourhood go unchallenged, despite other mitigating factors such as police activity and community initiative. Journalists note Onsite, the so-called "treatment program" above the injection site, ignoring Onsite's reputation among neighbourhood residents as a spit-shined flophouse of momentary sobriety."…

Reducing the Transmission of Blood-Borne Viral Infections & Other Injection Related Infections

"Self-reports from users of the INSITE service and from users of SIS services in other countries indicate that needle sharing decreases with increased use of SISs. Mathematical modeling, based on assumptions about baseline rates of needle sharing, the risks of HIV transmission and other variables, generated very wide ranging estimates for the number of HIV cases that might have been prevented. The EAC were not convinced that these assumptions were entirely valid.
SISs do not typically have the capacity to accommodate all, or even most injections that might otherwise take place in public. Several limitations to existing research were identified including:
Caution should be exercised in using mathematical modelling for assessing cost benefit/effectiveness of INSITE, given that:
There was limited local data available regarding baseline frequency of injection, frequency of needle sharing and other key variables used in the analysis;
While some longitudinal studies have been conducted, the results have yet to be published and may never be published given the overlapping design of the cohorts;
No studies have compared INSITE with other methods that might be used to increase referrals to detoxification and treatment services, such as outreach, enhanced needle exchange service, or drug treatment courts.
Some user characteristics relevant to understanding their needs and monitoring change have not been reported including details of baseline treatment histories, frequency of injection and frequency of needle sharing.
User characteristics and reported changes in injection practices are based on self-reports and have not been validated in other ways. More objective evidence of sustained changes in risk behaviours and a comparison or control group study would be needed to confidently state that INSITE and SISs have a significant impact on needle sharing and other risk behaviours outside of the site where the vast majority of drug injections still take place."

"It has been estimated that injection drug users inject an average six injections a day of cocaine and four injections a day of heroin. The street costs of this use are estimated at around $100 a day or $35,000 a year. Few injection drug users have sufficient income to pay for the habit out through employment. Some, mainly females get this money through prostitution and others through theft, break-ins and auto theft. If the theft is of property rather than cash, it is estimated that they must steal close to $350,000 in property a year to get $35,000 cash. Still others get the money they need by selling drugs."…

"In addition, the federal governments Advisory Committee on Drug Injection Sites report only five per cent of drug addicts use the injection site, three per cent were referred for treatment and there was no indication the crime rate has decreased, as well as no indication of a decrease in AIDS and hepatitis C since the injection site was opened."…
Massive Price Hike for Lifesaving Opioid Overdose Antidote

Suddenly in demand, naloxone injector goes from $690 to $4,500

Should we follow the money? Who would be profiting bigly from the increased use of naloxone?…

"Setting up free injection sites to deal with the recent spate of drug overdoses does not address the root of the opioid problem, says Ted Brown, executive director of Bramptons Regeneration Outreach Community.

Instead, Queens Park and other tiers of governments should consider investing resources and dollars toward rehabilitation programs to help those dealing with addiction and mental health issues, said Brown. "…
Supervised injection sitesa view from law enforcement

Jamie Graham, former chief of Vancouver Police has outlined the successful model of dealing with an epidemic: Support, mandatory treatment, abstinence, and counseling as all part of the solution. My recover(ed)(ing) addict friends say they would agree.…
Iceland knows how to stop teen substance abuse but the rest of the world isnt listening

In Iceland, teenage smoking, drinking and drug use have been radically cut in the past 20 years. Emma Young finds out how they did it, and why other countries wont follow suit.…

"The current campaign reports significant reductions in drug overdoses, yet the Government of British Columbia Selected Vital Statistics and Health Status Indicators show that the number of deaths from drug overdose in Vancouvers Downtown Eastside has increased each year (with one exception) since the site opened in 2003."…

Pigeon nest of needles highlights Vancouver's drug problem

Some graphs about how overdoses in Vancouver, BC have increased:…

One more:…

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Posted by don honda on 09/21/2017 at 2:58 PM

Re: “Rio Dell's Hash Lab Murder Case

Solid story, Thadeus. After reading a story elsewhere, I was wondering how the process worked, so I Googled it and found a link to this story. You explained it well, and your explanation of the law was excellent. Another fine example of writing.

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Posted by Glenn Franco Simmons on 09/21/2017 at 12:51 PM

Re: “Enabling or a Lifeline?

Kim Bergel rocks

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Posted by Maureen Chase on 09/21/2017 at 8:05 AM

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