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Re: “Why do some rocks resemble Swiss Cheese?

So there is no consensus as to how the boring clams erode the rock? Has Leroy’s quartz-pick-up-and-grind hypothesis been proven?

Posted by gdk1989 on 11/15/2019 at 1:46 PM

Re: “HumBug: An Innocent Imposter

With its appearance similarities a lot of folks seeing the photos here could mistake their Brown Recluse for this harmless look-alike.

Posted by Chuck Warren on 11/07/2019 at 9:26 PM

Re: “Inheriting an Obsession from My Mother

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Posted by Md Abdul Haque on 10/27/2019 at 11:04 PM

Re: “Inheriting an Obsession from My Mother

This is great Louisa. I love it. And I love that I read your essay all those years ago and am privileged now to see its "resolution.". With time there is an emotional distance and maturity and peace, as well as a feeling of deep empathy with a loved one who may have hurt us. Thanks for writing this!

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Posted by Valorie Grace Hallinan on 10/24/2019 at 7:21 AM

Re: “Sunshine Vitamin vs. Skin Cancer

comments should not include walmart ads.
that said, th article's author left out a significant indicator for health:
Toward the end of the article, reference to pain is made.
This symptom is variable in many dimensions, but osteomuscular pain can indicate that insufficient UVB (just as neural informational cascades lead to specific types of pain, the nociception - pain sensation - can tell the organism the obvious: we are , then, more conscious than we may believe, and just as with actual hunger, we become unable to attend to less urgent activity, and even are drawn toward the specific response that will relieve the sensation.

Modern human dissociation from natural evolved sensations is in great part the reason for development of certain diseases which occur due , as was stated, to insufficient ingestion, attention, and exposure to environmental variables ubiquitous in nature.

Those of us with little melanin production descend from areas where little protection from UVB was necessary.
These are higher mid-latitudes with shade. That is forest. High open tundra and grassland/steppe habitats favored some steady melanin generation.
Much fiction also attends presumptive clinical prescription - numerous other factors affect the epigenetic and transcriptional changes leading to carcinogenic cell behaviors.
Bad habits, especially toxin ingestion can (there is some stochasticity) cause the normal apoptotic and necroptotic processes that help cells properly die when they become damaged enough that their damage signals thecells, the immune system, and/or other cells to remove the cell before it reproduces and produces results - from molecules to structures dangerous to the whole organism.

Although metastastasis is a normal cellular process (it is important in early development, immune and other internal communications), it has been little recognized by clinicians and those not educated in the beautiful and balanced complexities of multicellular organisms.
You may even have only heard of it in relation to the cells which cannot die due to their apoptotic capacity being damaged (in the relevant case, by UVB energy breaking molecular bonds in nucleotides). I won't go into its utility here.
Cancers are, as I mentioned, cells that cannot die , instead growing and proliferating, and even causing some normally valuable stimulations, such as vascularization.

The processes, then, are peculiar, normal, and mysteriously wonderful, having evolved because multicellular organisms had to regulate individual cells to become more social, as it were, to give up selfishness to create a magnificent varied community. Every living individual organism you see is such a regulated community, with every cell exquisitely attuned to both its own integrity, as well as that of the integrity of the whole.

Although we, at every moment, give the basic products not useful to ourselves to others, others are required to translate sunlight into that which is useful and lifegiving to us.
Imagine how your CO2 drifts from your exhalations into the trees, which take it up, in part splitting it for the energy to bind more of it into their great bodies, , even as the split O2 is essential to us, and emitted from the tree during photosynthesis, is given to us, allowing us to feel and use energy for our own lives.
(not only oxygen, of course, but we even break down our very bones, giving back their constituents. The most persistent bone in our body is composed of utterly different atoms, molecules, cells and materials than it was 10 years ago!)
Without this active redistribution, life does not exist. take what you will from recognition of process identity on all imaginable scales, , with the understanding that in order to disrupt system integrity it may well be that numerous assaults must occur. For example Immune response to particulates, the fact that ANY alcohol ingestion is directly correlated with increase in incidence of cancers, and even disruption of cycling, from circadian to annual, also induces some chaotic oscillations in bodies (and in the minds which evolved precisely to monitor selves and surroundings, and are part of the body, directing multiple , regulated, coherent responses. The mind IS the body, then -without its capacity to direct movement, we animals can't function or live at all). Just as the sun and earth, and all living things cycling materials and energy are a system, so are YOU a system; so is every cell, and so on down or up in magnitude.

We are minor parts of ecosystems, but because of our being part, integral to their workings.
We are in the middle of life - if out of balance, due to excess energy use, we damage the larger body, just as too much direct sun energy bumptiously elbows a single or few molecules into dysfunction, cascading the organism into dissolution.

It is healthy and important to seek medical assistance and knowledge. But do not attempt to remain in infancy, never learning, never making connections, utterly dependent upon another to monitor your life while you act to destroy it. Prepare yourself, if you desire healing - drop the KNOWN carcinogens, and habits that disintegrate the system that is YOU before they induce disintegration. Then treatment will have greater capacity to restore YOUR integrity, your system.

The column is titled Field Notes. Note -notice and assimilate - the whole field, the real world, which is not only around you, but occurs within and between you and that ever-marvelous world.

Posted by george mira on 10/18/2019 at 2:46 PM

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